Moon Sign and World Events is a key astrological phenomenon. Whenever an event happens, the Moon tells us something about that event or the person as perceived by the collective consciousness. The Moon at the time of funeral can also shed light about the feelings of the public towards the person.

The Moon was in Pisces at the time of the memorial for Nelson Mandela, which is reflective of  his humanitarian and spiritual nature.  As is often the case with moon in Pisces, it was also raining. It is one of the most inspirational times and there is an air of sacred sadness whenever the Moon is in Pisces.

The Moon was in Leo (the sign of Royalty) when Princess Diana passed away.  However, at the time of her funeral, it was in Scorpio and everyone was shocked and it made everyone search for their own mission in life. The fatalistic quality was quite pronounced and the eulogy by his brother was rather vindictive also. It is interesting that Moon was in Scorpio and people are often reminded off life and death events. Moon was in Scorpio at the time of the funeral for Princess Diana, Canada’s ex PM Pierre Trudeau, Hafiz Asad of Syria, King Hussain of Jordon etc.

A few days later the Moon went into Sagittarius reflecting a very philosophical mood when Mother Teresa passed away.

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