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Cancer Moon In general, everyone will be more in need of emotional security and emphasis will be on parents, home and family reunions. Good time to get in touch with your roots, organizing family albums or home recipes, homemade food, and visiting relatives. Spend time at home and strengthen your family bonds. People will be...

Your Personalized AstroCalendar I am really excited to bring this latest program where we have added the transits of all the planets along with the Moon so you can see all your cycles, from daily Moon transits to once in a lifetime events reflected by Pluto. AstroCalendar is one of my best programs for self-knowledge. You...

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana 02MAY2015 Comments Off on Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Tweet this by stargaze9 Updated: 9 Dec 2016 Princess Charlotte Hands indicate that the little Princess is much more like her father rather than her mother. She will be much more cautious, follow the rules and also love history and tradition. Here are the hands of Princess Charlotte...

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Every child has the potential to become a champion!  Let Kids Dream Inc. is dedicated to finding the highest potential and hidden talents of children and youth.


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