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Subconscious Awareness of Truth

To understand the gravity and power of the subconscious awareness of truth, for a few moments, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a warm and cozy cottage overlooking Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, with the Moon’s silver rays dancing in the water…and then you hear it for the first time, very softly at first then gradually louder and involving all your senses…Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

The ethereal sensitivity evoked by such magical moments perfectly describes any Moon-Neptune aspect. Although Beethoven was born with a Moon-Neptune aspect (a square), it was transiting Pluto sextile his Moon in philosophical Sagittarius (along with transiting Neptune in the romantic sign of Libra sextile his Moon) which immortalized his inspiration and continues to touch people at the soul level.

There are two ways of understanding anything which has Divine origin and astrology is one of the most powerful keys to finding these aspects within your chart.

You are spiritually a very lucky person if you born with either a Mercury Pluto or a Moon Pluto aspect but even if are you not, you go through these rare aspects from time to time by transit.

Although Neptune makes you very intuitive and sensitive to subtle changes around you, it is Pluto which gives the powerful insights and ability to save or destroy through your words or actions depending on the aspects.

It is not surprising that most heads of states who have contributed to the destruction in the lives of the masses are born with the negative aspect. However, many famous reformers were born with a positive aspect between Pluto-Moon or Pluto-Mercury. If you are born with it, then it singles you out as having a mission to help and “save” the masses. How can you find out if you were born with it and what can you do to prepare yourself in this respect?  …Read More

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