Bollywood Actress Sri Devi

Bollywood Actress Sri Devi, who acted in 300 feature films, was at a family wedding in Dubai when she had a heart attack and passed away.  The news came as a shock to the Bollywood film industry as she seemed in perfect health and was only 54.

However, one look at her chart and it becomes obvious what the transit was and how this could have been avoided. We just wish we had seen this before and this is why we developed AstroCalendar as it would have picked this up right.

Sri Devi was a Leo who had Venus in Leo like Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Cruise.  This is a very charismatic placement for Leo and a natural one for fame in films as it gives a sense of drama and showmanship. Yves Saint Laurent, the famous fashion designer was also born with Venus in Leo. It is the sign of exclusive fashion, designer labels and bold attention-getting Haute couture rather than subtle taste.

Sri Devi had Mercury in Virgo which gave her the perfection and skills in acting. It was close to Pluto which can make somewhat controlling but excellent for research and causes. She was a patron for a lot of children’s charities and the “saving” aspect of this Mercury cnj Pluto offsets its negative themes.

In fact, that is the only way to offset it.  Actors often offset their themes through the movies they make and this powerful conjunction has a Scorpio theme and sort of a vigilante justice (her last movie MOM).

Here is a complete analysis of her chart and the sudden demise which shook the Bollywood industry. Read More


Parkland Shooting

Parkland Shooting had the astrological marks all over and it is clear that we need to automate a program which warns the authorities and parents beforehand.

Mars = strife, guns, shootings, aggression
Sag = schools, stock market, Amtrack and aviation
Mars in Sag from 26 Jan till 17 Mars 2018

Mars in Sag sq Nep (nightmare aspect involving children and schools)
This accurately reflects the Florida Parkland shooting and is actually exact on 17th Feb 2018. There is an “orb” of a few degrees before and after so it was within the time frame.

I had written about the Stock Market being extremely volatile between the above-mentioned dates and it has been like that. The Amtrack derailment also happened and there was an aviation crash in Russia. The school system and students are also part of the same Sagittarius theme.

What made it more significant is the Mars sq Neptune in the sky which is a nightmare theme involving students and guns. It has been affecting those born in the ’70s and ’30s (WH scandal for Rob Porter and the domestic abuse is a typical example where the ex-wives became jealous of his success and vindictive after years of the incident and it became a nightmare for him exactly when Mars sq Neptune.

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Nathan Chen Olympic Champion

Nathan Chen Olympic Figure skating champion is the one man in the world to have performed five quads!!

What kind of a mental state does it take to attempt such a feat and be successful at it?

One clue is his Head line completely separate from the Life Line!.  This gives one an extremely daring nature who throws caution to the wind and loves speed, taking chances and taking a gamble.

I dont think this is possible for someone who is cautious and has the Head Line joined.  This is beyond normal confidence and almost a foolhardy recklessness which holds the thought and carries out the action without being a slave to the dictates of society or even coaches.

If you want to understand more about this then just get my Leaders and Followers kindle ebook from Amazon. One or two days, you will understand the most important element of your life…your approach. In fact, when you look at anyone waving even, you will know in a minute whether the person is a cautious type or will take chances in life. One look at someone waving, and you will know if the politician will break rules (Obama and Bill Clinton) or maintain the status quo (Hilary Clinton).

This daring and rebellious, confident, reckless mind which responds to some kind of divine laws but is constantly coming in conflict with manmade laws is the hallmark of those who have the Head line widely separate from the Life line.

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Neil Diamond

NeilDiamond has just been diagnosed as having #Parkinsons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good as 1- Saturn conjunct his natal Moon is very depleting for all of 2018 and he needs iron.

Saturn moving towards the obscure phase of his chart is also when people seem to disappear and keep a very low profile. Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant but always have to be careful of nerve-related problems. They also need grounding and to walk on earth with bare feet. Our whole body is electrical but we are always shielded and have no grounding at all.  Those with Mercury in Aquarius or Mercury Uranus are most susceptible it seems.

We do wish him a Happy Birthday and hope he is able to recover from this as he has inspired millions around the world with his music.

He is also born with a Saturn sq Mercury which means he lacked trace minerals and there was a problem in assimilating. It made him quite a genius though as it harnesses the intellect.  This would come out in writing his own lyrics.

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Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn from 19th Dec 2017 until 21 Mar 2020 and again from 2 July to 16 Dec 2020.  Saturn “rules” the sign of Capricorn and therefore represents the most conservative of its principles which are curbs, embargos, restrictions, law and order, as well as authority figures.

Saturn in Capricorn represents large corporations and industries, manufacturing, building and construction of large projects as well as mining and archeology.

Pluto also being in the sign of Capricorn indicates that this is the last stand of the deep state and the powerful old bureaucracies and institutions.

The conservative values will be practiced and enforced to their maximum creating the next major change towards the Aquarius ideals of community and shared futuristic utopian values (after 2020 when Saturn moves into Aquarius).

During this once in 29-year cycle, you will find the emphasis will be on government curbs and austerity measures…Read More

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius happens once in 29 years and reflects the curbs, regulations and sanctions in the areas defined by the sign it is transiting.

Saturn in Sagittarius = curbs and regulations Sagittarius = immigration, the stock market, speculation, and transportation.

Saturn in Sagittarius from Dec 2014 till Dec 2017, heralds a new era of space exploration and a major boon to astronomy. It goes into Sagittarius from 20 December 2014 till 14 June 2015, then again from 18 Sep 2015 till 19 Dec 2017.

This happened in the 1980’s when we had predicted the smoking ban in subways and busses. This time the ban will be all over the world. International free trade (just like last time it was between the US, Canada and Mexico).

The Stock Market Crash of Oct 1929 happened during in the last degrees of Saturn in Sag and the same thing happened in Oct 1987, which I had predicted in 1986. We had also predicted that there will be major evangelical scandals and Jim Baker and Tammy Baker scandal broke followed by the Market Crash of Oct 1987.

Our astrological logic was based on the fact that Sagittarius reflects the stock market (gambling) and also religion and Saturn is curtailing both.

#immigration being restricted was also part of Saturn in Sag and the only thing which hasn’t happened is the stock market crash. The market is being propped up but also the Trump effect is making the market optimistic.


When will the next Stock Market Crash happen?

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markley

#PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle
Meghan Markle has a major accident configuration almost throughout 2018 but gets exact around Dec 2018. It will most likely have to do with her relatives as her disappointments and hassles are from 3rd house.

However, her chart is excellent as she has strong oratory and leadership skill (Mercury in Leo) and is quite unselfish (Venus in Virgo) and dedicated to service and helping the underdog. Major authority conflicts and sadness in family Moon cnj Sat.

Meghan has Cancer Leo in her first house like Prince Charles so she does have an aspect of the royalty in her personality. Her timing is also similar to Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and also the US President, Donald Trump! Cancer rising is always close to home and maybe it was part of the luck that Prince Harry proposed to her in the kitchen while making roast chicken!

What bothers me is her major accident configuration that she is born with. There are three squares from Mars in her 12th in cancer (acidity in the stomach also) sq to Moon (bit of temper) sq to Jupiter (taking in much more than she can handle but this is also a very athletic aspect, and Mars sq Saturn. Mars sq Saturn is indicative of the accidents or hassles with close relatives (her older step-sister probably. Her stepbrother had some altercation with guns also. This has a Paris connection as well (Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, just like Prince William who has a Mars cjn Saturn in Libra in 9th (indicative of the accident his mother had in Paris). This configuration in her chart probably reflects the divorces and hassles in her family rather than a danger to herself.

Her mother Doria has Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo so she has a good intelligent mind and the Leo part indicates she does attract the fame and stardom in the family (her husband, Meghan’s dad, was lighting director).

Throughout 2018 Saturn touches off her Moon indicating depleting health for one of the parents and also being anemic. However, this can also be a sign of pregnancy especially after summer of 2018. It could also reflect the British opposition to biracial marriages for the Royal family.

We will keep you informed as we see how the themes are being offset, hopefully in positive ways.