Germanwings Flight Astrologer’s Hypothesis


The astrologer is like an acute observer of the laws of nature and has to find some meaning in the events regardelss of how tragic they are.

On Wed 25th March, in my radio show from Phoenix, Arizona, I mentioend to my host Cynthia Konopka that:

1- There was a possibility that it was deliberate. Unfortunately we soon found out that this is exactly what happened.

2- Saturn in Sagittarius points to aviation disasters which will lead to improvements  in safety in future.

Here is the news clip today which confirms what we discussed on radio:

“Airlines across the world to change safety policies. The new procedures will mean that two crew members must always be present on the flight deck.”

This air disaster was not the result of pilot error but because of the changes made to the regulations of the cockpit door after 911, which did not address the possibility of danger within the cockpit in the first place. Had there been two people at all times in the cockpit, this tragedy could have been prevented.

This sarifice does not justify any loss of lives but seems to clearly represent what Saturn in Sagittarius reflects. However, there is no doubt in our minds that the lives of thousands of future passengers will definitely be saved as a direct result of the changes being done because of this tragic event.

It would be great if these situations are anticipated in advance but it seems there always has to be some traumatic event which affects the collective consiousness before the changes take place.

Germanwings crash wasn’t the first passenger flight sabotaged by a pilot

It is strange when only when Saturn is in Sagittarius (laws refulating sign of mass transportion and aviation) that an event is taken seriously enough to make changes in the safety regulations.

Here are some of the crashes which were blamed on rogue pilots:
1- Japan Airlines Flight 350, Feb. 9, 1982: The captain engaged the thrust reversers on two engines as the four-engine Douglas DC-8 was descending into Haneda International Airport in Tokyo. The airplane landed short in Tokyo Bay, with 24 killed. The captain, who survived, was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

2- Royal Air Maroc Flight 630, August 21, 1994: The ATR-42 crashed in the Atlas Mountains as it was traveling from Agadir to Casablanca, Morocco, with all 44 aboard killed. The investigation determined that the captain disconnected the auto pilot and put the airplane into a dive.

3- EgyptAir Flight 990, Oct. 31, 1999: The Boeing 767 was over the Atlantic on a flight from New York to Cairo, Egypt, when it suddenly plunged into the ocean. All 217 aboard the airplane died. NTSB investigators concluded that the relief first officer had made the inputs to put the airplane into a dive and fought against the captain’s efforts to pull the airplane up.

4- LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470, Nov. 29, 2013: The Embraer 190 from Mozambique to Angola crashed in Namibia, killing all 33 aboard. Investigators blamed the captain. Evidence indicated that someone had changed the autopilot to descend from 32,000 feet to an altitude below ground level. In addition, the cockpit voice recorder caught the co-pilot banging on the cockpit door to get back in.


Astrologer’s Hypothesis

There are some things I never write about in case you all might think it is too far fetched but to me this lies at the essence of world predictions being experienced by the masses. I think it is important for me to start sharing these thoughts to stimulate the mind of soem future astrologer.

My conclusion after years of making some of the most profound yet  simple predictions is that

A- The theme of world events (both positive and negative) is destined,

B- the timing of it is also destined

C- the duration of the theme is also destined (how long will it stay in our psyche).

It  is possible that the only thing which can offset  this is  if a computer program in future which simulates such scenarios and everyone experiences such events vicariously, leading to changes in the laws or safety measures in place. I am not talking about fake news but somehow it has to be a similar experience e.g. a what if scenario in a radio of TV program or fake news which makes people think and take action.

It seems three things were destined here with Saturn in Sagittarius (already from 20 December 2014 till 14 June 2015, then again from 18 Sep 2015 till 19 Dec 2017).

1- Laws pertaining to aviation and safety measures inside the cockput had to change so such disasters never happen again (Saturn in Sagittarius).

2- Masses around the world were supposed to experience the theme of aviation disaster pertaining to an Airbus 320 (Saturn in Sag points to new safety measure being introduced in the cockpit door as well as the number of people present insdie to prevent one pilot from taking over).

3- The theme invovled the tragic loss of 150 individuals due to the deliberate actions of a pilot with an unstable mind (Saturn in Sag points ot new laws and methods to screen the pilots).

The key is that masses around the world are supposed to go through these experiences but it doesnt matter if it is real or acted out as long as nobody knows  about it and it seems real to everyone.


We welcome any comments about the Astro-Analysis and any birth info about the victims will be appreciated.