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Cancer Moon

Moon in Cancer from 30 May to 1 June: In general, everyone will be more in need of emotional security and emphasis will be on parents, home and family reunions. Good time to get in touch with your roots, organizing family albums or home recipes, homemade food and visiting relatives. Spend time at home and […]


Hassan Jaffer’s Astrocards Oracle

Hassan Jaffer’s Astrocards Oracle: Here is a fun way to learn astrology using my AstroCards Oracle which is based on the premise that for any question you may have, there is always an answer in the Heavens. Select a category (Opportunities, Luck & Love and Money). Think of a question. (leave open the possibility that […]


Horoscope of Monica Lewinsky

Here is the chart of the infamous Monica Lewinsky, the intern who “fell in love” and then betrayed her trust with the President to make millions for her book. What was her planetary stimulus in falling in love with a President? Why was she so obsessed about love and her looks? How could someone who […]


Your Personalized AstroCalendar

I am really excited to bring this latest program where we have added the transits of all the planets along with the Moon so you can see all your cycles, from daily Moon transits to once in a lifetime events reflected by Pluto. AstroCalendar is one of my best programs for self-knowledge. You can truly unlock nature’s […]