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moon in pisces Moon in Pisces hurricane harvey

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces from 5th Sep to 7th Sep 2017 is still dangerous for storms, flooding, ocean related mishaps and ship sinkings. Children and seniors especially vulnerable. Titanic happened during Moon in Pisces. Neptune is halfway in Pisces and will continue till Jan 2024 (floods and storms and ocean related mishaps) and Moon will trigger it […]

astrology mental health Astrology of Mental Health mental health

Astrology of Mental Health

Astrology of Mental Health is something we should really look into. It is sad that so many young people take their own lives and there are no obvious markers to even those who are closest to them. Astrology is one of the simplest and the most powerful tool to detect the potential of mental illnesses by […]

Nostradamus nostradamus Famous Seer Michel de Nostradamus Nostradamus

Famous Seer Michel de Nostradamus

Famous Seer Michel de Nostradamus was born in France on Dec 14, 1503. His amazing prophecies were made in four-line verses, collectively known as Centuries, and were published in 1555. He was a physician and an astrologer who came to prominence in the court of Catherine de Medici, when he predicted the death of her husband, […]

us elections 2016 trump or hillary US Elections 2016 Trump or Hillary Hassan Anderson CooperMay2016 318x330 318x295

US Elections 2016 Trump or Hillary

In the US Elections 2016 Trump of Hillary question, Trump is definitely much better in terms of financial problems facing the USA as they need to be completely overhauled. It takes one to know one so he will close all the loopholes. I know the saying is it takes a crook to catch a crook […]

Super-Moon supermoon sep 2015 SuperMoon Sep 2015 Eclipse plot September 2015 475x295

SuperMoon Sep 2015

SuperMoon Sep 2015 is on the night of 27th and 28th. It is a total lunar ‪#‎eclipse‬ in the Tetrad series. A ‪#‎SuperMoon‬ is basically a New or Full Moon when the Moon is closest in its approach to the Earth. In astrological terms, it just emphasizes and makes the area affected more emotional and […]

Moon in Sagittarius moon in sagittarius Moon in  Sagittarius Moon in Sag

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in  Sagittarius from 22nd Aug 3:40 pm to 24th Aug 11:20 pm EST applies to everyone but those born under the sign of Sagittarius will be more into realization of truth now. Sagittarius represents your innate need for philosophical values and ideals, travel and interaction with foreign countries. Today’s color is Deep Blue.  Moon in Sagittarius indicates that people in general […]

donald-trump the-us-election The US Election donald trump waving 605x295

The US Election

The US Election gets a lot of people guessing but let us see astrologically what each candidate represents and how will they be as the President of the United States. Who will win the next US Election? USA has Saturn going down its chart which normally indicates a major testing period financial for the next two years. […]

bobby kristina brown houston Bobby Kristina Brown Houston whitney houston bobbi kristina 456x295

Bobby Kristina Brown Houston

Bobby Kristina Brown Houston had an exact Mars opp Neptune and passed away today on 26th July after being in hospital for some time. This aspect applies to the whole generation and everyone born in the 90’s is getting this aspect from this week. Bobby Brown was 22 and I wrote about her when her […]

greece and euro zone Greece and Euro Zone greek pm

Greece and Euro Zone

Greece and Euro Zone question is a complicated political event which also reflects the irresponsibility and lack of vision of  the Greek government in failing to implement constructive reforms and stimulating the economy.  What does Greek PM Alexis Tsipras’s horoscope reveal as to his capability and outcome to the ‪#‎Greek‬ ‪#‎referendum‬? Saturn sq his Moon […]

medical astrology or medical horoscope? Medical Astrology or Medical Horoscope? HIPPOCRATIC OATH

Medical Astrology or Medical Horoscope?

Medical Astrology or Medical Horoscope came one step closer to being scrutinized by science even though their study is quite shallow from an astrological standards. Here are my thoughts on this important research and what needs to be done before they can find the real meaningful associations. Columbia University scientists investigated the relationship between birth […]