Freak Accidents and Explosions exlores the horoscope of PFC Clarence Merriott who was born with a Mars conj Uranus (freak accidents and explosions) aspect in Pisces (ocean).  On 19 June 1944, he was one of 90 men killed when a landing ship, LST 523, struck an underwater mine just off Utah Beach in Normandy, France.

Aspects in the Natal Chart

You may not be born with a dangerous aspects but everyone goes through many difficult themes by transit. However, if The natal aspects are usually there from birth but they can also happen by transit.

However, if an accident configuration is there in the natal chart, then the susceptibility is always there for  accidents. In this case where he was born with a Mars conj Uranus aspect, the danger from guns and explosions was always there. The fact that it was in the sign of Pisces makes the event near the ocean even more real.

Mars Uranus aspects often indicate accidents which happen very suddenly (ice skating or car accidents like in Princess Diana’s case), but the transits become very important.

What planets trigger this dangerous aspect? Which houses are affected?

First of all, you should always start from the slow-moving planets as their effect is there for a long time.  The Moon can touch off an event but there have to be some major slow-moving planets either.  In Clarence Merriott’s case, Urnaus was exactly squaring itself and Mars. Uranus sq Uranus is not important as everyone goes through it

Other Examples of Mars Uranus Aspect

Mars conj Uranus is a clear indication of someone who is always in danger through guns, explosions and also freak accidents to the head and spine. Princess Diana was also born with it and often set herself in dangerous situations also. Mata Hari, the spy who was executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany during World War, was also born with an adverse aspect between Mars and Uranus. In her case, the conjunction was in Leo and she was shot in the heart which may have significance too.

Symbology of Names and Numbers

It may be my Moon trine Pluto which helps me see visual cues and meaningful symbology in names and numbers. I found it very interesting that the Vietnam veteran, Matthew Carlson, who found the purple heart at a swap meet in Glendale, Arizona and ultimately was able to trace it  down to belonging to PFC Clarence Merriott, has the letters in his own name!  Look closely and you will see the resemblance between Clarence Merriott and Matthew Carlson. Reversed and Clarence and Carlson especially. What is intriguing is that he had no idea who the purple belonged to initially so there must be some sort of connection between people’s names and their destiny or similar timing etc.

Keep this in mind as this is a very important aspect of astrology but hardly ever discussed even though many astrologers have found “coincidences” which is quite fascinating.

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line_dotted Freak Accidents and Explosions Freak Accidents and Explosions line dotted

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