Hassan’s 7 Key Compatibility Calculator

Hassan’s 7 Key Compatibility Calculator is my latest software which will pinpoint how well you get along with each other as well as many other important factors which will help you evaluate your long-term chances with each other. You can even check out if there will be conflict later on or it will lead to addictive tendencies.

Here is the url for my latest website which we will dedicate to only relationships and use it to help you choose the best partner so you have a better chance of having long term relationships.

You can also I check the relationships of famous Hollywood and Bollywood actors, Singers, Politicians and other NewsMakers. You can compare and see why some of the relationships didn’t work out and learn from it.

I have used very complex rules and aspects between planets and the program will give you some very fast yet accurate results and an initial evaluation of your compatibility.

Here are the main points and the significance of Red, Green and Blue bars

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