Your Best Time to Organize and Set Goals

June 12, 2019by Hassan Jaffer

Your Best Time to Organize and Set Goals

happens every time Saturn makes a positive aspect to your natal Mercury (trinesextile, and semi-sextile). During this transit, you will experience a need within you to finish what you start and set realistic long-term goals.

You will also become very realistic and thorough. With Jupiter, you want to know everything of general interest.

With Saturn, the application of knowledge becomes your prime concern, so you become interested in trade and professional courses. This is the time for organizing ideas and setting goals.

You may still encounter some delays in all communication matters, but this is only to make you more thorough and to pace yourself. As a result, you will manage your time better and become more efficient in your work.


Your Best Time to Organize and Set Goals


Setting Longterm Goals

When transiting Saturn makes a positive aspect to your natal Mercury (all subscribers whose Client numbers are listed in this article), then you will experience the following:

• In all forms of communication, you will become more efficient and focused.

• You will have a better ability to set long-term goals and improve concentration.

• This is one of the best transits to finish your thesis or writing scientific papers (whether they will be accepted or not depends on the Jupiter transit – refer to our last issue!).

• Take trade and professional courses now including time management, real estate, and other business courses.

• This is the best time for setting of goals and objectives in an organization.

• This transit is better for hard sciences or technical courses which require more concentration and discipline than general interest courses.

• This is an excellent time for government contracts and negotiations.

• You will now be able to make money through your hobbies and make them productive.

• You will be able to make excellent decisions pertaining to all business matters now. This is also an excellent time to cut short any losses and organize yourself better. However, do not become too rigid and tough in your outlook and overly cautious in taking chances.

• This is an excellent time to re-evaluate your business and improve efficiency by making new forms, getting better software or hardware, writing procedure manuals, etc.

• This is an excellent time to finish your writings or organize material for workshops and seminars.

• Under the Jupiter transit, you may have taken on too many projects. Now you will concentrate on the most realistic ones and have the ability and persistence to finish them.

• This is an excellent time to improve the overall performance of your company in terms of time efficiency and management procedures, buying better equipment.

• Cut down any waste like having fewer telephone lines.

• As you have the discipline to write, finish off anything you started under the Jupiter transit.

• This is an excellent time for budgeting, writing business plans, and making long-term marketing decisions. Government agencies and large corporations will be favorable to you.

• You will have more authority and responsibilities now. Upgrade your trade skills and take advantage of on-the-job training.

• Finally, you will become more realistic in your decisions and will be interested in the long-term goals rather than short-term projects.



Natal Saturn Mercury Aspect

If you are born with a positive Saturn Mercury aspect, then all the points mentioned above will apply to you all your life.

You will always be interested in applying your knowledge. Many left-handed people or those who spelled things backward as a child are born with this. You may be somewhat cautious and miss on opportunities because of a rigid outlook. This is an excellent aspect for supervisors and those in positions of authority like the CEO.

The following subscribers are born with a positive aspect between Mercury and Saturn:

The following subscribers are born with Mercury in Capricorn (which is similar to having an aspect between Mercury and Saturn because Capricorn is “ruled” by Saturn). You might also have a deliberate and set way of doing things.



Mercury can be in twelve different signs so any Saturn-Mercury aspect can have twelve different interpretations.



Mercury governs all matters pertaining to information, communication, business transactions, the signing of documents, news by mail or phone, letters, courier services, etc. Mercury itself can be in twelve different signs and therefore, any Saturn Mercury aspects will each produce twelve interpretations. In our article on your best time for writing, contracts, sales, and communication, we discussed Jupiter aspecting your Mercury. This meant that your timing was excellent and also that you felt very optimistic and philosophical.




Saturn does not give any luck element but helps you focus and finish your work. For example, A Ph.D. candidate, in getting the right mentor, needs Jupiter’s luck, but will really need the discipline and concentration of Saturn to continue research and writing. In fact, you always find Saturn Mercury aspects when you find something coming to a conclusion.


Without Saturn-Mercury, a writer would not finish his book, a film producer will not be organized enough to complete the film or a musician have enough tenacity to continue with his songs till he is able to accomplish something in a tangible way.

Saturn making a positive aspect to your natal Mercury also helps in contractual matters and gives you the ability to make really long-range plans.

Mercury rules all matters pertaining to information, communication, business transactions, the signing of documents, news by mail or by phone, letters, courier services, etc.

A transit from Saturn always increases your ability to stay with any project long enough to achieve something tangible. This, of course, depends on the planet being touched off and the house being transited.

Saturn goes around your entire chart in about 29 to 30 years, during which it makes many angles to your natal Mercury.

Saturn mercury positive transits increase your discipline, focus, concentration, and your ability to accept responsibility and authority.

Its negative transits increase delays in communication etc., but we will deal with that in our next issue.

We have listed the Client numbers of those of you who are getting the lucky transits from Saturn to your natal Mercury, as well as those who are born with a Saturn Mercury aspect or with Mercury in Capricorn (similar meaning because Capricorn is “ruled” by Saturn).

Most writers and those in positions of authority are born with a Saturn Mercury aspect.




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