Michael Schumacher horoscope by Hassan Jaffer:

Here is the chart analysis of Michael Schumacher, who recently had a bad ski accident on the French Alps. Schumacher is a seven-time Formula One World Champion and is widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.

Mercury in Capricorn (like Tiger Woods) sextile to Neptune gives him a very firm hand in driving and it is the hallmark of steady achievement. Neptune makes him more intuitive and is a good aspect to have for someone with Capricorn planets.


Michael Schumacher

Michael was born on a full Moon which is often the case of those who are rather destined but they also have real ups and downs in life as both Sun and the Moon get touched off at the same time and positive and adverse aspects are both exaggerated. Moon in Cancer is a strong position for family values.

However, it is squared to Saturn and in fact part of a T-Square and almost a double grand square. Moon-Saturn gives depression in women but in men, it makes them single minded and when you totally ignore the needs of the body and push yourself to the extreme, almost being cruel with yourself. On the other hand, it is one of the reasons why athletes often have low blood pressure.

Mars in Scorpio is like a black Porsche and gives an intensity in everything he does. Being in a health house, of course he is used to speed and danger at work. In love matters, Venus in Aquarius sq to Neptune makes him rather idealistic. Mars in Scorpio also makes him somewhat vindictive and he has been known to push others and put them in dangerous situations.

One of the most important aspect of his chart is that he has Aries as part of his 12th house and these people always have to be careful of danger to the head. Saturn was also in Aries in his 12th house when he was born which increases the danger even more, as any transiting planet can touch off the natal Saturn in a major health house.

One peculiar aspect he born with is a Jupiter conj Uranus. Every time this gets touched off it indicates sudden opportunities out of the blue and often when you gain through upheavals. However, it is also one of the aspects of miraculous escapes.

Michael Schumacher’s Transits at the Time of the Accident

The indications for freak accident to the head and spine are similar to what we wrote in the case of Paul Walker but not as dangerous.


First of all the Longterm Transits: Pluto in his 9th house touching off the Sun opp Moon in his chart indicates that he was going through a complete change in his attitude towards God and spirituality. This is a once in a lifetime transits and will still be here for a number of years. Pluto Sun thwarts some of his goals and Pluto Moon makes him change at a subconscious level also.

Neptune is transiting his 11th house for a few years which confuses one’s goals but is excellent for volunteer and humanitarian work. Once he recovers, you can see how these slow-moving planets reflect the influence his accident will have on his mission in life.

Uranus in Aries has been transiting his 12th house (once in 84 years) and is already in effect from 2012.  As we mentioned above, Aries on his 12th house always indicates a vulnerability to the head area and Uranus is activating this.

Uranus opposing natal Jupiter plus also activating the Jupiter conj Uranus triggers the miraculous escape we mentioned above.  Uranus is also squaring both his Sun and Moon for a few years indicating somewhat upheaval in the family but which is also bringing everyone together (Jupiter conj Moon). On the positive side, this transit is excellent for visual perception and maybe the head injury will trigger all kinds of ideas or a spiritual awakening besides the erratic mood it promises.

Saturn in his 6th house (health house) while Moon was also the last degrees of Scorpio shows the life death close call which could have been prevented (6th house of preventive health as opposed to the 12th house of fatal illnesses). Saturn was in the same sign as his natal Mars (18 degrees away) and conj his natal Neptune often worries about children and any insecurity may have pushed him further than he should have.

Jupiter in his 3rd house widely touching off his Moon and Sun shows the public response and prayers from around the world for his recovery. This lucky and very spiritual aspect also shows family reunions till July 2014.

Now Mars is also one of the main triggers here and first of all it is close to Jupiter, indicating he was going faster than he should have and taking unnecessary changes and being careless (Moon in Scorpio possibly pushing him to the limit). Mars also squared his natal Moon in 3rd (walking running skiing driving etc) making him emotionally impatient and taking chances. It is one of the aspects of anger and makes one put their heart and soul into something but also increases the emotional reaction.

Mars is also opposing Saturn in his 12th.  Luckily it was 8 degrees off degrees away from an exact opposition. Saturn conj Mars and Mars opp Saturn together make it a major accident configuration to the head area. This is an early warning as the exact aspect is on 18th Jan, 8th Apr and 2 July 2014.  This indicates that he might have to undergo more surgeries.

Around 15th Dec 2013, he had an exact Mars conj Uranus which would have been much more dangerous as well.

On a final note, as we mentioned in Paul Walker’s chart analysis and accident, the Moon in Scorpio always seems to bring news about life and death or funerals in the news (Princess Diana, JFK Jr., King Hussain, ex-PM of Canada Pierre Trudeau and Hafiz Asad). The Moon also happened to be in the sign of Scorpio along with Saturn (this will repeat itself for a few times till mid 2014) but on the positive note, Jupiter touching off his Moon gives lot of hope and good public response.

We feel that by July of 2014, Michael Schumacher will be healthy and well again when Jupiter touches off his Mars. Till then he is still in danger especially around the dates mentioned above.

Saturn moving up in his chart shows him to be coming out of retirement but probably getting more involved with the welfare of others and charitable work.

Schumacher Chart Analysis Video on YouTube


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