Your Best Time for Marriage and Longterm Commitment

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Your Best Time for Marriage and Longterm Commitment is when Saturn makes a positive aspect to your natal Venus, you will experience a need to stabilize your relationship and build a long-term friendship in love matters. The Venus side of your nature wants to surround yourself with art, beauty and craves love, and the Saturn side of you makes you responsible and more committed.

Astrologically, there is nothing in Nature that recognizes a marriage!

If two people meet, fall madly in love with each other, and then one of them passes away, it is all gone.

On the other hand, if you have a child, then regardless of whether you like each other or not, both your genes will continue to show up hundreds of years after in your descendants! This is the type of long-term relationship which Saturn-Venus is all about.


What to Expect during a Positive Saturn-Venus Transit


When transiting Saturn makes positive aspects to your natal Venus (Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed in this article), then you will experience the following :

• This is one of the best aspects of commitment or reconciliation. Marriages started during this transit usually last.

• You will be drawn to older or very mature partners during this period.

• Besides marriage, this is also an excellent transit for making business contacts.

• You meet people who are usually older and involved with the business, government, building, and construction.

• Your income becomes more stable.

• Recognize that your timing is excellent for long-term relationships, so make a conscious effort to improve your marriage or friendships.

• You will buy more furniture and objects of art and beauty which are practical in nature. You will also become more interested in sculpture, ceramics, pottery, and semi-precious stones.

• In fashion, you will buy conservative but long-lasting clothes (usually dark-colored suits).

• This transit increases your internal need to settle down in a long-term relationship.

• Marriages started during this transit usually last and develop into friendships.

• This is an excellent time to turn your artistic hobbies into a career.

• You will become more interested in the renovation of the older property.

• Your finances will improve but more as a result of a stable source of income and realistic goals rather than a luck element.

• This is an excellent time to control your weight and get back in shape.


Your Best Time for Marriage and Longterm Commitment


Born With A Favorable Saturn-Venus Aspect

If you are born with a positive Saturn Venus aspect (sextiletrine or a semi-sextile) or have Venus in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), then all the qualities mentioned in this article will apply to you all your life.

You will be drawn to older, very mature partners and those who are the serious and conservative type. You will also attract dentists and chiropractors, and those who are in business and involved with building, construction or landscaping. You may have difficulty expressing your emotions. In terms of business, you will have the ability to turn your creative and artistic talents into a business.

This is the hallmark of people in the garment industry, clothing, jewelry, interior design, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, landscaping, architecture and renovation of older property or furniture.

The following Subscribers were born with a favorable Venus/Saturn aspect. If someone has Venus in an independent sign like Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius, then a positive aspect from Saturn makes them more responsible in love, even though they still retain their lighthearted attitude:

Public Figures: Bill Gates, Christie Hefner, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, Monica Lewinsky (liked the older man who was a father figure. Her Venus in Leo shows love with celebrities), Paul Newman, Prince Reza, Steve Jobs, Tom Jones.

The following have Venus in Capricorn which made them loyal and responsible but conservative and non-demonstrative in love. They often marry wealthy business types but tend to be restrained in their affections. They often experience loneliness and sublimate it in their work.

Public Figures: Britney Spears, Danny Devito, Elvis, Jim Carrey, Lisa Marie Presley, Prince Andrew, and Steve Jobs.


Jupiter increases your popularity and makes it easy for you to get all kinds of love propositions. However, with Jupiter, there is no commitment and you just have more opportunities for love and marriage.

A positive Saturn Venus transit makes you want to settle down and be realistic in your relationships. If you have both of these aspects happening at the same time, then you will have the best timing for marriage. You will have both a luck element in love as well as a sense of commitment.

Even for existing relationships, a Saturn-Venus transit is an excellent time for patching up any differences, and to become more realistic in your expectations of your partner.

The cycle of Saturn is approximately 29 years, during which it makes many angles to your natal or Venus “aspects” as we call them in astrology. The positive aspects we are discussing here are the sextile (60°), semisextile (30°), and trine (120°).

We are publishing the Client numbers of all our Subscribers who are getting a stabilizing transit from Saturn to their natal Venus.

Some of you may be born with a positive aspect between these two planets, or Saturn may be making positive contact with your natal Venus by transit. We have included both of these possibilities for you.


Saturn-Venus Aspect

To give you a better insight, let us first take the meaning of these two planets.




Venus represents the aesthetic side of your nature, which responds to art and beauty, and your attitude toward love, relationships, and marriage. In fact, it shows the intensity with which you love and hate! Venus in Scorpio can love very deeply but don’t cross them or they will neither forget nor forgive.



Saturn represents the practical side of you and your long-term goals. Its transits make you more responsible, depending on which house it is transiting e.g. finances if 2nd house or career if the 10th house is involved, and the planet being touched off.

Any Saturn Venus transit curbs your romantic and loving nature and inhibits your social life, but increases your willingness to accept responsibilities in a marriage or any relationship. In other words, if Jupiter is giving you a luck element (our last issue) then Saturn will provide the necessary commitment, but Saturn by itself will make you more inhibited and less social but if it is a positive aspect then it is the Best Time for Longterm Commitment.



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