Bollywood Actors Rambir and Alia Bhatt

Bollywood actors Ranbir and Alia Bhatt have been in the news lately about their possible affair and here is our astrological perspective of it.

If there is something going on, it will start from her side as she has Venus in the adventurous sign of Aries like Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor. In fact, her chart is more like Liz Taylor as she also has Mercury in Pisces which has a nice scheming element about it! Many scriptwriters and are born with it as it gives wild imagination. Signers with Mercury in Pisces have a beautiful healing tone to their voice like Celine Dion and Tenor Gili.

They are actually are very different when it comes to Synastry. The most important element in any compatibility is communication and he has Mercury rational and intellectual Libra whereas her Mercury is in Pisces, which is very impressionable and much more feeling. Her Mercury trined to Mars makes her thinking a bit more strong but still very different from his Mercury. She feels and is very sensitive to the tonal quality of the voice. In love matters, she has Venus in Aries and is very independent and loves new challenges all the time.

Her husband is supposed to have a scar near the eyebrows and athletic. His Venus is in Virgo which makes him love beautiful assertive women! He likes strong women and she may get bored in the long run. He is caring in a non-demonstrative way. In fact, although he has a very good legal mind and for business, in love matter he would put up with a lot.

Rambir’s hand shows his headline totally joined to the Life line which makes him a bit of a “mama’s boy”.  It is wonderful to love the mother but being too attached to the home makes one less daring except in movies.

In the West, this is not a good match, but in India, they are more sacrificing and they can be complementary rather than compatible. He has a luck element in love matter until Sep 2018 (he had very difficult time in the last three months of 2017). She is going through a complete change in her attitude towards love matter (Pluto square her Venus) and also will go through a major testing period from the end of 2018 till the end of 2018 (maybe it will make her more responsible). Ranbir has very good aspects of marriage both in terms of luck as well as commitment.

He would be better off finding another life partner instead of using all his good luck in a temporary relationship. But with Indian film industry, you never know! It is good for the movie ratings for sure as they are in the midst of filming as well.