Stressful Dates 40s, 50s, and 80s Age Groups: 25 Oct 2014  till end of Dec 2014 is again the time period when Mars makes adverse aspect to natal Neptune for this age  group. Please read all the points indicated below and give yourself more rest.

Mars is making an unusually long station in the sign of Libra from …(will be adding these very soon). This means that anyone who was born with Neptune in Libra 1940s and 50s age group) and Neptune in Capricorn (1980s age group) will be getting adverse aspects from transiting Mars for most of this period. This also means that certain politicians affected by this will be more paranoid and come to wrong conclusions including Prime Minister Netanyahu which in turn will make it like a nightmare for others.

Mars will also square Neptune for  those born in the 1990s in …(will be adding these very soon) and their immune system is down and they need to pace themselves to avoid a nightmare health scenario.

President Rouhani of Iran is also in the same configuration and will have a problem with the hard liners in Iran. However, as he is getting positive aspects as well, his policies and initiatives will prevail.

Those born between 1985 and 1990 will be in a lot of mental stress and you can expect more shootings by this age group (similar to the ones committed in the movie theater and school by exactly the same age group). Hopefully, the question of mental health issues and their solutions will also come into prominence because of it.

– You need more rest and sleep to recuperate

– Be very careful of allergic reactions to medication

– Avoid drugs and alcohol

– Sublimate this obsessive period through art or music

– You are more prone to allergic reactions

– Jumping the gun and coming to wrong conclusions

– Don’t take unnecessary chances

– Stay away from guns and knives

– Avoid being confrontational

Here is a summary of the dates:
mid Oct – mid Nov 2013 is stressful for those born between 1970 and 1984 and then they are home free till past July 2014.

Those born between 1941 – 1949 have the stressful period in Dec 2013, May and June 2014 (Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr and Vladimir Putin) and will be prone to scandals, politics and kidney related problems.

Those born between 1950 – 1955 have the same stressful transit from Jan to Apr 2014 and July 2014.

Those born between 1985 – 1990 have the obsessive transit in Dec 2013, May and June 2014 (shootings, mental health problems, car accidents, and out of wedlock pregnancy).

Those born between 1991 – 1975 have the same transit in Jan to Apr 2014, and July 2014. The signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricornwill be more assertive than normal and are advised to pace themselves.

Parents of the age group 1985-1990 and 1991-1994 are advised to keep an extra eye on their children and to make them aware of the dangers listed above, substance abuse and not to encourage motorcycles during this period.

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