Hassan and Reza’s interview is about Head Lines and Celebrities with Lori DeAngeles of CHCH TV, Hamilton. This is a very interesting interview as Lori asks excellent questions about Astrology and Palmistry  and Hassan gives many examples of celebrities with Head line joined and separate.

You can apply this immediately to your own hands and those around you to check the validity of this simple yet powerful tool of nature.

As Bible says in Job-37-7 “He sealeth up the hand of every man, so all men may know His work”… a direct reference to the validity of palmistry?!

He also said something very very important about geomagnetism and now NASA has acknowledged it and there is a new science called “heliobiology”, something exactly what Hassan was talking about as possibly being the basis of astrology.

Click the link below to watch the interview on YourTube (Mac/iPod or iPhone):

Hassan and Reza with Lori of CHCH: Head Line insights

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