Horoscope Paul Walker Freak Accident

December 5, 2013by Hassan Jaffer

Horoscope Paul Walker Freak Accident

Paul Walker, the handsome actor of Fast & Furious fame, unfortunately just passed away in a fiery car crash.

It is sad to see someone die so young when he is at the prime of his youth and just starting to do some of his best work.

We don’t have his birth time but I believe he had Aquarius rising as he was quite cool and aloof and had the eyes similar to Paul Newman who was an Aquarius.

horoscope paul walker freak accident

Venus in Libra and Venus conj Uranus in Libra made him look so balanced and proportionate and good looking as well. In fact, Venus conj Uranus is the hallmark of electric magnetism.

Paul Walker, the handsome actor of Fast & Furious fame, unfortunately just passed away in a fiery car crash.

It is sad to see someone die so young when he is at the prime of his youth and just starting to do some of his best work.

12 Jan 2014:Here is an updated analysis on Paul Walker based on the correct time of birth and it is even more revealing.

One of our readers kindly sent us the time of birth we had requested in case anybody found it. Apparently Paul Walker was born at 10:45 am which gives him Scorpio ascendant.

Out of the three main rising signs,

I had looked into Scorpio Ascendant first with Moon in his 12th but he didn’t look like an intense Scorpio rising personality.

Leo rising would be too egocentric and he wasn’t but Aquarius rising seemed to fit his personality the most as he had this cool air about him.

Jupiter is Aquarius much have given him that aloofness but also a strong humanitarian side along with the Scorpio rising need to save people.


horoscope paul walker freak accident

I did mention that he seems like a fixed sign rising which he was and also that the transits I took into consideration were mainly the aspects which would not be affected by the time of birth.

While doing the analysis, I always look at such events and the first question in my mind is if I would have been able to warn the client beforehand?  This is where I find a lot lacking in other astrologers analysis after the fact.

Focussing on the useless solar arc or so-called progressed aspects or something which happens every day and almost to everyone is not going to help the analysis at all.

It is important to look at the slow-moving planets first then to the faster ones.

Uranus in 5th house immediately points to an upheaval in the life of children.

Mars in the 11th getting close to Pluto indicates lurking danger and sudden disruptions in the future hopes and plans.

If he had my AstroCalendar, he would have known right away that there was danger for him as Moon was in his 12th house and in Scorpio.

It clearly says you feel run down and your immune system is down and even talks about hospitals etc.

So here is the additional insight for Scorpio rising.

With Leo as part of the 9th and 10th house, he would have been like a good preacher and also the natural ability to shine of the stage (he started modeling at a very young age).

Scorpio rising makes one rather introspective but there is also a lot of Sagittarius which would have made him philosophical as well.

Inside is Paul Walker’s natal chart and outside are the transits of the event.

The 2nd house ruler indicates how you make your money. The ruler Jupiter is in the 3rd house (cars) and he also had a company for sports car parts.

The 10th house and its rulers indicate  what you are known as and Leo / Virgo indicates the acting and also precision in his driving as well as health-oriented work. Both rulers of the 10th house (Sun and Mercury) are in the 11th house, which indicates humanitarian work and charities etc.

He used his fame to enhance the lives of others and mainly to finance his real mission.  Mars was in his 11th house and the Fast and Furious star died in a crash after a charity car show in Santa Clarita, Ca.  It was his last act in fulfilling his mission.  Mars indicates both what you are actively indulging in as well as strife in that area.

Adverse  Pluto-Mercury Aspect

Paul was born with Pluto conjunct Mercury, which often indicates  when you have unresolved issues and he offset it by doing charities to save others who had upheavals in their life.

It is also an aspect where you violate divine laws (Superman was born with an adverse Pluto Mercury aspect and even in thought, may have felt invincible while filming his flying role and ended up not being able to move at all).

Even though he was not a driver, both of them were taking chances with a car which Porsche has said Porsche warned its dealers about letting just anyone drive the vehicle because it was hyper sensitive to road conditions. Its wheels cost 6000 each. The clutch was 24,000 and transmission 43,000. This 500K car was savage to drive as some drivers had said and was not meant to be driven on roads full of dot reflectors and had every disadvantage of a racetrack car. His friend with Mercury in Scorpio unfortunately overestimated his abilities and Paul was an unfortunate passenger.

It is also an aspect where you go against the system and have secret enemies and although he was supposed to have found out about the corruption in the Philippines relief, I don’t think the car was rigged. However, Mars was coming close to his Pluto which is a violent aspect and Pluto does represent organized  crime.  I will leave it till I am absolutely sure of the time of birth but I feel his helping a lot of charities offset the Mercury Pluto theme completely and even through his films.

No major Accident Configuration:  As Paul Walker wasn’t the driver, it is only logical that his chart doesn’t show any major accidents even though the danger of life and death was there but only indirectly. His main problem was the driver who was being almost suicidal with Moon in Scorpio (he was also a Scorpio) and  who was accident prone at that time.  Had he not gone in that car at that time or actually stayed home at that time he would have escaped but it is difficult to say about life death situations.

However, I believe the time of birth is about five mins off and Pluto just went into his 3rd house and the car was almost burnt to the ashes, a pure Pluto Scorpio theme! Pluto is once in 245 years event and it was the first time it was entering his 3rd house (transportation and driving) and Pluto signifies life death situations also.

There is a definite Scorpio theme even in his last picture with the black clothes, dark glasses

and the blood red color of the car (same as in James Dean case).


Paul Walker about to take his last ride Another aspect which needs some more research on is transiting Uranus semi-sextile Paul’s natal Mars. Both were 8 degress (Scorpio degrees maybe has some relevance also?) and exactly semi-sextile i.e. 30 degrees apart. Sextile is a positive aspect as the two signs are in harmony with each other, but a 30 degree aspect is between two signs adjacent to each other which are exactly opposite in nature. If we take this as an adverse aspect, it would definitely point to freak accident involving the head and spine which we have mentioned many times including the case of Princess Diana.

Most Dangerous Days: Moon was in Scorpio in his 12th house (which happens every month for 2 to 3 days), the most dangerous time not only by house position but the sign of Scorpio, indicating events which can be very costly and life threatening. Paul’s fate was sealed the minute he closed the door of the Porsche and put his seat belt on.  Libra-Scorpio in his 12th house indicating best friend becomes your worst enemy. In fact, his best friend was the cause of his death.

It is exactly what I wrote initially in this analysis that his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving the Porsche at 100 mph in a 45 mph, was just showing off and got carried away with his trying to impress Paul. It often happens when normal people try to impress those who are in the limelight e.g. Bruce Lee was always approached by other martial artists trying to impress him with their own abilities.

Twelfth House Connection

Roger Rodas also happened to be a Scorpio which was the downfall of Paul Walker. Your 12th house indicates what you love most but also what can undermine your health.

The signs on your 12th house indicate people who you may love but will also get you into trouble.

Secret love but also love of secrets are both aspects of Libra-Scorpio in the 12th house!   Paul even had Venus in Libra which enhances this theme even more and Uranus close to Venus accentuates the thrill.

However, Paul was not the driver and even though Moon in his 12th would have weakened the reflexes. Mercury in Virgo would have given him much better reflexes than his Scorpio driver friend.

Summary: Jupiter in the 9th is an aspect of long distance travel and when you this of prayers but the fact that it was also squaring Uranus is important as it indicates freedom from all limitations.  You often find this aspect at times of windfalls but also sudden death. Pluto close to Mercury in his natal chart was one of the aspects of life-death experiences and being in the 11th house, close to charities and fairs, this was triggered by transiting Mars, and Moon in Scorpio in 12th at the time of the crash.

Pluto was  probably just in his 3rd house which would also indicate danger near home and destruction of the care (3rd house – transportation).

Saturn was starting to come down in his chart and he still has another two years before the obscure phase.  It is possible that his time of birth is slightly off and Saturn and Moon was both in his 12th house which would be indicative of the type of health hazard he was in.

Paul and Roger’s Chart Comparison

The most significant thing I found was that there was a major accident configuration between Paul and Roger  as Roger’s Mars conjunct Paul’s Saturn in the 8th house. Mars-Saturn is an aspect of burning and firearms (Kennedy and Lee Harvery Oswald). Paul’s Saturn conj Roger’s Mars indicates he would have tried to stop Rogers actually. However, on the positive side, Rogers’s Moon and Venus were in Paul’s 11th and he was the one who got him into the charities in the first place.



1 Dec 2013: We just heard the news that the handsome actor of Fast & Furious fame died in a fiery car crash. It is really sad to see someone at the prime of his youth and just starting to do some of his best work, die so young.  We don’t have his birth time but I believe he had Aquarius rising as he was quite cool and aloof and had the eyes similar to Paul Newman who was an Aquarius. Venus in Libra and Venus conj Uranus in Libra made him look so balanced and proportionate and good looking as well. In fact, Venus conj Uranus is the hallmark of electric magnetism.

Aquarius rising gives Scorpio on the 10th house cusp and his father (10th house) worked in plumbing. It also puts Mars in his 3rd house and Uranus in his 8th house, one of the transits coinciding with interest in the occult but also fascination with close to death experiences (portrayed so well in his movie roles). Mars is also an indicator here of the fiery red Porsche he died in.

Apparently he had just left the charity he founded for the Philippines victims of the typhoon and his friend and CEO of his company was driving in a 45 mph zone  and hit a light pole while speeding and the Porsche Carrera caught fire.

Paul Walker’s Transits at the Time of the Accident

Saturn had been opposing his Mars for the last six months, which is a major accident configuration which was probably offset by the speeding and violent roles he was playing.

He was already doing four films, one of which will be in theaters on 13th Dec 2013 and two are in post production.

Paul Walker was born on a full Moon with Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces. It is interesting that he raised money for the Philippines victims of the typhoon and he had Moon in Pisces, sign of the ocean and also humanitarian causes. Moon in Pisces in the 5th house and Pisces also on the 2nd cusp indicates fantasy related professions and movies. The ruler Neptune in the 10th house is also an indication of a heart-throb personality and the fact that he had strong humanitarian tendencies.

Mercury conj Pluto is also one of the aspects of life and death situations and where you try to rectify major calamities and try to save the world. However, it also indicates when you violate the divine truth and their words often come true (blessings and curses) and it is one of the hallmarks of negative prophecies coming true. Being in the 8th house makes it even more connected with life-death situations.

There were many transits which were very close but not exact e.g. Mars in an out of sign square to Saturn, and Saturn in a wide opposition to Mars. There was also a wide out of sign opp between Mars and Uranus which probably activated his 3rd-9th house axis.

If any of you have the time of birth, we would appreciate having it as it would help us in our research and hopefully save some similar potential tragedies in future.

Saturn in the 9th house making a wide opp to his natal Mars along with the Moon in Scorpio, which was like the final trigger as it just opposed Mars (fiery crash).

It is important to note that even if the time of birth is off, the danger was still there as the transits are independent of the houses. However, there will be changes in the interpretation e.g. Mars in 3rd is accidents near the home, Mars in 8th is danger of life and death if other aspects support it. There will be variation of the themes or if he was coming up in life or was supposed to keep a low profile etc. There is only one time of birth which would fit the chart but it requires a lot of time to check all the important milestones against the rectified time.

It is possible e.g. that he had Capricorn rising and his natal Mars was in his 9th house. However, we feel he had a fixed sign rising as that often gives the bluish eyes in Western genes.

Let us make an effort to get his birth time so we can really understand what exactly happened and how we can prevent it for others.

What Shows up in Daughter Meadow Walker’s Chart?

We just found the birthdate of Paul’s daughter, Meadow but not the time of birth. Saturn was exactly opposing her natal Moon. Here is the Saturn-Moon article we have on another page. This happens approx every seven years and is one of the major signs of depression and sadness in the family and relating to the parents. This lasts till the end of next year but she also has Jupiter trining her Moon, a sign of family reunions, spiritual reflection, and mind expansion. She will probably go back to her mother now because of events beyond her control. So there is sadness and family reunions and when you take both the transits together, you can see the loss of one parent and her going back to her mother because of it.

She was also born with a Mercury conj Pluto which she inherited from her dad who had the same conjunction as well. It is a very difficult aspect to resolve events pertaining to life and death and it is like questioning God why did this have to happen to her. Of course, it is natural to do so but being in the sign of Sagittarius, a philosophical sign defines her mission in life also.

Her mission will be tied forever to this event now. The number 8 and the planets in Scorpio (Moon, Mercury, and Saturn were all in Scorpio) will have a fated quality to it. The only way to offset an adverse Mercury-Pluto aspect is to get involved with a “saving” profession and to transform the lives of others because of it.

She needs someone to tell her that her mission begins now and that it is best to leave some things in the hands of the Creator, who in His wisdom, sometimes denies us of the most precious things in our life, perhaps to lead us towards our mission.

Driver Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas and Paul Walker had a Mars conj Saturn between them so there was always a danger whenever they drove together. The fact that it was a red Porsche possibly makes it even more related to Mars which is associated with color red. Mars = red = fire.

You are welcome to put in your comments or questions below and discuss anything astrologically. It would really help us in our research if anyone can share her time of birth and we would be able to shed much more light in our analysis.

On a final note, the Moon in Scorpio always seems to bring news about life and death or funerals in the news (Princess Diana, JFK Jr., King Hussain, ex-PM of Canada Pierre Trudeau and Hafiz Asad). The Moon also happened to be in the sign of Scorpio along with Saturn (this will repeat itself for a few times till mid 2014) and the driver was a Scorpio. When the Moon is in the same sign as your Sun sign, people tend to be weaker and their reflexes slower.

Followup on Paul Walker’s time of birth

Paul Walker’s time of birth is 6:38 am. but I think this is just a solar time to place the Sun in the first house.

I will put the interpretation for now but I will revise the whole thing once we have a confirmed time of birth.

This time of birth actually does fit the best probably although I am not sure if  it is the actual TOB. . I tend to focus more on the actual aspects rather than houses if the time of birth is not known or not confirmed.

Just to understand the astrological principles, let us analyze if Virgo rising also makes sense. This pus Leo in the 12th house, so you have the acting talent but it is a latent and Virgo rising would have  made him a bit unassuming. His eyes look very much like a fixed sign though (late Leo rising which is what I originally had actually but he didn’t look egocentric enough to warrant that).

The reason why Virgo rising may be the correct  time is because this puts Saturn in the 3rd house, same as Princess Diana and died in the same way. Saturn in 3rd would also indicate a time to keep a low profile and when people disappear from the public. Everything in his chart was pointing to keeping a higher profile and he was not meant to at this time.

In my articles about Princess Diana, I had been warning that she should keep a low profile as it was dangerous when Saturn was at the bottom.

Transiting Mars would have been in his 1st house in Virgo close to his Sun, Mercury, and Pluto), indicating danger from fire and head injuries.  The moon shows late in the 2nd house but I believe it was also in the 3rd house (transportation) which would indicate he was born a bit earlier.

In our AstroCalendar which gives the Moon position on a daily basis for you, this was the Red zone when you have to be extra careful and the interpretation shows as “car-related mishaps..” also.  Moon and Saturn in Scorpio in 3rd = life/death situations related to care accidents near home.

The colors are pure Scorpio if you look at the picture of Paul in front of the Porsche i.e. black and deep burgundy or red (the color of blood). It is almost as if he was ready to meet his destiny and the minute he stepped into the car with the irresponsible Scorpio driver, his fate was sealed.

It would be great to be able to confirm the time of birth and at some point I am going to ask his mother directly and update or at least confirm the exact time of birth here. In the meantime, you can learn from the astrological interpretation which is based on solid principles.

My personal approach is to take the planets’ aspects into consideration first as they don’t change and then to take the time of birth.

Thanks to Stiletto who pointed out an error in the comments below as we have  written 10:45 pm instead of am originally. I got the 6:38 am time from Astrotheme and they are usually accurate otherwise they use noon but I found out that this is just to use it as a solar chart, nothing else.


Are Solar Charts Accurate?

For those of you into astrology, as you know a solar chart places the Sun in the 1st house assuming approx 6 am as the time of birth.

Now we do that all the time but I never interpret the rulers of houses etc based on that as that would be totally wrong and has no relevance.

I see so many reputable astrologers using planets in houses as if that were the exact time!

How can you make definite interpretations from an assumed time of birth and it would work only if the assumed time of birth happened to be the correct one?



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