Saturn Your 29 Year Cycle is the Key to Your Achievement in Life Coaching. In fact, Saturn’s 29 year cycle is one of the most important tools for life coaching as it gives us an idea of when you will have fame and recognition.

This is already included in Your In-depth Personal Analysis towards the end and is a very important cycle to understand whether you should be keeping a low profile and finishing establishing your foundation or be in the public eye.

Focus on Self or Public? This is probably one of the most important cycles in astrology and one that is crucial to understanding if you should keep a low or high profile and when.


President Barack Obama’s Two Time Presidency


Saturn Your 29 Year Cycle

We predicted Barack Obama’s victory when Hilary Clinton was actually ahead of him. Not only did we predict that he will win but that he will be a two-time president! One look at Obama’s chart and you can see that his peak in terms of public recognition and achievement shows around Dec 2013 when Saturn is at the zenith of his chart.

This is a 29-year cycle and one of the most important barometers of success in one’s life. Without a thorough evaluation of your Saturn’s 29-year cycle, you will waste a lot of valuable time focusing on the wrong areas.

This is one of the most important elements of our Life Coaching which will help you understand which area to focus on and where you are being tested.

It also shows which areas you will be rewarded if you set yourself in that area by establishing long term goals specific to that area (finances or marriage or career etc).  All these cycles represent your own needs within and it will help you understand the reasoning behind the delays or hardship you are experiencing in some area at this time.

For our life coaching 29 Year Saturn Cycle, please check out the following reports especially the In-depth Personal Analysis Report.

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