The Twelve Houses are the Twelve Areas of Life.  Your horoscope is divided into 12 segments which we call Houses and they represent different areas of your life. These 12 areas of life have been found to have a definite correlation with the 12 different aspects of a person’s life.

The horoscope (hora=hour, scope=picture) represents the planetary positions at the time of a person’s birth.

There are various methods used by astrologers to divide the horoscope into twelve sections resulting in “equal” or “unequal” houses.

There are twelve house cusps in a horoscope and twelve houses.  In an astrological chart, each of the twelve dividing lines ex­tending from the center (which represents Earth) to the outer circle, is called a house cusp.  The house cusp always precedes the house (reading counter-clockwise) and takes the same number as that house.

The Ascendant is the First House:

The ascendant is usually taken as the first house cusp, but there are some methods in which the first house cusp is calculated separately from the ascendant.  However, it is recommended that the ascendant point (crossing of the ecliptic and the eastern horizon), even if not taken as the actual first house cusp, be at least marked on the horoscope as an important point.



Your Twelve Houses




The 12 Signs and 12 Houses


Following is a brief summary of the areas represented by the twelve houses and the type of questions that you can find the answer for:



The Twelve Houses and Their Meaning



First House: Your personality and self-image (actually your Temperament) and how people perceive you. In other words, what you project to the world? It also gives an indication of your physical appearance, your attitude towards self and the world in general, your self-opinion and how you express yourself. It also shows how you react under stress and to the conditions of the moment.



Second House: This house governs all matters pertaining to personal finances and your earnings. Your attitude towards money matters and wealth as well as your spending habits – are you impulsive or cautious in spending and where you spend your money? Are you a good credit risk? What are your best sources of earnings?  Will you have material gains through personal effort?


Third House: Conditions of your early childhood and type of neighborhood (an important clue to many of your later habits!). Matters pertaining to your brothers/sisters and immediate relatives including your attitude towards them. Your early childhood education. How you communicate and matters pertaining to daily correspondence i.e. letters, telegrams, phone calls as well as events involving changes of address and telephone numbers. It also represents your short trips and if you should be careful about walking, running or any accidents near the home?



Fourth House: Parental home environment and later your own domestic environment. This house can even give you a clue as to where you will eventually settle down! Type of childhood you had and your treatment at home.



Fifth House: All speculative ventures governed by the laws of chance e.g. lottery tickets, stock market, gambling etc. Matters concerning children and your attitudes towards them. Anything to do with your hobbies including stage, drama, theater. This house also sheds light on your love affairs, romance, courtship, and engagements. Which hobbies are you best suited for? What would be the personality of those you love and your children?



Sixth House: Work environment and your attitude towards work. What kind of work environment do you need? What type of worker are you? This house also shows minor ailments and preventive aspects of health and illnesses which could lead to major health hazards if not corrected earlier on.



Seventh House: Personal relationships and marriage. What kind of marriage partner do you seek? Personality as well as known enemies! Are you prone to breakups and separations? Questions about civil courts and starting and ending of all personal ties.



Eighth House: All joint finances and properties. Money that you do not earn through any occupation or as part of your regular earnings. Questions regarding investments, loans, grants, legacies, inheritance, scholarships, income tax, insurance and monetary gifts. Your attitude towards others’ money and income tax. Should you avoid partnerships? Are you lucky with investments? Do you have difficulty raising finances?



Ninth House: All matters pertaining to law, religion, long-distance travel and higher education and universities. Do you have delays in higher education? Should you be careful with the law? How is your attitude towards your own religion and other faiths? Do you have many long distance travels? Are you prone to vehicular accidents or while traveling? Do you an affinity for distant lands, foreigners, languages? Will you migrate to a foreign country? Will you have delays in publishing?



Tenth House: Career, social status and all matters which affect one’s status in society. Will you have public recognition? and will it be through fame or notoriety?! Will you have a good public response? Are prone to scandals? Will you lead a public life? Do you have early or late recognition in your career and is it through your own efforts?



Eleventh House: Global community which is also social media now. Events affecting hopes and wishes for the future. What kind of social contacts will you have? Who are the type of people who will help you in your future goals? How is your attitude towards future plans? Are you suited for volunteer work?



Twelfth House: All matters that are more or less hidden from the public and long term illnesses. Are you a research-oriented person? Do you enjoy secrets and mysteries? Do you have secret love affairs or are you more into the love of secrets?!

Will you be working for the government or large corporations? Are you suited to work in an institutional setting like laboratory, hospitals, detective work, espionage, prison or a convent? What major illnesses should you watch out for? Who are your secret enemies? Do you tend to isolate yourself? What are your secret inhibitions?

All of these constitute The Twelve Houses or the 12 Areas of Your Life. You can also check out the meaning of the 12 Houses at

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