The Blues Age Group

March 7, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Neptune in Virgo (The Blues Age Group) represents everyone born between Neptune in Virgo sign

21 Sep 1928 – 18 Feb 1929

24 Jul 1929 – 3 Oct 1942

17 Apr 1943 – 2 Aug 1943

Marlin Brando had Neptune in Virgo

This somewhat reclusive age group of perfectionists and master craftsmen is close to nature and loves the countryside, natural remedies, and herbs but needs to be careful of antidepressants and smoking. They are known for their caring nature but tend to worry a lot and have many phobias and guilt feelings.

They tend to worry a lot and not only is it easy to make them feel guilty but they are great at making you feel guilty as well (mothers and grandmothers of this generation are always worrying and complaining). Some of the best music producers were also from this age group and their motto that best describes them is “don’t learn the tricks of the trade, learn the trade”! Interestingly, many of them were involved with fraud in money matters (Bernie Madoff) but contributed most of it to charities.

Al Pacino

Their era really started with the stock market crash of Oct 1929 and the Great Depression and it also makes them very unselfish and sacrificing for their family and others. As many of them were born in poverty or went through a very trying time, they don’t have any ego and are often putting themselves down. You also find them naturally drawn to sadness and minor chords and blues.

Nursing started under this transit and they all have the spirit of a Florence Nightingale in them. They are also the true musicians and the Blues, Jazz and Gospel singing is the hallmark of this age generation. Ludwig van Beethoven was born with Neptune in Virgo and was very critical of others and quite reclusive and misunderstood. You find the same pattern in a lot of talented poets, songwriters, and musicians who have Neptune in Virgo.

It is easy for them to go into self-pity (many country singers), depression, and they tend to be rather lonely and reclusive Johnny Cash always wearing black is a perfect example).

Neptune in Virgo

Healthwise, they have to be careful of stress-related illnesses and bladder area and problems. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs were common for this age group and especially weed and home-grown marijuana.

The old black and white movies with jazz playing and a lot of smoke and drinking show the self-destructive aspect of this generation very well. However, it is more from a lack of caring for self than and feeling sorry for themselves rather than being self-destructive thought.

They tend to be very humble and exactly opposite to their previous generation which was quite dramatic and flamboyant and known for their love of parties. This age group doesn’t like too much makeup and prefers cotton to silk. Being near the countryside is very healing for them and gardening and agriculture is another very positive hobby for them.

Here are some of the talented Actors, Musicians, Fashion Designers, Film Producers, Politicians and even Business People who show distinct Neptune in Virgo perfection and humanitarian side:

Actors: Al Pacino ( one of the best actors yet keeps a low profile), Anthony Hopkins (playing Zorro and defending the poor is actually reflective of his entire age group),
Brigitte Bardot (was a major sex symbol but became a successful animal rights activist later in life), Bruce Lee (perfectionist in his art), Burt Reynolds, Chuck Norris (Texas Ranger role must have been natural for him), Clint Eastwood (very talented yet low profile), Dustin Hoffman, Elvis Presley (talented but had problems with loneliness and depression), Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford (shuns limelight), Jack Nicholson (master of his craft who won 3 Academy Awards and 7 Golden Awards yet keeps very low profile), James Dean (kept low profile), Jane Fonda (was an activist and spoke up against the Vietnam War), Julia Andrews (sound of music, natural beauty), Julie Christie, Liz Taylor (charities but also drinking problem), Peter James O’Toole, Raquel Welch, Robert Redford (did a lot for independent films through his Sundance Film Festival), Ryan O’Neal (portrayed his age group’s ability for pathos perfectly in Love Story), Sean Connery (the original James Bond), Shirley MacLaine and her well known brother Warren Beatty, Sophia Loren, William Shatner.

Musicians and Composers: Glenn Gould (the talented Canadian pianist mostly Bach), Paul McCartney of the Beatles (involved with many charities), Quincy Jones (the legendary composer and record producer with over 27 Grammys who produced Michael Jackson’s Thriller and is also a quiet humanitarian).

Singers: Aretha Franklin (sang with soul and won 17 Grammys), Barbara Streisand (singer-songwriter, author, actress and film director who won two Academy Awards, eight Grammy Awards and five Emmys yet always humble and down to earth), Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley (talented but had problems with loneliness and depression), James Brown, Johnny Cash (sang and wrote mostly themes of sorrow, moral values, and redemption. Dark clothes and known as man in black!), John Lennon, Luciano Pavarotti (the talented tenor was also known for his charity work), Michael Caine (understated actor), Mick Jagger, Morgan Freeman (very down to earth actor), Natalie Wood, Omar Sharif, Paul McCartney of the Beatles (involved with many charities), Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Willie Nelson.

Entrepreneurs: Martha Stewart (a very good example of the positive aspects of Neptune in Virgo: editor of a national homekeeping magazine and K-Mart spokesperson, natural products for the common people), Warren Buffett Woody (the frugal and very humble billionaire who pledged 99 percent of his fortune to philanthropic causes),

Fashion Designers: Giorgio Armani (one of the most successful Italian designer who was the first to ban models who were anorexic with BMI less than 18), Karl Lagerfeld (designer but also fashion critic; mostly wears black and white and hides behind dark glasses), Yves Saint Laurent (very successful designer who made ready-to-wear popular for everyone).

Film Directors: Clint Eastwood (very talented yet low profile), Francis Ford Coppola (film director and screenwriter with five Academy Awards), Robert Redford (did a lot for independent films through his Sundance Film Festival), Roman Polanski, Woody Allen (very talented film director, playwright and musician, as well as being a master of the understated and self deprecating humor).

Politics: Mikhail Gorbachev (dissolved the USSR), Muammar Gaddafi (did huge irrigation projects for his people and free education and medicine. Harsh critic of the Monarchy), Saddam Hussein (was a dictator but reclusive and harsh critic of the Monarchy), Senator John McCain who is known more for his criticism then finding solutions).

TV Shows: Barbara Walters (down to earth style of interviewing), Bill Cosby (great educator using meaningful comedy).

HRH Farah Pahlavi (the ex-Queen of Iran known for her humanitarian work), Jacqueline Kennedy, Rich Little the talented comedian, Rudolf Nureyev (one of the greatest ballet dancers), Stephen Hawking (reclusive theoretical physicist), Sylvia Browne (psychic con artist soothed a lot of people but mostly took advantage of those in sorrow).

Hassan Jaffer

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