Dangers of texting while driving

Dangers of texting while driving are all too well known to parents but unfortunately totally disregarded by teenagers. Apparently, texting is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated!

With Moon in Pisces right now, I was  looking at a sad event which happened last year but is very appropriate, as it makes you realize the pathos of the parents who lost such a young and handsome son because of texting, an accident which could have been easily avoided.

There were many clear indications and even our 12 Month Report would have given very clear indication of his being accident prone. Here are some of the transiting aspects which I feel are most reflective of what happened…Read More


Weakness of Your Sun Sign!

Weakness of your Sun Sign is not necessarily a negative thing but the fact that it can be exploited by others makes it necessary for you to take note. It is also important to understand yourself better. A Leo will not feel offended when they find another Leo bragging or overdressed. however, a Virgo may find them too flamboyant. So the weakness of your Sun sign is interpreted from another Sun sign’s perspective.

From time to time, you will get into difficult situations with people and knowing something about their basic temperament could really come in handy. Working with a difficult boss, dealing with co-workers, soothing your date-wife-husband, or convincing your skeptical investors, are some examples.

Choosing a few wrong words or even a wrong environment to discuss something can lead to misunderstandings. Don’t take someone with Libra planets to a place which is not beautiful and peaceful unless you want to upset them!

Astrology can help you not only understand what motivates a person but also what their weaknesses are. This can help you in two ways i.e. to undermine your competitors or to be careful that you do not make enemies.

However, instead of taking advantage of people just because you know what makes them tick, use this knowledge to make them understand your viewpoint more clearly. Instead of using logic with someone who is a Pisces, appeal to their sensitivity and give a touching scenario of your life. Flatter a Leo first to improve your chances of being heard…Read More


Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2014

Novak Djokovic won the Wimbledon today after almost winning it in the 4th set and then almost losing it. Roger Federer played better than what everyone thought after stopping Djokovic in the 4th set.

Astrologically, the picture seems to be very clear actually that Novak Djokovic had planets favouring him. here  are the three most important observations:

1- Moon in the 9th house for Novak Djokovic close to his 10th house of fame. Djokovic pointing to the heavens and thanking his coach who passed away, are all indications of Moon in the ninth house (prayers and when you are closest to truth). Federer had Moon in his 3rd house which is at the bottom of his chart. Moon favours Novak Djokovic.

2- Saturn on top of Novak Djokovic’s chart shows he is at the peak of his career and has almost nine years ahead of him for more successes (seven years for Saturn to conjunct his First house and 2 ro 3 years before is starts moving down in the Second house.

In Roger Federer’s case, Saturn is at the very bottom of his chart (wanting to keep a low profile from now on ) in the third house (has to be careful of kneecap problems. Saturn is also conjunct his Moon in Scorpio till Nov 2014 (sign of depression and people tend to age under this transit).  In fact, Saturn is touching off his natal Moon conj Uranus in Scoprio, which normally indicates manic depressive phases. It represents emotional roller coster with sudden events in his family which need his attention and make him more reclusive. However, Saturn conj Moon also makes one very single minded….Read More


Libra Moon

Libra Moon is back from 4th July 4:40 am to 6th July 2:30 pm. It is the most romantic Moon and symbolizes everything which Venus stands for and love. This Moon brings out your need for love and romance and stimulates your aesthetic sense. It is the time to indulge in appreciation of art and beauty through fashion, reading Vogue and other magazines pertaining to beauty products, cosmetics, jewelry, decoration and architecture. This is the best time for talks about peace, harmony and cooperation before the Moon goes into Scorpio and there is violence around the world…Read More


Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon is when people are generally more critical now and also very sensitive to criticism. Excellent time to get organized and focus on efficiency and time management. Clean up your shelves and get rid of old magazines and clothes. Use your increased critical faculty to organize, sort and file rather than to nag others. Often cloudy and overcast.

When Moon is in Virgo, it is a great time to evaluate your exercises, nutrition and  preventive aspects  of health. This is also the time when you should buy natural products and vitamins. Tendency to worry now and bladder related problems.

Today’s color is Olive Green.

Instead of silk you would prefer pure cotton and understated fashion. Virgo Moon is a very good time to edit your writings and reading or research about health and nutrition.



Aries Moon

Aries Moon cycle from 4:30 pm 19 June till 21 June 10 pm (EST) and it applies to everyone around the world as reflects the global mood. Everyone born under the sign of Aries will be more emotional and impatient now.

Aries represents Your First Need which is your need for Action.

This is the beginning of any project and the pioneering spirit in everyone. As Moon moves from Pisces to Aries, we are moving from the feelings of a poet  to that of  the pioneer. After the rain comes the sunshine again and this is often quite literally what happens to the weather. Major storms then everything dissipates and sunlight again.

Aries Moon stimulates your need for new challenges and physical activity and to see results right away. Everyone tends to be more impatient, hasty and reckless now. People are more enthusiastic and it is easy to feel motivated as well. Focus on initiating new activities but don’t be too impulsive. 

Healthwise, people are more prone to headaches and head related injuries now so be careful of fast driving…Read More


Pisces Moon

The study of astrological trends (astrotrends) is both vast and mesmerizing, the moon plays a large factor in the emotional and physical effects our universe has on each individual sign. This is especially true for the Pisces moon.

The Pisces moon is from June 17th around noon to 1 pm until 4 pm June 19th. This applies to everyone around the world as it reflects the global mood, but Pisceans are especially more emotional and acutely sensitive now.

Pisces represents The Twelfth Need which is your need for empathy, compassion and spirituality. People are more sensitive now and have more empathy and compassion. This is an excellent time to express spirituality such as faith, prayers and worship. Ocean and water related mishaps and major storms often happen during Pisces Moon (Titanic sank and the violinist played to the end).

This is the time to go to opera or concert and involve yourself in interest in humanitarian causes. Small children, pets and old people are more in the news now. This is an excellent for inspirational art, spiritual poetry and music….More About Pisces Moon