Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky made Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton very happy and proud grandparents. Our congratulations to the former President and his wife, and Chelsea and her husband.

bill hillary charlotteCharlotte was born with Moon in Scorpio and her grandmother is Scorpio as well as Chelsea having Scorpio. This indicates that Moon was in Chelsea’s 12th house and those of you familiar with our AstroCalendar will know this to be a time when you feel very run down and tired.  Sometimes this indicates if they had to do episiotomy also but she seems fine.

Charlotte has Aries rising and will be very independent but very stable underneath.

With Mercury in Libra, Charlotte will have a beautiful speaking voice and will be very diplomatic and non-judgemental.  Having Moon also close to Mercury, it adds to the healing tone to her voice.  She has an out-of-sign trine between Mercury and Neptune which gives her a beautiful singing voice. She has inherited the Mercury trine Neptune from Chelsea who has Mercury in Pisces.  Moon also trine to Neptune gives her an acute sensitive to her environment.

The most important element of her chart is that she has Neptune in Pisces which makes her very compassionate and humanitarian. Venus in Virgo also makes her very unselfish and caring for those who are downtrodden. Hillary Clinton has Moon in Pisces and Charlotte will bring out the humanitarian side of her even more and maybe even soften her grandma’s dictatorial side. Pluto is in her 10th house which is a powerful placement and indicative of someone who can bring major transformations in the lives of the masses.

Moon and Saturn in Scorpio normally makes one anemic but it is quite wide and is well aspected to Neptune which combines the emotional intensity of Scorpio along with the deep spirituality of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in 12th is excellent for all  causes involving children and seniors although there is a tendency towards illnesses which cannot be diagnosed easily. As long as she doesn’t go into drugs and alcohol, it should be fine but she has strong obsessive tendencies.  Mars in 8th squaring her Neptune is the addictive aspect but also a warning that she will have to be careful of money lost through bad partnerships. However, Mars being well aspected, it could simply indicate working with a profession where there could be fraud involving other people’s money e.g. medical insurance or mortgages.Mars sq Neptune also indicates allergies and bad reactions to some drugs and medication.

She will be natural at law  and will delegate work to everyone (pass me the remote please grandpa!).  She will probably get a degree in law as well as an MBA as both are part of her talents.  She will have an excellent sense of humor and will get along best with her famous grandfather Bill Clinton, who will also be her best promoter. He has Mercury in Leo and she has Mercury in Libra (fire and air  always get along well).


Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky Horoscope

She will be secretive like her mother and very confidential. Chelsea never ever spoke a single word against her parents and is a also a great researcher (Scorpio as part of her 12th house).  It will give her a certain amount of depth and increase her  mission of saving people.

Mars in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo is a fantastic placement for top athletes actually and this girl will have high recuperative powers. This is one of the major aspects which most Olympic athletes have. It also indicates a lot of travel and the ability to take on much more than normal people and huge projects.

In fact, Mars and Jupiter are part of a grand trine with Uranus which makes it a real windfall theme.  She could easily anchor her own show having Uranus close to her in the 10th house also (we will know more when we have the exact time of birth). Jupiter in Leo in her 5th house shows natural talent for drama and theater as well.

chelsea and charlotte
Charlotte will have a conceptual mind and will be very objective. There have been some leaders with the same Mercury position although they may not be the best examples  Margaret Thatcher (who also had Saturn in Scorpio and was called the “iron lady”!) and Ferdinand Marcos. However Charlotte’s chart is much better and not cruel at all.

She will be very musical and also have a very good sense off rhythm. In fact, her Mars sq Neptune needs either music or dancing to offset its obsessive tendencies.   Mars-Neptune is also an aspect of scandals (her grandfather has a Mars-Neptune  conjunction) and feelings of betrayal.

Country songs will probably be her favourite as it suits her  Venus in Virgo which often delves into self pity and poor me attitude unless sublimated in saving professions. One of her other talents will be health and nutrition and she will be natural and herbal and organic food.  Venus in Virgo in the 6th house also indicates interest in preventive health and that she will be very health conscious and into juices and salads. Venus in 6th also often coincides with love at work especially as it rules the 7th house. She won’t like too much makeup at all and will  prefer cotton to silk.

There are many planets in the 7th house indicating a dependency on the marriage partner who would be soft looking on the outside but will be rather powerful underneath. In fact, her 7th house, which represents the ideal compliment to her personality,  is exactly the first house (personality) of Bill Clinton. In other words,  they compliment each other and her husband will have some similar traits to her illustrious grandfather.

Healthwise, she is susceptible to headaches and immune system related problems (Aries in 12th and Mars sq Neptune in 12th).

To summarize, Charlotte is a very special child with an extremely humanitarian nature, who will be sensitive to the needs of the poor  and downtrodden and will be very  articulate about their needs.  She will have lots of physical energy and the will power to take on causes to fight the injustices  in the society. In fact, she will have a tendency to be used by others when it comes to her own needs but will be like Florence Nightingale when it comes to helping others.

It  seems that she has inherited the best traits from her family and particularly the oratory skill of President Bill Clinton and the  sensitive side of her mom Chelsea.

bill clinton hillary clinton chalotte