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World Events Graph

World Events Graph is a feature of our Astrocalendar & Oracle subscribers but I may make it a separate service on our website in future. The paid one will have a full database of 6000 paras attached to it so you will see the report as well for what to expect in the world!

Most Subscribers are not even aware of it but when you go to the Synastry page for compatibility, the graph that you see before adding any people to compare has today’s date for both fields.  In other words, it is giving you a graph for Today!  I have a database connected to it

I have a database connected to it with over 6000 paras but have not made that available yet. For our Subscribers, at least the World Graph will always be available and even without the full interpretation, you can understand what its meanings.

Here are the main differences between comparing your relationships and world events.

Communication becomes Diplomacy

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