Your Sun Sign and Saturn’s Transit

Your Sun Sign and Saturn’s Transit:

Similarly, a new period of re-evaluation begins when Saturn touches off your Sun Sign every seven years. The main Sun signs affected are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. All these signs are going through a major 7 year period from now till Apr. 2001 and will be tested for what you have achieved during the last 7 years. This is also the time to establish new goals for the next 7 years. Those of you born under the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn were going through a Saturn Sun transit during the last two to three years.

The Sign of Taurus: Saturn is making a conjunction to your Sun sign and you may experience a lot of delays if you have not set yourself up for success properly. This is the beginning of fresh starts, new authority, more responsibilities and the end of the last 7 years of work.
This is usually a period of maturity, quite often getting some form of new authority, and a time to reflect on your past 7 years to evaluate what you have achieved. It is also a time to set the groundwork for the next 7 years. You have from now till Apr. 2000 to lay the foundation of your long-term goals. It is a good time to take on new responsibilities, start a new business, establish the groundwork for your future success now.

The Sign of Leo and Aquarius: Saturn is squaring your Sun Sign from now till Apr. 2001 and you may encounter many delays in your plans. This period always coincides with difficulties and obstruction to your plans and requires you to re-evaluate your past goals and re-establish new ones for the next seven years. Do not be discouraged if you seem to run into obstacles. In fact, take these delays as a test of your organizing ability and to make sure if you want to do the same thing for the next 7 years!

Depending on whether Saturn is squaring your Sun from the top or bottom of your chart, you get more responsibilities and authority as well. From the bottom of your chart, it usually marks a very slow period but is excellent to lay the foundations carefully. If Saturn makes a square to your Sun from the top of your chart, it will also coincide with some major accomplishment. However, this is the time you should also establish what you want to do for the next 7 years. It may be time to modify your long-term goals and have a new aim to work towards.

The Sign of Scorpio: Saturn is opposing your Sun till Apr. 2001 and you may feel as if you are just constantly running into obstacles. This signals a new start and often requires a long-term change in direction as well. Although this transit is good to take a hard look at yourself and make your plans realistic, it is a difficult transit to go through as you often have low energy as well. Watch your health, do not take on more than you can handle and become involved with projects that are more or less dependent on yourself rather than others.

In fourteen years when Saturn conjuncts your Sun again, you will bear the fruits of your labor. When you are confronted with delays and oppositions, take it as your test of organizing skills or lack of a good team. Instead of being frustrated by them and trying to go against your inner timing, evaluate all your goals during these periods and establish new ones.