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Prince Harry and Meghan Markley

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Meghan Markle has a major accident configuration almost throughout 2018 but gets exact around Dec 2018. It will most likely have to do with her relatives as her disappointments and hassles are from 3rd house.

However, her chart is excellent as she has strong oratory and leadership skill (Mercury in Leo) and is quite unselfish (Venus in Virgo) and dedicated to service and helping the underdog. Major authority conflicts and sadness in family Moon cnj Sat.

Meghan has Cancer Leo in her first house like Prince Charles so she does have an aspect of the royalty in her personality. Her timing is also similar to Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and also the US President, Donald Trump! Cancer rising is always close to home and maybe it was part of the luck that Prince Harry proposed to her in the kitchen while making roast chicken!

What bothers me is her major accident configuration that she is born with. There are three squares from Mars in her 12th in cancer (acidity in the stomach also) sq to Moon (bit of temper) sq to Jupiter (taking in much more than she can handle but this is also a very athletic aspect, and Mars sq Saturn. Mars sq Saturn is indicative of the accidents or hassles with close relatives (her older step-sister probably. Her stepbrother had some altercation with guns also. This has a Paris connection as well (Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, just like Prince William who has a Mars cjn Saturn in Libra in 9th (indicative of the accident his mother had in Paris). This configuration in her chart probably reflects the divorces and hassles in her family rather than a danger to herself.

Her mother Doria has Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo so she has a good intelligent mind and the Leo part indicates she does attract the fame and stardom in the family (her husband, Meghan’s dad, was lighting director).

Throughout 2018 Saturn touches off her Moon indicating depleting health for one of the parents and also being anemic. However, this can also be a sign of pregnancy especially after summer of 2018. It could also reflect the British opposition to biracial marriages for the Royal family.

We will keep you informed as we see how the themes are being offset, hopefully in positive ways.

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