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December 3, 2013by Hassan Jaffer


Hi and Welcome to our website which has my latest articles and world events.  We have taken the most used sections from the original website ( and put them here for your convenience. The other site is mainly for Archives and students of astrology as it has very serious articles also.

We have a lot of exciting content here both for those of you who are interested in learning about astrology and palmistry as well as for those who just want to just apply its rules to improve the timing and use your free choice more effectively.

1- Under the HOROSCOPE tab, you have the Sun Signs analysis each month as well as the colors to wear for your accessories on a daily basis!  There is also a new Compatibility Graph given under the Compare Your Partner tab in the same Horoscope tab.

2- There is a separate section for AstroPalmistry now and we hope you enjoy the articles there and the video as well. You can always get my ebook from Amazon and within one day it will change your whole outlook towards yourself and others and you would be amazed at how simple these simple rules enable you to understand anybody’ approach in life. Leaders and Followers also make a great gift for anyone.

3- We have added a LIFE COACHING section and this is my real passion and I love to give you an insight in your highest potential and make up goals based on the best approach for you as well your astrological timing which is crucial for success and public response.

4- Astrocycles tab gives you both the positive and adverse timing and compliments our ASTROCALENDAR & Oracle program, which you can subscribe to. It is a personalized website and shows your Emotional cycle(Moon transits) and its meanings on a daily basis plus areas of love, action and strife, your 12-year opportunities, your 29-year career cycles and what they mean in your life.   All the in-depth articles are given in Astrocycles tab  (when to buy a home or to travel, when are you accident prone, or can expect a major windfall or the best time for marriage, etc) are related to our Astrocalendar and Oracle program. This is probably the best tool for self-discovery you will find anywhere and in fact is only available here.

You can even go back in time to the day you were born and get an insight on all the important events which happened in your life. It also has about 20 questions and gives the timing for them right away. Similarly, it will give ways to offset negative themes about your timing for a legal matter, health and travel etc.

5- We have added a Shop tab for our Products and Services including you personalized Reports and AstroCalendar. You can also set up a Skype consultation as well as a personalized audio for yourself done only by myself.

6- You can comment and ask questions about yourself and I will reply your questions from time to time. I would like to use this website to interact with all of my clients around the world as well as to listen to suggestions as to which topics interest you, and give you advice about your personal charts from an astrological perspective. You can also put your suggestions on our Facebookpage. Be sure to subscribe to my Twitter for timely updates. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and request any chart analysis or world events you would like me to comment on and we will upload a video for it.

We welcome all of you to the wonderful world of astrology. If any link is not working please let us know so we can correct it right away. May the events in your life keep revealing the laws of heavens for you.

Best Regards,

Hassan Jaffer







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