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Rosetta Project’s Philae Probe

Will Rosetta Projects’s Philae Probe see the sunlight and again send images back from Comet 67P?

Philae probe landed on a comet 310 million miles from Earth and has already secured a place in the history books. The 1.3 billion euro mission aims to unlock the secrets of comets, which some astrophysicists believe may have “seeded” Earth with some of the ingredients for life.

Although it sent all the data that it was supposed to back to Earth, there was not enough sunlight to recharge its battery because it bounced and landed in shade under a crater. It sent its last tweet and went into idle mode.

Here is something a bit different from normal astrology and is the domain of Horary astrology except it is not based on the hour when you ask the question but rather the symbology of words and planets in signs. I do this a lot but seldom write about it!

Although it may appear as conjecture, I am beginning to suspect that there are divine laws and even laws of Physics behind names, origin of languages and terrestrial events which effect the masses.

Rosetta‬ Project was named after Rosetta Stone which helped decode Egyptian hieroglyphs. While thinking about Jupiter in Leo conjuncting Moon in Leo in my daughter Nooreen’s chart (Noor also means light), her Moon in Leo suddenly reminded me of the Rosetta Project and the symbology became very interesting.:

1- Rose is King of flowers = Leo = Sunlight.  Jupiter is in Leo till Jul 2015.

2- Philae probe bounced off the surface before settling in a corner which hides the Sun. Saturn in Scorpio = darkness or night.

3- Saturn moves away from Scorpio (dark shade) on 23rd Dec 2014 and into the sign of Sagittarius, heralding a new era of space exploration and a major boom to astronomy.

4- Jupiter in Leo will prevail and Philae probe will be get Sunlight again and be able to recharge its batteries.

Our conclusion is that Rosetta project will be back on its track as Philae probe sends signals back to Earth again by 24th Dec 2014!


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