Dangers of texting while driving are all too well known to parents but unfortunately totally disregarded by teenagers. Apparently, texting is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated!

With Moon in Pisces right now, I was  looking at a sad event which happened last year but is very appropriate, as it makes you realize the pathos of the parents who lost such a young and handsome son because of texting, an accident which could have been easily  avoided.


Tenty two year old student Alexander Heit was killed in a car accident just north of Denver earlier this month after his car drifted into oncoming traffic, causing him to jerk the steering wheel, veer off the road and roll his vehicle in an accident which ultimately proved fatal.

In this case, I was looking at the 22 year Alexander Heit, who was killed in a car accident just north of Denver while texting his friend, after his car drifted into oncoming traffic, causing him to jerk the steering wheel, veer off the road and roll his vehicle in an accident which ultimately proved fatal.

His parents released a picture of the incomplete tweet just before he crashed and later died of brain injury.  This happened in April 2013 but the transiting aspect from Mars was similar to my article about Stressful Periods. Alexander Heit had just crossed the Mars sq Uranus aspect (freak accidents) but had the Mars sq Saturn (major accident configuration and bad timing) as well as Mars sq Neptune (nightmare period).

Accident Prone Transits

There were many clear indications and even our computer printout (Your 12 Months Forecast) would have given a very clear indication of his being accident prone. Here are some of the transiting aspects which I feel are most reflective of what happened:

 Alexander Heit Chart

Jupiter conj natal Mars
makes one take chances. Even though this is a very positive aspect, it can make one very accident prone because of over confidence and  speeding, although in this case he wasn’t, it shows that even at normal speeds the accident can prove to be fatal.

Jupiter conj Mars is one of the aspects of gambling as well and in this case he was taking chances with his life.

Moon conj natal Saturn a few hours before which means he was feeling a bit run down and his reflexes were down because of Mars sq Neptune as well.However,  Moon just added to his tiredness and it moves too fast for us to have been able to predict in this equation.

He may even have been feeling a bit alone as he was born with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Libra, making him very social and always wanting to be nice to others and not rude (he had to end the tweet in a courteous manner).

Mars opp his natal Libra planets including Moon and Mercury shows that he was texting fast and also the high emotions when he realized he is going to crash (shouting and intense feelings).

The most important aspect was Mars squaring his Saturn which was a major accident configuration. Mars also squaring Uranus (wide and Neptune (wide) contributed to the accident and became a nightmare configuration for him. You can take wider orbs when there are three planets involved. If you notice, Moon, Sun, Venus and Mars are all part of the transiting aspects which formed a T-Square to his natal cardinal squares.

If we had the time of birth, it would shed more light on the accident and I am sure it would be much more obvious but even without the time of birth, the danger was quite obvious.

Here is the incomplete tweet which was not sent, frozen at the moment of impact and I am writing for all of you to remind your children not to text when they are driving. The son was gone in a flash, but the parents have to live through the sadness all their life.

Was This Destined? 

This definitely could have been avoided. Otherwise, there is no use for Astrology at all if we can’t prevent such incidents. The truth is that there are many times when a person could lose their lives but they don’t because either they used their free choice or were sleeping and just had that experience in their dream!

A very important conclusion is that nobody can increase their lifespan but they can decrease it by their free choice!  I am sure that human beings were designed to live for at least 120 years or so. This cannot be increased. However, one can choose to jump in front of a truck and end their lifespan.

Similarly, risking your life by texting while you are driving is definitely playing roulette with nature.

Alexander Heit’s Last Tweet

alexander_heit_textThis mother is a brave woman to have put the last tweet of her son for everyone to see in the hope that it will save lives.  My writing this article is the result of her efforts and the beginning of her mission in life. She lost something which can never be replaced but I have no doubt she will end up saving the lives of many sons and daughters because of her valiant effort.

The last tweet was never sent as the crash happened and a split second later and Alexander Heit died shortly after. His parents are hoping the photo of the incomplete tweet on his iPhone will serve as a stark reminder to drivers of how dangerous texting and driving can be.

His final text cut off in mid-sentence because he drifted into oncoming traffic before he could send it. Was it really that important to send the text at that time? It could have been worse. Imagine if his car had crashed into another one carrying children?

Everything to look forward to in this 6 ft, 22 years old’s life and everything gone in a heartbeat.  He probably didn’t even feel anything but his parents will never forget this tragedy all their lives. Thousands of teenagers die due to texting and if only they would think about the parents and their family’s lives which are ruined forever.

Please make a point of reminding your children not to text while driving and just wait till they get home or the car is stopped. Your children are your most important asset and it is our duty to constantly remind them how important they are in our life.

line_dottedTo see if you are going through an accident configuration, get Your 12 Month Forecast and look for it in the report where it will be highlighted in Red.  Read the interpretation on how to avoid and which precautions to take.