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Feruzzi-Madona-Child laws of nature Innate Ability to Understand  Laws of Nature Feruzzi Madona Child1 436x295

Innate Ability to Understand Laws of Nature

Here is an article I wrote in 1991 about the Conscious and Subconscious awareness of “truth”. There are two ways of understanding anything which has divine origin and astrology is the key to finding these aspects within your chart. You are lucky if you born with either a Mercury Pluto or a Moon Pluto aspect […]

hassan-jaffer-smile Dec 2013 Newsletter Dec 2013 Newsletter hassan jaffer smile1

Dec 2013 Newsletter

Here is our Dec 2013 newsletter with the latest World Events and helpful advice to parents who have children born between 1985 and 1991 and much more. You can subscribe directly when you go on the website link:   Please follow and like us:

Reza-TV-Interview palmistry and celebrity charts Palmistry and Celebrity Charts Reza TV Interview1 486x295

Palmistry and Celebrity Charts

Here is a very interesting interview of Hassan by Lori De Angelis of CHCH Hamilton. Reza explains some very interesting points about the Head line Joined and Separate as it relates to the youth.  Hassan is talking about the Head line being joined or separate on the hand and how it denotes Leaders and Followers. […]

HJ-Tom-Charington hassan interview with tom charington Hassan Interview with Tom Charington HJ Tom Charington1 603x295

Hassan Interview with Tom Charington

This is one of our favourite interviews on the Tom Charington Show at CHCH Hamilton. It is interesting that in 1982, Hassan was talking about the possibility of geomagnetism as being the cause of astrology. Here is a video of HJ interview with Tom Charington  at CHCH Hamilton.  Hassan predicted on this show that Brian […]

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James Gandolfini

The Moon was in Scorpio when James Gandolfini, who played the role of Tony in the popular Soprano TV series, passed away as if reflecting the mafia theme he so accurately portrayed. He was a Virgo with Venus in Leo…but it may be easier for you to just listen to my analysis of his horoscope and what caused the […]

us-declaration-of-indep us declaration of independence and the persian empire! US Declaration of Independence and the Persian Empire! us declaration of indep1

US Declaration of Independence and the Persian Empire!

What are the US and Persian ideals which bind the two countries together? Isn’t it ironic that the ideals of United States Declaration of Independence are actually borrowed from the tolerant ideals of Cyrus the Great, who ruled the Persian Empire over 2600 years ago! Read More… Please follow and like us:

floods earthquakes and floods Earthquakes and Floods floods2

Earthquakes and Floods

Pluto in Capricorn for several years. is reflective of: 1- Geological changes and Earthquakes 2-Severe weather conditions throughout, the world and 3- major government shakeuups. Here are the dates to watch out for: Dec 18, 25, 28, 31 2013. In 2014: 6 Jan and 14 Jan 2014 (full Moon also!). Neptune in Pisces will continue […]

moon-yellow-tree what does the moon sign tell us about world events What Does the Moon Sign Tell Us About World Events moon yellow tree1

What Does the Moon Sign Tell Us About World Events

Whenever an event happens, the Moon tells us something about that event or the person as perceived by the collective consciousness. The Moon at the time of funeral can also shed light about the feelings of the public towards the person. In Nelson Mandela’s case, the Moon was in Pisces at the time of Read More… […]

Stressful Dates for 40s, 50s, and 80s Age Groups

Mars is making an unusually long station in the sign of Libra from 7th Dec 2013 till 25th July 2014. This means that anyone who was born with Neptune in Libra 1940s and 50s age group) and Neptune in Capricorn (1980s age group) will be getting adverse aspects from transiting Mars for most of this […]


Have you ever wondered what makes you special? Here is something I wrote many years ago which is not time-related and may help you understand your mission in life. Please follow and like us: