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Palmistry: Rule Maker or Rule Breaker?

Palmistry: Rule Maker or Rule Breaker? is my new Kindle book which is actually called Palmistry: Leaders and Followers, Are you a Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker on Amazon. It could really change your entire life direction by following the time tested simple solutions given.

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In palmistry-rule-maker-or-rule-breaker, I have added a whole chapter on fingers length as well as it does play an important role in terms of in time you spend before you take any action. Also included are the hands of Donald Trump. Justin Trudeau the new PM of Canada, Katy Perry, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as well as the TV Serious Quantica Pryanka Chopra (a very revealing hand analysis for all women with the Head line separate from the Life Life. You can find the kindle book in several countries around so just look for Hassan Jaffer and it will be the first book…Read More

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