ferry_sewol_small South Korea Ferry South Korea Ferry ferry sewol smallSouth Korean ferry Sewol  sailed from the port city of Incheon for Jeju Island with 475 people on board  at 9:39 PM on 15th Apr 2014 during a total lunar eclipse. The vessel listed violently, capsized and finally sank – all within two hours of sending a distress signal at 9am local time on 16th Apr.2014.

On 16th Apr 2014, the large ferry “Sewol” sank in calm seas off the coast of South Korea, while carrying mostly high school students on an overnight trip to a tourist island.

On 9th Apr 2014 while writing about the Tetrad Moon, I had written about “15 Apr 2014 (there is also a grand square in the sky so earthquakes also). 16th April Moon is in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, so life death events in the ocean.  It actually happened on 16th in the morning while the Moon was still in Libra that is why everyone was so calm and peaceful. The full Moon went into Scorpio at 1:20 am on 16th Apr while the ship had sunk . This is right after the total lunar eclipse.

Here is what was happening in the sky in Jinju, South Korea as the sad events unfolded:

There is a grand cross in the sky involving Mars sq Jupiter (travel and transport), Mars sq Pluto (violence), Mars opp Uranus (sudden freak accidents), Mercury conj Uranus (sudden shocks and nervous breakdowns). Mars-Jupiter-Uranus/Mercury-Pluto grand cross, the same one which is a forbearer of earthquakes happening everywhere.

The grand cross is pointing directly to 5th house (Moon and Mars in 5th) which is children. A few hours before the total lunar eclipse and the “blood Moon”:

7:47 am Mars enters 5th house (children) in Jinju, South Korea while the ship Sewol is in calm waters in South Korea being steered by a 26-year old woman having Mars/Neptune conjunction (nightmare involving children and drowning).

9:39 pm The Ferry departs after a 2 hour delay due to heavy fog.  Scorpio rising on the Eastern Horizon and Venus/Neptune are at the very bottom in Pisces, indicating beautiful school children.  Uranus is in the 5th house showing upheavals to do with children about to happen. Saturn is in Scorpio in the 12th house (Captain was found sleeping in the lower level (Scorpio theme). This bears an eerie resemblance to the Malaysin MH370 which also  took off with Neptune at the bottom and Saturn in Scorpio in 12th.

8:55 am Moon and Mars are in the 5th house (children) indicating and emotionally charged event happening. Ferry sends distress signal.

9:29 am Neptune in Pisces enters 9th (prayers for children who are in the sea). At 9:44 am Venus will join Neptune in 9th (love and prayer  messages from around the world)

9:30 am Evacuation ordered.

9:38 am Moon, Mars and Saturn also now in 5th – the most dangerous omen for children. Saturn in Scorpio = life/death situations.

9:41 am Uranus and Mercury in 10th  Internet and text messages in news. Venus and Neptune in Pisces still in 10th (children and old people the focus)

9:51 am Mars leaves the 5th and enters 4th house. Strife and chaos at home maybe even fire and shouting etc.

11:50 am Saturn in Scorpio (like count Dracula the captain who was first to abandon the ship)  leaves 5th house having done its damage and exactly when the Ferry sinks further.

11:55 am Saturn enters 4th along with Moon and Mars making the life/death the home a grave for the children.

1:09 pm Pluto enters 5th house ending the life for hundreds of children and will stay there will 3:31 pm making it even more difficult for any survivors

2:12 pm Saturn leaves 4th when only the bow of the ship remains above  water. Saturn enters 3rd house hindering communication.

4:42 pm Total Lunar Eclipse, first of the Tetrad series has taken its first toll, a sacrifice of almost 300 beautiful children on the sea in calm waters off the coast of South Korea.

korea-ship_small South Korea Ferry South Korea Ferry korea ship small11:24 to 12:56 am The only consolation is that both Venus and Neptune are in 8th house indicating peaceful death for the children and old people. It is extremely sad to even write this and it is 7 am while I am writing this not having slept the whole night to find some meaning in this event so clear in horary astrology yet so hard to think about beforehand.

Important Questions

Almost 275 children still missing, same grand cross while Venus and Neptune in Pisces (beautiful children) were at the Zenith.

Here is the question: Two hours and three hundred passengers didn’t make it to exits, the deck or the sea? What can we do to prevent this stupidity? It wasn’t rough seas but very calm actually, it was early morning and wasn’t night-time, and it wasn’t far from the shore.

korea_ship_sinking South Korea Ferry South Korea Ferry korea ship sinkingWhat is the purpose of being able to see these things if we cannot do anything about it? Well it seems there are sacrifices in nature which lead to changes that help the masses. Like Titanic assured major changes in the shipping industry, the sacrifice of those beautiful children will bring about major changes in the rescue operations as well and protect the lives of children in future.

This is extremely sad and probably one of the worst events involving school children at sea – marked as the total lunar eclipse and the “blood Moon”.

I would really like you all to get involved and start putting your comments in so I continue writing about these events and giving my astrological insights to help us understand and hopefully bring about positive changes in the system.

Some things are destined but the Captain abandoning the ship and the 26 year old woman steering the ship while she is going through a Mars Neptune square (nightmare and drowning) which I have so clearly been warning about for this age group from Dec 2013 and which continues till July 2014.

I would really appreciate if you can find any birthdates of anyone involved in this tragedy including the captain, the 26-year old woman who was steering the ship, and any of the children or passengers involved.

Please send us any birthdates and especially the time of birth also if you have it. Let us do our best to learn from the astrological aspects and help others through it. The danger to the everyone born in the 40s, 50s, 80s and early 90s is not over till July 2014 so please be extra careful and don’t take unnecessary chances near the ocean, with allergic reactions, and pace yourself.

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