US ELections 2016 Update

In the US Elections 2016 Trump of Hillary question, Trump is definitely much better in terms of financial problems facing the USA as they need to be completely overhauled. It takes one to know one so he will close all the loopholes. I know the saying is it takes a crook to catch a crook but I am trying to be tactful!

He also said he will try his best to get a two state solution for the Palestinians and will remain neutral with Israel. Nobody has ever said this and only Bernie Sanders can do this also but he wont be as good in the financial wheeling dealings as Trump would be.

How does this tie in with world peace? Every 12 years, Jupiter moves into Libra and there are major world treatise including the end of Viet Nam war. Same thing is happening from 9th Sep 2016 to 10th Oct 2017. If there was ever a great opportunity for peace in the Middle East, then this is the time period for it.

Trump is the only one who has said that he will try his best to do it even though this will be the most difficult negotiation in his life but and he feels he just might be able to get it done. Nobody else has said this and certainly not Hillary who backed all the disastrous Iraq, Libya wars and now Syria.

It all depends on who Trump chooses as his running mate. Hilary has a slight edge as Saturn in her chart is slightly ahead than in Trump’s chart. Her running mate is also important.

Bernie Sanders cannot win as Saturn is moving into the obscure sector in his chart when people disappear from the public and keep a low profile. He has already pointed out many problems and the prospective nominees have taken notice so he has already done a lot.

USA will never have the ideal candidate as the US chart has a Mercury opp Pluto which violates divine truth and is the sign of a dictator. This points to the ones pulling the strings. When people like Bill Kristol try to stop Trump, you know Trump must be doing something right! Not an easy choice but two key things he will be much better than Hillary and these points affect the entire world.

I met Anderson Cooper at my place last week and will be writing more about his hand and chart at my site He has the same Mercury in Cancer like Trump which is actually a very caring and understanding sign.

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