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Sign of Aries

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Rising Sign: Also called Ascendant or the First House Cusp:  Energetic, egocentric, “me-first” type of attitude, impatient, love of action and challenge. Defiant, daring and reckless under stress. Enthusiastic and having leadership ability of the pioneering type.

Personality Traits of Aries: The sign of Aries represents the beginning of the Zodiac and the birth of new ideas. Being a Fire sign, it makes the individual energetic, impulsive, impatient, daring, aggressive, hasty (sometimes reckless), independent and egocentric.

With Aries there is always a strong need to explore, to originate, to pioneer, to invent and to initiate either in a physical or an intellectual way. Although there is a pronounced leadership ability, it is a military or dictatorial type rather than the executive kind.

Aries seeks instant gratification and fast results and is therefore suitable for short-term projects which require sudden outbursts of physical or mental energy and where there is a lot of challenge involved. It is essential for Aries to start seeing the results relatively soon to keep his interest going.

In speech, Aries is frank to the point of being blunt and tactless, original in thought, has a “know-it-all” attitude, tends to be argumentative, is never stuck for an answer and has a sharp wit (comedian type).

One of the best assets of the Arian mind is the ability to look at highly complex problems from a fresh perspective and then to find a solution which is brilliant and yet very simple. Einstein (Sun in Pisces) had a Mercury in Aries and always gave simple analogies for his complex theories (Saturn in close proximity to his Mercury gave him the concentration).

Arian anger is never long-lasting but can be extremely physical. It is usually due to lack of patience and “jumping the gun”. With Aries emphasized in the chart, constant release of physical tension is imperative either through sports or dancing etc..

Their work or study schedules must have periods alternating between physical and mental/intellectual stimulation. They need special attention as children and must be taught patience, tact, tolerance of others’ mistakes and to finish whatever they start.

Although quite often tone-deaf, there have been many composers who were Aries, Bach and Hayden are two examples. In art, we have some outstanding examples in Goya, Van Gogh, Van Dyke and Raphael.


In love, Venu in Aries seeks instant gratification and is usually impulsively affectionate. They need a challenge in love otherwise they get bored.  They are drawn to athletic and action oriented partner.  their partner usually has a scar near the eyebrows. Very indepdent in love so better for those who are not moody or too emotional.

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The sign of Aries is associated with engineering (electrical), car sales, graphic arts, modern architecture with the accent on metal engineering (rather than history and form), interior design, cartooning and caricature drawing, professional sports and any work that requires the use of metal objects.


Head and eyes – scars on the head near the eyebrows; migraine headaches (usually of short duration). Kidney infections (reflex of Libra – Aries’ opposite sign). Aries planets indicate a tendency to recklessness and injuries resulting from a lack of caution. They tend to be fast drivers whose impatience shows clearly in a traffic jam and because of this, they should be careful of all vehicular accidents.

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