Your Temperament and Personality may seem like the same thing but your Temperament never changes as opposed to your Personality. Your Personality keeps changing with age and your life circumstances but your Temperament remains and the same.  The sign rising on the Eastern horizon when you were born is called your Ascendant and accurately reflects your temperament all your life.

Your First house cusp is your Rising sign or your Ascendant and is based on your birth date, time and place of birth.

You can read about the Twelve Houses to know about the 12 Areas of Life.

ever, we have given you a Table below which will identify your Ascendant right away. It is more accurate the closer you are to the equator and the further you are from the North and South poles!

The Ascendant table below will make it easy to determine your Rising sign without the need for city or country or time zone and longitude or latitude.

We will use this Personal Column in our forecasts if we are talking about your Ascendant (Temperament) and also for transits if we talk about the houses.

Your Temperament and Personality Based on Your Personal Column

There are personality traits associated with your Ascendant or Rising sign and they can be very different from your Sun Sign. For example, Bill Clinton is a Leo but his rising sign is Libra which makes him look soft and peace-loving when you meet him.  This is his Temperament which never changes. We have given a description of all the Risings signs and their personality traits as well as public figures with similar Ascendant. You can also read more about the Sun Signs timing at

You can check out the sign before and after to see if that makes more sense to you and of course, you can always get your chart done and find if it is the same as given in the table. Your Rising sign is something you are born with and it never changes.

Rising Sign (Ascendant) Table to Locate Your Personal Column

Intersect your date and time of birth and read the interpretation by moving the mouse over the Letter. Read the next column as well as it also applies to some extent. In other words, if your Rising sign is Cancer then you will also have some Leo there as well.

This adds to your Temperament so Cancer would make you close to your home environment and attached to it and Leo will enhance your personality and make you more charismatic. Your Temperament and Personality share some common traits but your Temperament is an accurate reflection of how you react in stress also!


Note: This is an approximate way to calculate your Ascendant. You always have the next sign’s qualities as well to some extent, so e.g. if you are an A, then read B as well. In other words, if your Rising sign is Cancer then you will also have some Leo there as well.

Here is the interpretation of your Temperament and real Personality

Aquarius Ascendant (Personal Column H): Aquarius rising sign always gives the individual a rather cool, aloof, impersonal and detached outlook. Unemotional under stress but panics and collapses afterward. Often very perceptive. Likes to reform and has humanitarian tendencies but can be quite unconventional. Ability to manipulate others. Grey or blue eyes and space between two front teeth.

Public Figures: B.F. Skinner (many wrong conclusions about human behaviour), Billy Holiday, Carl Jung, cowboy Roy Rogers, Edmond Halley, Evil Knievel, Garth Brooks, Henry Ford II, Henry Winkler, James Hoffa, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Hinkley, Karl Marx, Kim Novak, Kirk Douglas, Michael J. Fox, Neil Young, Ralph Nader, Roberta Flack, Sir Robert Baden Powell (started boy scouts), Tammy Wynette, Thomas Jefferson, Wayne Gretzky and William Shatner


Pisces Ascendant (Personal Column I) This is one of the most sensitive rising signs. It makes one acutely sensitive to their environment, sunsets, ocean, sad music and anything which appeals to their fantasy. They often project a helpless and vulnerable look. Idealistic and sympathetic but also impractical. Humanitarian outlook. They also have a touch of shrewdness. Often hazel or greenish eyes (in the West) and tiny wrinkles around the eyes. Invites sorrow. Wandering mind. Unrealistic and unworldly. Not much interest in the material world. Spiritual/mystical leanings.

Public Figures: Al Capone, Alexander Graham Bell, Astronomer Tycho Brahe, Bruce Willis, Boy George, film producer Carlo Ponti, Carol Burnett, Cindy Crawford, David Carradine, Demi Moore, Elizabeth Arden, Fabio, Jim Bakkar, Johnny Cash, Kato Kaelon (O.J.’s ungrateful houseguest!), Lawrence Welk, Mary Tylor Moore, Norman Mailer, Princess Caroline, Queen Mary II, Richard Burton, Pryor, Ringo Starr, Robert Redford, Sharon Stone, Spike Lee (film director), Yogi Berra (baseball), Whitney Houston, conductor Zubin Mehta.


Aries Ascendant (Personal Column J): Often a scar near the eyebrows or head area. They always initiate new activity and are self-starters. This ascendant makes one energetic, impulsive, impatient and short-tempered. It also makes one egocentric, with a “me-first” attitude (my way). They want immediate results and quick action. They usually have authority clashes and are reckless under stress.

Public Figures: Actress Ashley Judd, Barbara Cartland (900 novels), Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Billy Graham, Bo Derek, Eddie Murphy, Errol Flynn “Sinbad”, Eva Peron “Evita”, Jackie Chan, Martina Navratilova (tennis) , Nostradamus (I feel he had Sag. rising), Beatle Paul McCartney, Rich Little, Sammy Davis Jr., Sir Alex Guinness.


Taurus Ascendant (Personal Column K): This rising sign makes one very patient, stable, easy going and trustworthy. They can miss on opportunities because of too much caution and a plodding nature. Practical and down-to-earth attitude towards life. They usually have a stocky build and curly hair, heavyset, and thick eyebrows. Taurus rising makes one calm and dependable under stress but usually shortens the height.

Public Figures: Carl Sagan, Charles Manson, Christie Hefner, Christina Onassis, Dan Rather, F. Lee Bailey, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Emelia Earhart, George Lucas, Gerald Ford, George Washington, James Brown (singer), Johann Strauss, Liza Minnelli, Mae West, Melanie Griffith, Mia Farrow, Nat King Cole, Peter O’Toole, Robert Kennedy, Steve Forbes, Stevie Wonder, Ulysses Grant, Wayne Newton and Vivien Leigh.


Gemini Ascendant (Personal Column L): Gemini rising usually makes one tall and athletic. This ascendant makes one versatile, intellectually refined, but very restless. They have a lot of nervous energy and need mental relaxation. Self-expression and communication is important to them and they can be quite talkative. They are observant and curious but usually superficial, fickle, changeable, and flippant. They usually have a good sense of humor and are flexible and light-hearted.

Public Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle, Adolph Eichman, Bill Cosby, Bruce Springsteen, Burt Reynolds, Drew Barrymore, Greta Garbo, Harry Belefonte, Hillary Clinton, Humphrey Bogart, James Belushi, Jeanne Dixon, Johannes Kepler, John Denver, Jules Verne, Kathleen Turner, Mick Jagger, Miles Davis (trumpet player), Neil Armstrong, Nicole Kidman, Orson Wells, Peter Fonda, Phyllis Diller, Prince Reinier, Queen Victoria (more like Taurus rising!), Richard Dreyfuss, Douglas Fairbanks (Taming of the Shrew, Mask of Zorro), Steffi Graff (tennis).


Cancer Ascendant (Personal Column A): Cancer rising usually gives one round feature, brownish eyes and long arms. They are very caring and have strong protective instincts. They can be very moody, emotional and clinging. Excellent memory. They are emotionally dependant and security conscious. Those with Cancer rising like to stay close to their home base.

Public Figures: Albert Einstein (Gemini mostly), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ava Gardner, Bill Gates, Cher, Dalai Lama, Farah Fawcett, John Travolta, Lauren Bacall, Lee Harvey Oswald, Leona Helmsley, Lord Byron, Mel Brooks, Mel Gibson, Merv Griffen, Peter Ustinov, Robert DeNiro, Ross Perot, Rudolph Nureyev, Ryan O’Neal, Salvador Dali, Steven Spielberg, Tchaikovsky,Twiggy, Al Unser (Indy 500), Ursula Andress, Vincent Van Gogh.


Leo Ascendant (Personal Column B): Leo rising usually gives one bluish eyes (in the West) unless Neptune was in the First house (which gives hazel eyes). They have good posture and a dramatic and theatrical personality. Magnetic, proud, flamboyant and generous-hearted. Seeks limelight and constant admiration. Leadership and administrative qualities. Stands out in a crowd. Easy to get fame or notoriety. Adds glamour to a chart. Exhibitionistic tendencies. Colored hair, silk shirts, gold accessories, costume jewelry.

Public Figures: Anne Murray, Otto von Bismark (united Germany), Carl Lewis, Claude Debussy, Georgio Armani, Henri Matisse, Howard Cosell, Luciano Pavarotti, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Spitz, Omar Khayyam (the Rubiyat), O.J. Simpson, Paul Gauguin, Patrick Swayze, Roger Moore, Wilbur Wright (invented first airplane).


Virgo Ascendant (Personal Column C): Virgo rising usually gives one a frown between the eyebrows because of their nagging nature! Analytical and critical of self as well as of others. Sensitive to criticism. Shy. Selective in friendships. Health-conscious. Practical, methodical, cautious but too much aware of limitations. Must be careful of nagging. Unrealistic expectations of the partner.

Public Figures: Baron Rothschild, Brooke Shields, Charlotte Bronte, David Copperfield (magician), Elizabeth Browning, Ernest Hemingway, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Howard Hughes, Prince Albert, Jacquline Bisset, Jeff Bridges, John F. Kennedy Jr., Julie Andrews, k.d. Lang, Loni Anderson, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Oscar Wilds, Pope John Paul II, Richard Nixon, Roy Orbison, Steve Wozniak (inventor Apple computers but keeps a low profile), Walt Disney, Yogananda (diary of a Yogi), Warren Beatty and Wolfgang Mozart.


Libra Ascendant (Personal Column D): Soft and balanced features. Often good looking. Charming, sophisticated and well mannered. Just and non-judgemental with a sense of fairness and justice. Indecisive and known for fence-sitting. Intuitively intelligent. Sociable and peace-loving. Procrastinates a lot. Seeks aggressive and decisive partner who is action oriented but stable underneath.

Public Figures: Adolph Hitler, Barbara Walters, Bill Clinton, Bob Hope, David Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor, Eric Clapton, Frank Sinatra, Mohandas Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, Monica Lewinsky, Natalie Portman, Natalie Wood, Paloma Picasso, Pierre Cardin, Robert Ripley (Believe it or not!), Sydney Poitier, Tatum O’Neal, Uri Geller and Winston Churchill.

Scorpio Ascendant (Personal Column E): Intense, secretive, passionate, jealous, resourceful and tenacious with deep feelings. Love of power and secrets. Can be vindictive and very sarcastic (good for critics and comedy). Does not initiate but retaliates harshly. Neither forgets nor forgives. Traumatic events in childhood leading to an interest in self-knowledge. Dark and strong features, hollow cheeks and strong nose. Penetrating eyes. Can become preoccupied with sensuality. Secret love and secret enemies. Self-destructive. Very private and prefers night time.

Public Figures: Bobby Unser, Brian Adams, Bruce Jenner, Bertrand Russel, Charlton Heston, Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder, Chris Evert, Clint Eastwood, D.H. Lawrence, Director Oliver Stone, Giovanni Casanova, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jerry Falwell, Johnny Carson, Julia Roberts, Julio Iglesias, Kenny Rogers, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Mark Twain, Mata Hari, Michael Douglas, Natassja Kinski, Paul Cezanne, designer Perry Ellis, poet Edgar Allen Poe (invented detective stories), Princess Anne, Queen Anne, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Alva Edison, Victor Hugo.


Sagittarius Ascendant (Personal Column F): Optimistic and philosophical outlook towards life. Independent and freedom-loving. Broad-minded. Daring and adventurous. Love of challenge. Outspoken yet charming. Attractive to the opposite sex. Serious and philosophical side more obvious later in life, usually from 35 to 40. Tall, athletic and magnetic.

Public Figures: Arsenio Hall, Astronaut John Glen, Bob Dylan, Boris Becker, Brigitte Bardot, Bruce Lee, Caroline Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh, Dick Van Dyke, Elvis Presley (I feel that he was Libra rising), Goldie Hawn, J.Z. Knight (Ramtha), John Milton (Paradise Lost), Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Princess Diana, Prince William, Raquel Welch, Ron Hubbard (Dianetics), Rita Hayworth, Samuel Jackson, Sean Penn, Shirley Temple and Ted Turner (founded CNN).


Capricorn Ascendant (Personal Column G): This rising sign often points to those who have early responsibilities and restrictions. They look more mature when young but look younger than their age later on. Serious outlook towards life because of a strong sense of duty. Usually very self-disciplined, striving and hard-working. Often executive ability. Responsible attitude. Lonely eagle. Striving for own business. Skin problems. Sunshine after tears. Somewhat materialistic and always making useful contacts.

Public Figures: Auguste Rodin, Candice Bergen, Charles Bronson, Edgar Hoover, Edward Kennedy, Eva Brown, J. Paul Getty, Henri Houdini, Jane Fonda, Joe Frazier, John Belushi, Larry King, Lucille Ball, Malcolm X, Marie Curie, Mario Andretti, Marla Maples, Mao Tse Tung, Paul Newman, Rasputin, Queen Elizabeth II, Sophia Loren, Tennessee Williams, Tiffany Trump, Tom Selleck.


Your Temperament is the part of your Personality which never changes and shows up under stress. When you read the Forecast in newspapers and if they talk about Houses, then you should read using this sign instead of your Sun Sign as they base it all on your Ascendant.




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