mars-neptune stressful dates for 60s and 90s age groups Stressful Dates for 60s and 90s Age Groups mars neptuneStressful Dates for 60s and 90s Age Groups are coming up for the following age groups from …(will be adding these very soon).

– Everyone born between 1957 and 1970 (Obama age group). Prone to scandals, misunderstandings and feeling like crying the blues. urogenital area problems.

– The “Z” generation born between 1998 to 2011. Children and Teenagers. This age group is the most connected age group but have to curtail their texting and get some rest. Parents of children and teenagers should be extra careful now and keep a close eye on them.

– Those born in the 1920s are also very susceptible now (Actors and Directors from the Age of the Golden Movies). They have to be careful of heart and pneumonia.

It is important for each age group to be aware when they are susceptible and vulnerable to stress related illnesses and events which backfire and can potentially become a nightmare if you are not paying attention. This is a classic aspect o temporary mental illness even if the person is not born with it. The only difference is that whose who are born with this are very prone to mental problems all the time unless sublimated in harmless activities.

Everyone goes through a very stressful time when Mars makes an adverse aspect to your Neptune. During this period, your immune system is depleted and you are more prone allergic reactions, nightmares, fraud and scandals.

Your body needs rest and healing now so take extra care of yourself and don’t take unnecessary chances in life. Ex: Princess Diana, JFK Jr, Tiger Woods scandal.

However, there are always ways to offset a negative theme and that is the whole purpose of astrology. Pay attention to the following and you will be able to offset the theme:

– Your body does not behave normally during a Mars-Neptune transit and you need more rest and sleep to recuperate.

– Avoid drugs and alcohol and sublimate this obsessive period through art or music.

– A Mars-Neptune aspect makes one very obsessive but the form of obsession is your free choice.

– Everything you do during this transit can become a habit so just choose your habits carefully.

– As you are more prone to allergic reactions now. just take more rest and plan things out beforehand.

– Avoid jumping the gun and accusing people as you may come to wrong conclusions during this transit and regret it later on.

– Just don’t take unnecessary chances now and wait till this transit is over.

Past Prediction: You are lucky that Mars is in Scorpio for only a few weeks. The Age group before yours had the same transit from Dec 2013 till July 2014!

In Dec 2013 we wrote that everyone born in the 1940s and 1950s was going through the stressful aspect and that “This also means that certain politicians affected by this will be more paranoid and come to wrong conclusions including Prime Minister Netanyahu which in turn will make it like a nightmare for others (which is exactly what he did for all the Gaza families).

He still has Saturn squaring his Mars (temper and bad timing) till Nov 2014 so it won’t work out the way he wants it and it will be a very frustrating period for him. In fact, this is exactly what causes major authority conflicts and heart problems.

The teenagers and children of Gaza are the most vulnerable to not only the physical injuries but also the mentally stressful nightmare period as mentioned above.

Unfortunately, with Saturn also in Scorpio, this becomes a really cruel and violent period especially when Moon also goes into Scorpio 3-4 Aug and 30-31 Aug and 1st Sep 2014. You can expect a lot of bombings, planes being shot down and oil prices being very volatile.

Here is the full article on Mars-Neptune aspects and transits.

It is always under the Tab Astrocycles – Your Adverse Timing – 17- Addictions Obsessions and Scandals.



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