Lil Nas X Country Rap Singer

 Lil Nas X country Rap singer is someone who has become an overnight sensation! It is wonderful to see how a talented artist finally makes it after spending most days sleeping in his car. The overnight success of Lil Nas X is a rag to riches success story except that he is a true artist and not motivated by the riches at all.  Millions of people saw his video on YouTube and bought his record when the industry tried to pull his song from the billboards.

Astrological Analysis of  Lil Nas X Horoscope

 Lil Nas X is an Aries with Mercury in Pisces.  This is like being a pioneer and a poet.

Mercury in Pisces makes one extremely sensitive to the needs of the masses but they are not really organized or disciplined enough to achieve unless there are other aspects in their chart.

In  Lil Nas X’s case,  he is versatile, adaptable, changeable and also understands human nature very well. Mercury in Pisces gives a healing voice and many sopranos and tenors are also born with it including Beniamino Gigli, the Italian opera singer widely regarded as one of the greatest tenors of his generation and Celine Dion, as well as the Persian singer Googoosh and many other singers.  Read More

2020 US Election: Will Donald Trump be a Two-Time President?

2020 US Election : Will Donald Trump be a Two-Time President? It seems that my earlier prediction in 2016 of Donald Trump being a two-time president closer to reality than ever.  I was right about his chart being like “a saint and a con-artist put together” which is exactly what the USA needed to get rid of all the crooks. As they say, it takes one to know one.

The real devil may be Jerrod Kushner whose building on 5th Ave is 666!  Clapper, Brennon and their like are like traitors and it is amazing how officers of the highest intelligence work to disrupt the head of state.

I look at the charts of politicians and news anchors and judge their authenticity from it and there is nothing like real astrology to get to the bottom of a person’s intent – absolutely nothing.  CNN’s Don Lemon and others are such idiots with no moral values whatsoever and are emotionally biased.

His Mercury in Pisces makes him distort the truth and justify it. It is sad to see everyone in the media trying to make people believe whatever they want.  I could see Clapper and Brennon and so many from the FBI being like traitors to the country and preventing Trump from disrupting their agenda.

Even though I don’t agree with many of Trump’s policies in the Middle East, especially to do with Iran and his hiring of the warmonger John Bolton of all people, his agenda is towards peace but the Lobby and the military complex thwart his goals.

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Your Best Days for Love

Your best days for love matters and relationships are when the Sun makes any aspects to your natal Venus by transit. As the Sun transits your chart, it goes through all the 12 houses and makes many different angles to your Venus position at birth. It makes different angles or “transiting aspects” as astrologers call them.

Just like the Sun comes back to its own position on your birthday (Sun cnj natal Sun), it travels through the 12 houses and makes the aspects around the same date, every year, all your life.

Venus represents love and also money. Basically, anything which affects your pleasure centers in the brain is the product of Venus especially when it comes to love matters.



Same Dates, Every Year, All your Life!

What is really interesting is that it also makes the important angles to your natal Venus (love and financial happiness) and around the same dates every year. In other words, whether it makes a conjunction, a square or an opposition, it will always be within 1 to 3 days to the same date for all of them. So if Sun makes any aspect to your Venus on 25th Jan, then all the other day will also be around the 25th of the month.

The days when transiting Sun makes any aspect to your natal Venus, these are your best days for love!

In other words, your luck in love matters will always be around the last week of the month. Some months, it may not make any aspect but when it does, it will always be around the same date of the month.

There are two months very year which are also very important for love and relationships. When the Sun transits your 5th house (love affairs and emphasis on speculation and your talents) and your 7th house (marriage and relationships), these last for a month each and are very positive for you as well. There is also a very harmonious relationship with those who are born around your best days for love!

Our Solar Report is based on the Sun’s transit around all the 12 houses as well as all the transiting aspects it makes to all the planets for any year, It is the same timing, every year, all your life so you only need this report once.


Lunar Eclipse 2019

20-21 Jan 2019 Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse 2019 is in Leo Aqu axis Moon in Leo Sun in Aqu. Royalty in the news. Leo Aquarius Taurus and Scorpio will be affected. Positive or not depends on their chart but they certainly will show more of their sign. Spotlight on Trump, celebrities and a great time for publicity and fame for next two days.
Although the exact full Moon is at 1:16 am the Moon is at its at its max at 5:12 am #LunarEclipse

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Horoscope 2019 for Jan, Feb and March

Horoscope 2019 for Jan, Feb and March along with the Moon colors of the day is available at

There are some major cycles going on for the sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn as they are all having both Saturn (7 year testing period) as well as a once in a lifetime Pluto transit which forces you to transform your whole life. The best way to offset Pluto is to go along with this inner need to evaluate your attitude towards life and to also get involved with a cause.

Mental Stress for Your Age Group

Make sure you read the read the Mental Stress for Each Age Group also a this is extremely important and you can avoid a lot of hassles, fraud and stress related illness if you follow our guidelines.

Your Horoscope 2019 for Jan, Feb and March are more than just your Sun Sign. Jupiter is helping the signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. You will have many self-development opportunities and will be very positive and philosophical until Oct 2019.

The Year 2019

The Year 2019 is starting with Moon in Scorpio, Unfortuntely, this signals intent of war and hawkish US policy again, and it is being pushed by Netanyahu and his allies in the Congress and the US Senate.


It is amazing how the US foreign policy is hijacked by outside forces which keep dragging the US into wars.  Afghanistan and Syria have nothing to do with US national security but the Donald Trump’s Border Wall certainly does.

They will not allow Donald Trump to pull the US troops from Syria as it is not in the interest of the Zionist agenda. Moon in Scorpio identifies the hawks like John Bolton who only want wars to continue.

America has no business being in Syria. Syrians and Iranians are like brothers and they have the same religion.  Iran was also instrumental in getting rid of ISIS.

Unfortunately, the horoscope of United States has Mercury opp Pluto which means that they will keep violating the laws of the universe. It also indicates that they cannot undo the damage they create. This is the policy of foreign hostile powers which incite USA to drop bombs and destroy families.

Hopefully, Jupiter in Sagittarius till Oct 2019 will help the conscientious Jewish youth who are opposed to the Birthright movement. I feel very proud of the Jewish youth who have opposed taking sides and are interested in a more just society.


Priyanka Chopra Marriage to Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Marriage to Nick Jonas took everyone by surprise but to an astrologer, it just proves the laws of Nature stimulating different cycles in our life.  Jupiter just went into the 7th house marriage for Pryanka and she “suddenly” married Nick Jonas the singer,  who is much younger than her.  Jupiter is a real luck element and shows marriage to a foreigner as well.

I analyzed her chart in our ebook Are You A Rule Maker or A Rule Breaker and having her Head line completely separate from the Life line, it makes her break every rule.  Coming from an Indian background, she still has respect for certain traditions and is still more balanced than her Western counterparts.  In the West, the women cannot handle the power and confidence the Head line separation represents and become quite rude and wearing skimpy clothes etc.  Some examples are, Madonna, Angelina Jolie,  Rihanna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus,  Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Lindsay Lohan.

Natal Chart of Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is a Cancer with Venus in Leo (like Jennifer Lawrence, nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise). This Venus placement makes her quite dramatic and one who loves attention and gets it and has a natural charisma about her. Having Venus trine Neptune makes her very photogenic also.  However, Mars cnj Saturn is a major accident configuration which makes her very rebellious against authority.  Having this configuration in her 5th house (children), she will have to be very careful when she is pregnant and not to take chances with a hectic lifestyle.  She can definitely handle the adventure but needs to pace herself.


Nicole Kidman has Venus in Leo

Priyanka has Mercury in Cancer which gives her very good business sense as well as giving her excellent memory.  Mercury sq Mars makes her very forceful in speech but also gives her higher range in singing.  Mercury sq Saturn can make her set in her viewpoints and also shows delays in life but it also makes her finish what she starts.  Mars in Libra is often associated with sugar problem so she may have to curb the sweet tooth.

2019 Transits for Priyanka and Nick Jones

When you look at the Transits for 2019, this accident configuration gets touched off and it can indicate male members of the family have to be extra careful of accidents and she may also run into some legal problems. She will need physical outlets for anger and temper which are not dangerous but physically strenuous. She may have to curb red meat also as she gets sudden uncontrollable urges which can be dangerous. It is possible that her FBI role in the TV series Quantico has offset some of the negative themes. She will have to be careful of religious fanatics who are not able to control her at all.

On the positive side, Priyanka has wonderful transits for Jupiter to Venus throughout 2019 so we know the problem is not in marriage.  She is also coming into major contracts from mid 2019 till mid 2010 which can also often indicate inheritance. We hope it is movie deals as all her planets are moving up which indicates an excellent public response.

Nick Jonas has Jupiter transiting his 5th house which is love affairs with foreigners. It is also one of the best transits for having children and often twins!  This luck continues in his chart till Oct 2019.  Our congrats to the happy couple. If they have children, I am sure they will be very beautiful and talented.

If you want to know when you have a luck element in relationships and marriage, get Your 12 Month Forecast.


Earthquakes in Pacific | Astrocycles

Earthquakes in  Pacific is always cause for concern as they touch off the so called “ring of fire” and could trigger “the Big One”!

Capricorn is associated  with rocks and tectonic places and massive earth movements.  The Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto were all in Capricorn when 69 earthquakes hit the Pacific’s Ring of Fire in 48 hours starting 21 Aug 2018.

However, with Neptune in Pisces, I only see floods and no tsunamis.

Hope on 17th Sep 2018, there is no earthquake when Moon, Saturn and Pluto are again in Capricorn but Mars (a major trigger of such activity)  just moves into Aquarius.

Pheeraphat Sompiengjai Thai Cave Boy

Pheeraphat Sompiengjai Thai Cave Boy nightmare started when Pheeraphat Sompiengjai and his buddies decided to go in the cave with their 25 year old coach to on his 16th birthday on 23 June 2018.  We don’t have his time of birth but we don’t need it to confirm the Mars Neptune transit we warned about in our May 2018 World Events.

As we had mentioned for Teenagers born between 1998 and 2003

Your age group is particularly vulnerable to the internet or facebook addiction, illnesses caused by cell phones exposure, and have to be extra careful of insect bites, danger from water (lakes, ponds and ocean). Just keep in touch with your children and keep an eye on them as their immune system is reduced now.

The danger is still there with Mars being in Aquarius from 16 May to 12 Aug and again from 11 Sep to 15 Nov 2018.

Pheeraphat Sompiengjai Thai Cave Boy was born on 23 June 2002 and fell into this age group. You can read the full details of this nightmare aspect so you can understand the danger better. All 12 boys were affected by the Mars-Neptune aspect.  The recent shooting in Houston by a 17 year old boy and most of the students were all from the same age group.

Not only did the boys have Mars cnj Neptune going on, Moon was in Scorpio which is always a dangerous transit and shows danger from underground and life death situations.

This also applies to everyone born between 1955 and 1961.

For this age group, the danger is from insect bites, food poisoning, uro-genital area problems and stress related illnesses.  Recognize that your immune system is down so place yourself and also avoid any get-rich-quick scheme as you are in a fraudulent aspect. Whatever you do now will become a habit so choose your obsessions carefully now!

You can read more about it in our July 2018 World Predictions.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces today and tomorrow (3rd and 4th July) so it has an inspirational sadness to it. Time for healing, incense, prayer in your heart and faith. Prayers for the 12 little boys in Thailand for their safety and may they have the courage to swim their way to safety.

 The horoscope never dies as it belongs to the soul! It is just the body which never comes back. You may find one day when Chopin has Moon in his 10th house, everyone wants to play Chopin and yet he passed away so many years ago! 

Horoscope 2019 for jan  and march:

 Whether the person is alive or not, Moon in the 10th will still show fame and recognition for them! Here is my full article on it Your Horoscope Never Dies!