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June 13, 2019by Hassan Jaffer


Astro Calendar Moon Transits are the familiar Moon Magic tables we used to print before except they are all dynamic now.

We have all the planet cycles which are all personalized and based on your birthdate, time and place of birth. I have tried to make all the icons and visual colors easy for anyone to follow and interpret. The most important thing is that we can add other members of your family as well which is the key to what I was trying to develop.

Astro-Calendar is the tool I want to use to go further in interpreting your own timing, discovering your innate potential and using your free choice more effectively.

Why is it important to be able to see the timing in Red and Green for the whole family?

When more than one family member is involved in travelling or any activity where there could be danger, then it will be reflected in all their charts. Same thing when it comes to really lucky events.

I have been trying to develop a program where you could see all these 12 Needs in anyone’s chart in a very visual way.

With Astro-Calendar, we will be able to add this feature very soon. We can already do it manually but it would be helpful to automate it.

We have 12 icons which describe the 12 important areas of your life. To find out when those areas are active and for how long, just click on the icon associated, and you can do this for any year till 2020! With Astro Calendar, a film director can plan when to release a movie, an athlete can avoid dangerous days, or it can show you the best days for money as well as the ones to avoid for splurges. It is also great for planning a trip so you can avoid all the hassles.

Although just the ability to see the Astro-calendar Moon transits in your life in red and green for the whole year is enough to justify getting the AstroCalendar, there is much more to it than that. We have added Venus and Mars dates as well so you can see which areas to focus on for happiness and which ones will lead to hassles if you don’t confront them now.





Icon #2 and relates to money which you have to work for e.g. your earnings and paycheck as well as bills and expenditures which are absolutely necessary. When any planet if touching this area, you need to be more careful on how you spend your money. For the Moon Transits, this is not the time to spend on things just because you feel you have to have something as it makes you very emotional and contributes to impulsive buying.

conflictsIcon #3 icon is for anything which has to do with communication and transportation. When you click on this icon, you will find the days when you are most likely to be very emotional in your speech and need to be careful of getting into arguments. You are also more vulnerable to any accidents or car related problems near your home.

familyIcon #4 has to do with everything to do with your Home and Family. This is a good time to focus on home, family reunions but you will also find emotional events are home including being more accident prone at home. For the monthly Moon Transits, this is the last day of keeping a low profile and laying the foundations for the next two weeks when you are on your high cycle.


Icon #5 has a Luck element but basically it represents all things which are speculative, where you take chances including having children! You will become more emotionally involved with your children but they are also more susceptible to events (both positive and adverse) and need to be more careful as well. Love affairs and hobbies which you are passionate about is also represented by this area.


Icon #6 has to do with preventive type of health issues as well as your work place. All major illnesses which you are susceptible to during the #12 (Medical) days, originate dying this time. It is like someone smoking now and eventually having major lung problems. This is the time you should focus on health, exercise and nutrition.

Explore all the supplements and join a health club to keep yourself motivated. This is also the time when you can focus on your work environment and matter pertaining to your co-workers. When Venus is here, it is like love at work and everything runs smoothly in your workplace. When Mars is here there is strife and hassles in this area but you are also finally get some action too.


Icon #7 indicates the start of your public response and all activities which are dependent on others rather than yourself. You have done your homework and now is the time to come out in the public. However, this is often the time when you have emotional conflicts with your spouse or life partner. Try to avoid arguments with your partner and if you do, then you probably provoked it!

Prince Charles and Diana’s flareups often happened during these days. Mars here indicates when you need to avoid major clashes with your partner but also if there is strife and danger in their life. Even violence can result if Mars is here so try not to lose your temper or get into conflicts with your partner now. Venus will bring a lot of marital bliss and happiness and even new opportunities for relationships now.


Icon #8 is one of the best for getting money which don’t really earn like grants, loans, credit cards, mortgage or inheritance. All matters to do with insurance and wills will coincide with this period. Although this is an excellent time for investment properties, this time can also indicate dead end projects sometimes. Matters pertaining to life and death often happen during this time as well (Princes Diana) and Whitney Houston).

It is a time when you have a strange type of tiredness as if reminded of life and death matters although it is interesting that you will often travel during this period (maybe cause most people say a prayer and leave themselves in the hands of God now.). It may also be that someone is going to gain from their insurance if something happens to them but generally this is a very time financially.

If you have any out of court settlements then this would be the time to go for it. You will also get great discounts now but don’t get yourself in too much debt. Mars here will indicate strife in all these areas whereas Venus would bring financial opportunities now.



Icon #9 has to do with all matters pertaining to philosophy, legal matters, foreign travel and higher education. You are also close to the “truth” now and it is an excellent time to write down all your ideas as you are often very prophetic now. However, you may have to be extra careful with emotional outbursts with immigration, legal authority and even professors.
It is a positive time for all these matters so just avoid any temperamental displays with anyone connected with education and law, including getting tickets (especially if Mars is here in which case you have to be very careful of speeding and accidents as well). If you are a writer, then this is one of the best times to write down your philosophy as you will be in a preaching mood.


Icon #10 coincides with publicity and activities which will eventually bring fame in the long run. Getting your pictures done, appearing on radio or TV, being in the news are all very positive during this time. Whether it is positive or negative, being in the limelight and seen by the public is the main theme at this time.

Princess Diana’s funeral was watched by more than a billion people when this area was activated. Fame or Scandals it is all up to you but if you want publicity, then this is the time you should aim for, and it happens every month for two to three days! With Mars here, you may experience a restructuring in your career and should avoid hassles at work also.


Icon #11 is best for Public Relations and attending film galas, trade shows and generally all places where there are a lot of people and mingling with new contacts. Networking with others is an ideal activity to do now. Community work, volunteer organizations, humanitarian work and attending seminars and workshops are all positive during this time. It is one of the best times to make your contacts and you will also focus on your goals in life now.


Icon #12 is the most dangerous time as it coincides with your body’s feeling very run down and your immune system being down. Focus on finishing off your existing work now and getting rid of old things but try not to do any dangerous activity now like bungee jumping or major surgeries if possible. Accidents now often lead to going to the hospital and unnecessary complications. You will often find out who your secret enemies are also now although it often coincides with secret love as well.

People you meet now can undermine your interests so just be on the cautious side. Avoid getting caught in dark alleys or feelings of isolation. After having worked hard, this is the time rest and do things which are only dependent on yourself. When Venus is here, it coincides with secret love but when Mars is here, there will be strife with those your love or in their life. It is also a time when you will have to be extra careful of health matters especially to do with the head area.


Here are the 12 Radio Button at the bottom of the Astro-Calendar. You will notice that they correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac. The two letter abbreviation identifies each sign and their full names are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

You will also notice that we have given them a particular color and it is very important to know that this remains constant throughout our Astro-Calendar. Aries always remains Red just as Pisces is always Sea Green.

When you click on a Radio button, it shows you when the Moon or any other planet is in that sign.

This can be helpful for many reasons. The most violent days are when the Moon is in Scorpio so you can easily check out those days and be extra careful at night or that you don’t get into needless confrontations at that time.

Similarly, the best days for publicity are when the Moon is in Leo so and so forth.


Your 12 Essential Needs to Lead A Balanced Life

Although we are developing another aspect to this program which will automate your awareness of your 12 needs, here is a manual way to understand how it works.

When you click on the any of the icons which coincide with the Aries radio button (Red), this is represents the area which is the beginning of your first Need, the Need for Action. So the first thing you should do is to click on the icons till you find the Aries Red icon and note which area does it represent e.g. Self, or Family etc. This will always remain the same all your life so it will just take a few minutes and it is important for you to locate and understand it really well.

Start with the two most important areas of your life:

1- The Need for Action (Aries and Red button) which should look like this:


This area will show you where your whole cycle begins and where you will be a self-starter and action oriented.

5- The Most Ego Gratifying area of your life (Leo the Gold icon). This is how it should look like in Astro-Calendar:




This is the most Ego-Gratifying area of your life and where you are most likely to find fame and recognition. Whether it is the #3 area which would point to driving fancy cars and fame through writing, or #10 area which would indicate being on the stage yourself.


Get your own Personalized website AstroCalendar which will give you dates for major windfalls, family reunions, travel and much more.

It also shows your daily Moon Transits and their meanings plus all the planets and what they mean in your life. This is a 12-month subscription and you can also include your children or other people. Having your own AstroCalendar will help you unlock Nature’s most closely guarded secrets…Your Inner Timing!

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