President Bill Clinton

May 16, 2018by Hassan Jaffer0

President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton’s detailed Analysis was written on 11 Nov. 1997

Here is the horoscope analysis of the 42nd US President, Bill Clinton who was born with Libra rising, the sign of good looks, fairness, and justice.

Many politicians were born with this Ascendant because it is their sense of fair play being violated which motivates them to go into politics in the first place. John F. Kennedy was born with it but so was Hitler!

There are many parallels between JFK’s personality and Clinton’s.

They both had Libra rising and were motivated by the need to rectify injustices. They both were known for their love affairs although JFK’s were more physical.


president bill clinton


President Bill Clinton has two completely different sides to his character and together they make the best combination for Public Relations.

He has four planets in Leo (it is called a stellium) giving him charisma, magnetism and authority, intelligent leadership ability, a sense of integrity, pride, and a sense of drama and oratory skills.

President Bill Clinton has four planets in Libra, three of which are conjunct in his 12th house (I have rectified his chart to 9:18 am instead of 8:51 am which puts three planets in the 12th). Venus in the 12th indicates secret love but also secret enemies.

Venus conj. Neptune in the 12th indicates secret love with those who are much younger and Mars conj Neptune in the 12th can easily lead to addictions.

You can read about the obsessive Mars Neptune aspect and how to offset its negative themes.


president bill clinton horocope
President Bill Clinton Horocope


President Bill Clinton’s obsession is love and his idealistic Venus conj Neptune in Libra represents a search for the ultimate romantic illusion. It is also a major sign of disappointment and deception in love.

He is like an artist who wants to admire all the beautiful paintings! Who would like to see the same art over and over again?!

President Bill Clinton’s Libra planets make him seek ideal love from one person to another.

He must feel very disappointed by the illusion he falls in love with and then discovers the human frailties behind the person.

President Bill Clinton has exactly the same aspect and transit as Prince Charles and they both love women.

You can read Hassan’s full horoscope analysis of President Bill Clinton here.


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