Horoscope of Monica Lewinsky

Here is the chart of the infamous Monica Lewinsky, the intern who “fell in love” and then betrayed her trust with the President to make millions for her book.

What was her planetary stimulus in falling in love with a President?

Why was she so obsessed about love and her looks?

How could someone who had promised secrecy divulge everything so easily and blatantly?

Monica Lewinsky has Libra rising, just like Bill Clinton and has similar soft featured looks. In women, Libra rising makes them obsessed with self and self beautification. It makes them very conscious of their outer appearance and what people think of them.

Clinton’s chart also shows secret love becoming secret enemy (Venus, Mars and Neptune all in 12th was almost destined for him to have a scandal and nightmare period relating to unrealistic love with someone much younger).

Monica Lewinsky was not really scheming but just obsessed with love with those who are high up in society.  Leo on her 11th also indicates that she goes out of her way to seek out celebrities. Venus in Leo indicates that she loves those in limelight and has exhibitionist tendencies. After all, she went right for the President. …Read More


Your Personalized AstroCalendar

I am really excited to bring this latest program where we have added the transits of all the planets along with the Moon so you can see all your cycles, from daily Moon transits to once in a lifetime events reflected by Pluto.

AstroCalendar is one of my best programs for self-knowledge. You can truly unlock nature’s most closely guarded secrets…Your Inner Timing!

AstroCalendar is your Personalized website and shows your Moon Transits and their meanings on a daily basis plus all the planets and what they mean in your life.  From Pluto’s once in a lifetime events which change your whole attitude towards some area of your life, to the saddest but the most inspirational areas, to your luckiest periods, it is all in your Personalized AstroCalendar.  You can go back in time to the day you were born and get an insight on all the important events which happened in your life.Read More


Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez, the most popular Spanish-language writer since Cervantes, was born in a rainstorm reflective of the Sun, Mercury Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. This is just one sign of someone who must have loved  the ocean, the water, and was drawn to the inspirational sadness of others.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces made him acutely sensitive to the needs and plight of the common people. Mercury close to Uranus in Pisces made him quite brilliant and erratic but also an inspired genius in the way he portrayed the emotions and got everyone involved in his novels. Moon in 12th gave him a powerful subconscious and Moon trine Neptune a visual sense of drama and the ability to communicate drawing visual analogies.

Mercury in Pisces carries a certain amount of comfortable sadness to it (tenor Beniamino Gigli and singer Celine Dion), which has the empathetic bond with the masses and feels their pathos in such a poetic way that it touches your soul…Read More


School Children Sadness at Sea

On 15th Apr 2014, a large passenger ferry named the Sewol sank in calm seas off the coast of South Korea, while carrying more than 450 passengers, mostly high school students on an overnight trip to a tourist island. This is probably the saddest event on the sea relating to loss of children in history and we hope they make changes in the evacuation procedures, screening of key people and whatever is necessary to prevent such tragedies from happening.

On 9th Apr 2014 while writing about the Tetrad Moon, I had written about “15 Apr 2014 (there is also a grand square in the sky so earthquakes also). 16th April Moon is in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, so life death events in the ocean.  It actually happened on 15th while the Moon was in Libra that is why everyone was so calm and peaceful. The full Moon went into Scorpio at 1:20 am on 16th Apr while the ship had sunk . This is right after the total lunar eclipse…Read More


Astrology of Earthquakes

Is there any correlation to planetary aspects and earthquakes? What are the main aspects to look for and what should we be looking for? There are three ways we look for to see if we can forewarn an earthquake.

1- Disruptive patterns in the sky which are trying to pull the earth off its orbit. Physical gravity related patterns.  Last week I mentioned the earthquakes being caused by the grand cross in the sky and today we had a 7.5 Earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico. Tarapaca, …Read More


Tetrad Lunar Eclipse

A lot of people have been making a big deal about the “blood” Moon and how it is the beginning of the end of the world etc. the same routine which the doomsday prophets used to scare people to repent or buy their potions or whatever the scam was. I am sure there are some who actually believe it is the end of the world or some major apocalypse is upon us. What is the tetrad Moon series and why these four consecutive lunar eclipses are important, and what is our astrological interpretation of it?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. If the earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, it is a called a total lunar eclipse. Any lunar eclipse affects the earth because the earth is being pulled from both sides as the Moon and Sun are exactly opposite each other. It is in fact a full Moon except the earth is in between so you see the earth’s shadow on the Moon. If  the Earth was off center then it would be visible as a Full Moon.

In a lunar eclipse, we are all standing in the way of the full Moon! …Read More


Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof was born in 1989 and as I wrote on our website in Dec 2013, everyone born in the 1980s is all going through a very stressful transit from Mars as it squares their Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. This makes them go into depression, nightmare configuration and immune system being down as well as wrong timing. This transit will continue till July 2014 and you should check out the dates who is vulnerable.

Wish the parents of these age groups would really pay more attention to how they are feeling as they feel very unloved and are in a nightmare as well as a major accident configuration. !940s and 50s as well as 1980s till beg 90s are all affected by this transit till July 2014.

Putin is also going through it and in Apr 2014 and July it is exact so you can expect more trouble in Ukraine also.

#PeachesGeldof #astrology #horoscope …Read More


MH-370: Hassan on XZone Radio 16 Mar 2014

Here is a link of my interview on the with Rob McConnell about Malaysian Airline MH-370 when we first got the Captain’ s Chart. It is quite insightful and hope you can help us with the passengers birthdays. Read More…


Palmistry Reveals Two Attitudes

One of the biggest challenges of our society is that most people take up jobs and careers where they are total misfits and then try to adapt their whole lifestyle around it. Once you go through our Palmistry videos or eBook, you will be able to understand what the best approach is for yourself, your children and your spouses. Remember this is only your approach but applies to almost everything in life.

Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Actors, Film Directors, everyone could benefit from this and it will also help you select the best person as your coach or partner as well as the key ingredient for  the right career…Read More


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370:  Here is the chart analysis of the recent disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. When you look at the chart of the takeoff,  there is one aspect which just jumps out and that is the Saturn square Mercury in Aquarius.  Saturn sq Mercury is the hallmark of communication problems and Mercury in Aquarius makes it even more significant as this is the sign of aviation and electronics.  The transponder not working or  being shut off makes a lot of sense.

I just got the birthdates of both the Captain and First Officer and it is very revealing.  As I had said without even having the Captain’s birthdate that he was getting a Mars Square Saturn by transit, this shows up very strongly now and is confirmed….Read More