Your Luckiest Time for Travel and Health

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Your Luckiest Time for Travel and Health

This happens when Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Mars or vice versa. What to Expect during a Jupiter-Mars Transit? By combining the meanings of Jupiter and Mars, you can see that when transiting Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Mars, then you will have the following:

• A very positive attitude

• High energy (sudden bursts of energy and endurance)

• Increased confidence sure I can do it

• Daring and adventurous nature

• Taking chances (not just planning and planning…)

• High recuperative powers (good for surgeries)

Lucky Time for Travel and Health mars-jupiter-aspect






• Unplanned travels with lots of activity (free trips or excellent deals)

• Not dwelling on failures

• Treating a project as an adventure

• Starting of new projects

• Acquiring a sense of accomplishment by finishing short-term projects

• Taking on more than you can handle (the followers will always finish it for you!)

• The increased urge for action and travel. One of the best times to travel actually.

• This is also the best time for  physical moves i.e. high energy, renting of trucks, and long-distance driving

• Excellent opportunities for buying cars (especially sports cars!).

Note: Having a Mars Jupiter aspect can compensate for the lack of Fire planets in your chart to a great extent.


Your Luckiest Time for Travel and Health Mars-Jupiter sports cars

Sports cars are a hallmark of the Mars-Jupiter aspects



What if You Are Born With A Jupiter-Mars Aspect?

If you were born with a Jupiter Mars aspect, then all the qualities mentioned in this article will apply to you all your life as you are born with the luckiest aspectfor travel and health! You will always be very dynamic, have boundless energy, and will constantly take chances in life.

However, it would be better if you also had some stabilizing aspects from Saturn to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Otherwise, when you win it would be a windfall, but when you lose it would be a real dandy! In the long run, seeing only the positive side (even with no regard for the consequences) will ultimately help you (after a few big mistakes!), whether it is in marriage, career, or other areas of life.

Many Olympic athletes are born with some aspect between Mars and Jupiter. It is also the hallmark of fast driving and stunts. You will be daring, adventurous and always willing to take risks. The following subscribers are lucky to be born with some Jupiter Mars aspect:

Public Figures: Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, John Abraham, Megan Fox, Prince, Queen Rania, Witherspoon Reese.




Your luckiest time for health and luck in travel is if you are born with a Mars-Jupiter aspect or if you have Jupiter touching off your natal Mars by “transit”. This period is one of the best times for traveling, health, recuperative powers, and physical drive.

Even if you are not born with a Mars-Jupiter aspect, you will all go through it from time to time as transiting Mars makes an aspect to your Jupiter (a few days to a few weeks) or Jupiter makes an aspect to your natal Mars (few weeks to months).

By success, we do not mean having money in the bank, but the enjoyment that comes from any achievement. Some of the most important aspects of success are a willingness to take chances, the enthusiasm with which you go into new projects, and sudden bursts of energy. Many successful people in the world got there because they were willing to take chances when all odds were against them.

Success can be passive and not involve much physical effort on your part e.g. inheriting a large sum of money or investing wisely. There is another form of success that is more dynamic, which involves action, adventure, and the thrill of accomplishing something major. An athlete winning a medal, playing your best game of tennis, giving birth to a baby, or traveling to a distant land without planning. This is the type of success that is represented by a combination of Mars and Jupiter.

Let us take the meaning of the combination of these two.




Mars represents your physical drive and the daring side of your nature. Mars is prominent amongst the top athletes and those who take chances in life. Lucky Time for Travel and Health is always an indication of a Mars Jupiter aspect.




Jupiter represents the opportunist side of your nature. It is the “luck” element in your chart and its transits increase your likelihood of taking advantage of the situation at hand (depending on the house and planet being “touched off”).


When Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Mars, you will become somewhat of a gambler, and take chances in the areas represented by your natal Mars. For example, if you were born with Mars in your 7th house, then you will suddenly want to get married when Jupiter touches it off by transit.




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