Longterm World Events

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Here are the three age groups we will constantly update to let you know when they are most vulnerable to mental stress:




20’s, 60’s and 90’s Age Group

30s and 70s Age Group

40’s, 50’s and 80’s Age Group

There are some major predictions starting in July 2014 till end of 2017 which are worth listening to. Some people will make millions based on this but you still have to have your chart evaluated to see your own individual timing. these were written in late 90’s and also related  to the upcoming Market Crash in Oct 017 (which every pundit seems  to be talking about now, except that we predicted that in 2000!).

World Predictions Made in 2000
by Hassan Jaffer – Part II



Here is a chart of predictions made between 1986 and 2000, most of which have already come true. The was published in 1990:

100 World Predictions Made in 1986
by Hassan Jaffer – Part 1


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