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Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo from 1 June 10 PM till 4 June 10 AM.

Moon in Leo is when people in general tend to be more dramatic and flamboyant now. Take advantage of the grand feeling and focus on publicity, weddings, buying expensive designer clothes now but be careful of overspending. It is easy to forget your means and overindulge your taste.

This is an excellent time for launching new products, public relations, public speeches, and theatrical reviews. People are more susceptible to heart related illnesses now. Today’s color is Gold.

Moon in Leo is the 5th theme and represents your need for attention, applause, recognition and admiration.

The positive effects of it are that it boosts your ego and activities you do now lead to fame and recognition. Just be careful that you don’t become egocentric, bragging and demand constant attention

Two to three days a month when Moon goes into Leo, it is time to:moon_le_m moon in leo Moon in Leo moon le mWear dramatic clothes, attend galas where you are seen and admired.

Wear designer clothes or at least try them out at the most exclusive boutiques that you can get away with. Buy silk accessories and use expensive perfumes.  Visit high fashion boutiques and drive around exclusive neighborhoods (Beverly Hills type).

Visit Broadway or similar live shows and theaters, to watch plays where you meet the famous and those in the limelight.

Watch heroic performances in a circus or YouTube. Take limos. Meet celebrities.

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