Sign of Aquarius

JAN 20-FEB 18

Rising Sign: Also called Ascendant or the First House Cusp: You give the impression of being distant and aloof but underneath it all, you are sensivite to your environmient and plight of others and have strong humanitarian instincts. You need to be more aware of events so they don’t become personal upheavals. You give the impression of being least impressed causing flareups if the marriage if the marriage partner needs a lot of attention (you are drawn to dramatic and theatrical personalities (Leo types).

Aquarius Ascendant (Personal Column H): Aquarius rising sign always gives the individual a rather cool, aloof, impersonal and detached outlook. Unemotional under stress but panics and collapses afterwards. Often very perceptive. Likes to reform and has humanitarian tendencies but can be quite unconventional. Ability to manipulate others. Grey or blue eyes and space between two front teeth.

Public Figures: B.F. Skinner (many wrong conclusions about human behaviour), Billy Holiday, Carl Jung, cowboy Roy Rogers, Edmond Halley, Evil Knievel, Garth Brooks, Henry Ford II, Henry Winkler, James Hoffa, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Hinkley, Karl Marx, Kim Novak, Kirk Douglas, Michael J. Fox, Neil Young, Ralph Nader, Roberta Flack, Sir Robert Baden Powell (started boy scouts), Tammy Wynette, Thomas Jefferson, Wayne Gretzky and William Shatner.

Personality Traits of Aquarius: Aquarius is always concerned about issues which affect the masses and the community. This has evolved into the gloabal community now with social media and the internet. They are quite intellectual (especially if they have Mercury in Aquarius) and their goals always reach to help the underdog and they are quite and brave and not intimidated by others or the society’s dictates.


Venus in Aquarius is drawn to those who thiink differently and are somehow either shunned by society because of it or tend to be rather maverick in an unconventional manner. They are rather cool and aloof and not very emotional even though they have all the feelings. It gives originally in love, art or music (Mozart and Chopin). They are very independent and drawn to rebellious types. They tend to be loyal in their friendships.


Having Aquarian planets especially Mercury in Aqu makes you think outside the box, Consequently, all futuristic technology and internet related marketing which reaches global communicty and use of social media is a natural career. Inventions, marketing ideas, and professions which appeal to gloabl community and humanitarian projects is their natural choice and brings out their best talents.


Aquarius rules the parasympathetic nervous system and generally the spine. It also rules the circulation and ankles. I find the mylene sheath and the neck area is affected by Aquarius also and massage in this area helps counter dementia and other nerve and memory related problems later on.

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