us declaration of indep persian empire and us constitution Persian Empire and US Constitution us declaration of indepIsn’t it ironic that the ideals of United States declaration of independence are actually borrowed from the tolerant ideals of Cyrus the Great, who ruled the Persian Empire over 2600 years ago!

When leaders of the world look into how they should rule a society with different faiths and languages, they turn to Cyrus.  Babylon was ruled by Belshazzar and Nebuchadnezzar who had brought the jews from Judea into Babylon and imprisoned them along with other people. When the Persian King Cyrus conquered Babylon in 569 BC, he set them all free and allowed everyone to practice their own religion and language.

The Persian Empire is the first empire to accommodate  people with different ethnicities, background, religion and language.  The great Cyrus has always been a source of inspiration to all rulers and leaders of the world who want to have a harmonious society with multicultural population whose people coexist without discord.

The wise founders of the US constitution were no exception to this rule. In fact, in the 18th century, when the founding fathers were looking into the question of how to build a country where people of different religions and languages are respected, they turned to Cyrus and incorporated his ideals into the US constitution. Thomas Jefferson studied Cyrus and even instructed his grandson to study Cyrus.

When dealing with Iran, the US and other nations should not forget that the tolerant ideals of the declaration of independence are directly borrowed from Cyrus the Great, King of the Persian empire.

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