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Neptune in Pisces: ocean, sunsets, romance, inspiration

Neptune in Pisces Age Group is everyone born between  the following dates: (Originally written in 2010 so some events  already in place now):

4 April 2011 to  29 Mar 2025

2 Oct 2025 to 25 Jan 2026

Neptune in Pisces reflects a whole new way of experiencing life with audio, visual and other sensory perception. Neptune is a once in a 165 year cycle. Another way of understanding it is to realize that  having a Marilyn Monroe is a once in 165 year phenomenon!

Revival of impresssionism

Many concerts for humanitarian aid

Floods but not tsunamis

Analog film back in vogue

Combination of digital and analog

Inspirational music and emphasis on music therapy

spirittuality Neptune in Pisces Neptune in Pisces spirittuality

Neptune in Pisces is a 165 year cycle so none of you are born with it except the children born from April 2011 onwards.  As Neptune goes into Pisces till 2025, we are in the beginning stages of a long period of spirituality, idealism, visionary humanitarian pursuits around the world, actors and musicians being involved with charities as well as saving children, and you will see these in the news more often as Neptune in Pisces begins to take effect, accurately reflecting  the most inspirational side of humanity. Children born now will be extremely sensitive and more humanitarian than previous generations.

Social reform will be emphasized but spirituality instead of dogmatic religion will be in vogue. Spiritual music, Sufism, inspirational songs with all the scenes of ocean and doves and see gulls will thrive! Robots playing music will be perfected during this phase and improvisation on Chopin or Mozart a reality now. Huge musical fountains will be in vogue and played with musical compositions like they have in Dubai.

Children born with Neptune in Pisces will be acutely sensitive to their environment and very spiritual and concerned about the elderly and social causes. You will also see a revival of impressionism, seascapes (I suppose the coming floods will bring beautiful sunsets and ample material for artists!).

Here are some examples of creative people who were born with Neptune in Pisces:

Artists Henri Matisse, Gogen, Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh.

lady of the camellias Neptune in Pisces Neptune in Pisces lady of the camellias

he Lady with the Camellias

In literature,  Alexandre Dumas was inspired to write The Lady with the Camellias and The Black Tulip (both Neptune in Pisces themes), George Bernard Shaw, Harriet Stowe highlighted the plight of the poor with Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables, and Voltaire advocated social reform but also went against the dictates of strict religious values. Charles Darwin published his Origin of Species which divided religion and science like nothing before, but The Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx created more problems than solutions by appealing to the poor but also creating a welfare state.

tesla Neptune in Pisces Neptune in Pisces tesla1

Nikola Tesla Neptune in Pisces age grouip

In Science, Freud laid the foundations of his psychoanalysis and symbology in dreams. and Nikola Tesla showed the magic of electricity and also invented the rotating magnetic field and lit the world with electricity. Unfortunately, his compassion for the poor (which was the basis of his free electricity) went against the need for profit for J.P. Morgan who withdrew his support.

There will be a revival of Tesla’s free energy again and we have till 2025 to implement it against the opposition of conglomerates who stand to lose a lot.

la_traviata Neptune in Pisces Neptune in Pisces la traviataIn Music, Giacomo Puccini  wrote his operas Tosca, Madama Butterfly, and Turandot, Gustave Flaubert wrote Madame Bovary, Wagner wrote The Rhine Gold opera and Verdi’s La Traviata is still very inspiring. In fact, the Paris Opera was built when Neptune was still in Pisces.

Some historical monuments built during Neptune in Pisces include the Crystal Palace in London, the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg and more appropriate to the ocean theme, the first undersea telegraph cable between the USA and UK was laid.

line_dotted Neptune in Pisces Neptune in Pisces line dotted

The Following article was written several years ago and the article on Neptune in Pisces will be updated very soon.

We wrote this para originally in 1986 and it still applies! “This is one of the best periods for digital holography, and a new interaction between the analog and digital world will take place. Emphasis on bringing in a more complete sensual experience in movie theaters will lead to innovative rainforest time experiences. Digital aquariums, discoveries of new sea creatures and major advances in marine biology will lead to new experiences especially to do with the ocean life and the shipping industry.

There is an amazing event happening with Neptune moving from the sign of Aquarius to Pisces heralding a very spiritual era. However, it is the reason why it is making everyone suddenly think of spirituality that is quite profound.

This is not just any event which many psychics and soothsayers call “transformation of consciousness” (whatever that many be) but it is the Stellium in Aries (3 planets or more) opposed by Saturn and squared by Pluto at the same time which is so dangerous.

Imagine six planets in the sky in Aries, four of them exactly opposed to Saturn and three of them squared by Pluto plus a Mars conjunct Uranus aspect in the sky. All these planets trying to pull the earth off its orbit will have a physical effect in terms of major earthquakes and tsunamis.

On 4 March 2011, Sun, Moon , Mercury, Mars and Uranus will be in Pisces (last degree of Pisces for Uranus and end of our prediction for major tsunamis) indicating danger from ocean tides and storms as well. (Uranus was in the last degree of Pisces on 11th March actually when the Japan Tsunami happened…Ed)

On the positive side, if the configurations were well aspected, the Aries sign would indicate major discoveries and pioneering technology and Neptune in Pisces, as a whole new way of experiencing life with all the audio, visual and other sensory perception.

sunset Neptune in Pisces Neptune in Pisces sunset

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