Vladimir Putin and Ukraine analysis by Hassan Jaffer updated on  7 Apr 2014

As we mentioned before, Vladimir Putin has Mars conj Saturn (major accident configuration and anger) which is exact on 12th April and 28th June 2014.  He is also having Mars conj Neptune (nightmare and obsessive aspect and feelings of betrayal etc) just like he did when he went into Crimea at the same time. We can expect a lot of hassles and the West playing completely opposite to what he wants and goading him on even more.  He is being tested to the limit but luckily Putin is a very rational person who is very cool under stress and knows how to use law to his advantage (Mercury in Libra).

However, it takes very little for Mars/Saturn and Mars/Neptune to ignite into military actions. First two weeks of Apr are very critical and then finally end of Jun and beg of July as I mentioned in our article as well as in our newsletter.

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line_dotted Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine line dotted

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is a very creative, scheming or brilliant strategist depending on whose side you are on, very intelligent, ex KGB master spy who knows how to play the West.

He has Mercury in Libra which gives a very strong sense of fairness and justice and in fact this is the only time when he will act and fight. Mercury Saturn conjunction gives him the cautious and analytical approach but also the longterm tenacity to persevere long enough to achieve something in a tangible way.

He is like a lawmaker who would like to make laws which are fair to both sides and that is the only way to motivate him which is to appeal to his sense of justice. Bullying, posturing, calling him a bully, emotional appeals, all of that means nothing to him. He is a master politician and a spy (Mercury conj Neptune) and doesn’t trust many people and sees right through the politicians and those who are saying one thing and practicing something completely different (takes one to know one!).

However, although his Mercury conj Neptune makes him very skeptical of others and not very trusting, it actually shows an extremely creative and intelligent mind. It also makes him verbally eloquent but also very ambiguous and non-committal in his words. Mercury Saturn is the reason why is so successful and has a lot of integrity behind the scheming element of it. The main problem of Mercury conj Neptune is the inability to separate truth from fantasy (imagines betrayals) and a tendency to justify uncreditable acts.

The most powerful aspect in Putin’s chart is his Mercury sextile Pluto which gives the ability to influence the masses by using natural laws. It is the conscious ability to understand the divine truth and his Mercury conj Neptune also gives a spiritual leaning which gives him an added sense of mission to it. The only problem is that his Mercury conj Neptune can make one justify and rationalize. Saturn conj Neptune also gives phobias and unwarranted fears (which is being reinforced by a dangerous Mars conj his Neptune by transit till July 2014.  It  is his legitimate sense of outside threats that have  to be addressed rather than threats of financial sanctions etc which will have no impact  on Putin. Jupiter in Taurus also makes him value old historical ties and he sees NATO and EU along with the US  as being very destabilizing forces for the region.

This analysis is not meant to take sides  or to  justify the actions of Vladimir Putin but rather to understand his chart and the events from a deeper understanding of his chart. We feel that after Crimea gains some autonomy from Ukraine and makes the Russian base more secure and not up to the whims of the Ukranian parliament,  Putin has no intention of occupying Ukraine but to keep enough influence there to keep the culture and mutual ties for generations ahead. Ed

The political pundits and commentators of CNN and most of the  newspapers and magazines are completely clueless about his intent or true nature. Without astrology it is impossible to understand the mind and motivations of complex charts  like Vladimir Putin. This is a very complex chart and yet it looks very simple. Some of the best natural psychologists are born with his chart.  What is really interesting that something seemingly totally unrelated is also behind Putin’s motivations and actions.

Attitude Towards Love and Relationship

Putin dark glasses Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Putin dark glassesVladimir Putin has Venus in Scorpio, which is emotionally one of the most powerful, secretive, and emotionally intense sign of the Zodiac. Godfather’s theme “the vows of love we made will live until we die” is the best way to describe the deep feeling of commitment of this planetary placement. This is not a divorcing sign at all and any breakups are extremely hard  for someone who has Venus in Scorpio (called a Fixed and Water sign). For a politician like Putin, this applies not only to his friendships and personal relationships (the spouse or mistress) but also the people and all of Russia itself. Ukraine was part of Russia for over 300 years so they still have very strong attachment and similar language  and culture.

Putin_dog Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Putin dogThe picture of Putin with the dark glasses and the one with the little dog show the two sides of his Venus in Scorpio better than any analysis. The side that people see is the one that is hiding behind the dark glasses, observing everyone without being seen.The other side is very loving and extremely affectionate but seen only by  very few friends and those closest to him like his wife or secret love.

When Gorbachev divided the country into several parts, it was naturally welcomed by the West who loved a weakened USSR but for Putin, this was nothing short of a  breakup of a family. Venus in Scorpio neither forgets nor forgives and Putin was just biding his time.  I don’t think his aim is to bring the USSR into its previous state and in fact he has a very democratic mind and believes in elections and having everyone have a say etc.

However, even having each province independent and on its own, he still wants all of them to be like an extended family with no outside military “protection”. Putin doesn’t trust the outsiders, least of all the US who has shown its callous disregard of the UN or international laws by being coerced (by its closest Mideast Ally and its neocon Lobby) into invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Same thing happened in Libya and Putin is not going to allow any of that by having one of its key members not only join the EU but especially NATO who has proven its destructive abilities and being a ploy of the shrewd politicians of the West.

vladimir-putin-chart Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine vladimir putin chart

Vladimir Putin Natal Chart

He has never forgotten what Russia was in terms of all the provinces being together and in his mind, his love is like “till death do us part”, which ironically is at the heart of every vow of marriage!  Those with Venus in Scorpio have very few but close friends as their ideal of friendship is very deep and serious. He is not a fling person and is into deep commitment in terms of relationships and yet in words he is very objective and non-judgmental. Venus in Scorpio is as aspect  of love of secrets but also secret love and often the secret love also becomes the secret enemy.

This is what Ted Bundy was born with (if I am not going to have you, nobody will!) and also Bruce Lee who died in the arms of the actress who was his secret love. He is intensely loyal but it is the loyalty of the mafia that you don’t cross. Venus in Scorpio also is very possessive  in personal relationships and are attached to whatever cause they choose to defend.

What is Vladimir Putin’s Mission?

With the ability to deeply feel the needs of the underdog, and then stand back and look at a problem from a very objective point of view,  Putin has the best abilities to “save” the masses and this is exactly what he identifies as his “mission”. Being a very intellectual person, his method is strategy rather than war. He is very objective and conceptual and is a brilliant strategist, which of course makes him a dangerous adversary if you are on the opposing team.

Timing of Events in Ukraine

Now let us analyze Putin’s chart in the context of what is happening in Ukraine.

In our Dec issue of our newsletter and also on this site we wrote  about Mars making a station in the sign of Libra from Dec 2013 till July 2014. There are three times the Mars conjuncts Saturn (major accident configuration triggered by anger and frustration, conj Neptune (nightmare theme and feelings  of betrayal), and also conj Mercury (forceful mind).  Putin’s stellium (three or more planets) got touched off  by transiting Mars in Dec 2013, and will again repeat itself becoming even more dangerous beg of Apr 2014  and again around mid July 2014.  In other words, this crisis will not really be over till at least  July 2014.

Putin is going through a very stressful aspect and a real nightmare theme. Jupiter touching off his Uranus also gives it a sense of urgency.  The rioters couldn’t have picked a more wrong time to protest as Mercury was retrograde (no protests or treaties come to any conclusions during this period, and also to pick the time when Russia was holding its most prestigious Olympics. Mars conj Saturn continues till July and you will see the main defiance against the US and EU especially in Apr and July 2014. It could happen earlier but these times would be the most dangerous ones which could really escalate  the military actions.

Many people have suggested that the riots in Kiev were orchestrated by Putin but this is total nonsense. This was exactly what made Putin extremely angry and he was already planning the “revenge”.  EU and NATO are obviously behind the rhetoric of wanting to save Ukraine and democracy etc with no regard to the fact that EU has nothing in common with Ukraine except the political gain (for the US and NATO).  For EU and the US to goad Ukraine into joining NATO would be to “defend” against Russia.

Vladimir Putin’s Hand

vladimir-putin-hand Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine vladimir putin hand2Here is the right hand of Vladimir Putin and the immediate impression of it is that it is a very practical and down to earth hand (square shape), passionate and wealthy with love of tradition (full at the base) and the Head line is joined. This makes him very pragmatic and cautious in his actions and not impulsive at all.

Putin hand only Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Putin hand onlyEvery mount  is full indicating a person who feels very deeply and is emotionally intense and puts  his heart  and soul into everything he does. The fingers are medium (almost short) indicating a very fast grasp of the overhaul situation but very slow to act (Head  line joined). He is a careful and his planning is never haphazard. What is important is that he is not a gambler and he is not an aggressor really but will resist strongly when someone pushes.

All Ukraine had to do was to convince Putin that a part of it will always belong to Russia or that they will always have love for Russia in their hearts (exactly the type of advice I  would give to anyone who is going through a divorce with Venus in Scorpio person!). It is the sense of losing them completely to the West which makes him want to hold on to Crimea. The fact that Ukraine is still dependent on the subsidized natural gas from Russia makes him also feel a bit more secure but the best thing would be for the Ukranians not to say that they hate Russia so much but exactly the opposite!

It seems that all the ultra nationalists have taken hold of Ukraine politics and for the time being he is more interested in protecting Russian’s only naval base than anything else. The US as usual are on the side of those who disrupt burn the buildings and is clueless about the history and has got itself again entangled with the most disruptive forces just like they did in Syria and other places. He will protect Crimea and then let Ukrainian parties destroy each other even as EU and the US try to bail them out.


Vladimir Putin will make sure that the rights of the Russian speaking people in Ukraine are protected along with his military base and the Russian fleet in Crimea as a deterrent to NATO. This was originally established by Catherine the Great  over 300 years ago, when  she built a naval base at Sevastopol. Instead of leasing like they do from Ukraine, Russia would rather have a permanency to it (Putin has Jupiter in Taurus) and not be dependent on the whims of Ukraine who can cancel the lease anytime they want. However, I don’t think he wants to annex Crimea unless he is really forced to. We will find out in April and mid June and mid July 2014 when there are some very adverse aspects in his chart and the frustration with other’s not understanding his position or Ukraine unelected PM makes disparaging remarks. It would help if the US and EU first acknowledge his position instead of provoking him so much.

line_dotted Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine line dotted

Pluto sextiling his Mercury brought Putin in power and gave him the ability to make a difference in the lives of the masses and he will be instrumental in bringing about the longterm peace around the world.

Astrological Highlights

Sun in Libra: Avoids confrontation and seeks diplomatic solutions

Mercury in Libra: Legal mind. Sense of fairness justice. Key words have to be fairness and mutual respect and bullying tactics will not work with him.

Mercury square Uranus: Brilliant but show an unconventional side from time to time. Sudden shocks through which you recover.

Mercury conj Neptune: Shrewd but inability to separate truth from fantasy. Can Justify everything in the name of fairness and justice. Very scheming. Gets out of difficult situations by twisting words and manipulation. Often spiritual leanings.

Mercury sextile Pluto: Ability to have laws passed which will ensure fairness and justice. Ability to impact  global issues through ideas and appeal to universal concepts

Venus in Scorpio: Few but deep friends. Non-forgiving in love but dedicated and loyal.

Venus opp Jupiter: Wealthy aspect and drawn to those who are philosophical. Love of luxury and comfort which makes him a bit more social

Jupiter in Taurus: Deep respect for tradition and historical ties

Saturn in Libra: Very good executive ability and a balanced form of leadership

Saturn conj Neptune: Deep insecurities and unwarranted fears (distrust of others)

Saturn square Uranus: Conflict between conservative and unconventional values

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line_dotted Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine line dotted


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line_dotted Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Ukraine line dotted

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