President Nelson Mandela

December 5, 2013by Hassan Jaffer

President Nelson Mandela represented the collective consciousness of the African people, as reflected accurately by the Moon at the time of his funeral. The sign of the Moon often sheds light on the feelings of the public towards the person.

The Moon tells us something about that event or the person as perceived by the collective consciousness.

The Moon was in Pisces at the time of the memorial for President Nelson Mandela, which is reflective of his humanitarian and spiritual nature.

As is often the case with a moon in Pisces, it was also raining. It is one of the most inspirational times and there is an air of sacred sadness whenever the Moon is in Pisces.


president nelson mandela


President Nelson Mandela Horoscope

Here is the chart of a name synonymous with courage in adversity, single-mindedness, unwavering focus, and mission in life. President Nelson Mandela was one of the most inspirational historical figures whose chart accurately portrayed his selfless nature and his need to help and save the underdog.

president nelson mandela palmistry

The sign of Pisces rising on the Eastern horizon reflected his acute sensitivity and compassion for fellow human beings and especially children and the elderly.

It is also one of the most humanitarian Ascendant to have and makes one very sympathetic to the needs of others.

They feel the sadness of others and we always recommend that they should be close to the ocean and water to heal their sensitive nature.

Pisces and Aries in his first house made President Nelson Mandela like a pioneer and a poet. Pisces represents the end of the Zodiac and Aries the beginning of it. Pisces was the humanitarian purpose and Aries the action behind it.

Moon in Scorpio in the 9th house along with Sagittarius on the 9th and 10th house axis made him a natural preacher who was ready to die for a cause. Moon in Scorpio gives a certain amount of intensity and is the 9th house, it is directed to law and as it is reflected in the laws of the nation.

This Moon position gave him the ability to accept his fate as being necessary to his cause and, along with Pisces rising, his need to sacrifice his life for the welfare of the masses.

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President Nelson Mandela Natal Chart

President Nelson Mandela is a Cancer with Jupiter also in the sign of Cancer, which made him see everyone as part of a large family. Jupiter brings out the benevolent nature in Cancer and makes one very caring and nurturing to others.

Mercury in Leo gave him intelligent leadership ability and oratory skills (both Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton) are also born with it and his single-minded resolve and force of conviction.

Mercury close to Saturn in Leo made President Nelson Mandela even more fixed in his nature and purpose in life.

Saturn in Leo makes one charismatic as a leader but also a lonely eagle (Hitler was also born with the same placement) and it gives a certain amount of approachable quality like with the monarchy.

You will notice that President Nelson Mandela was born with a wide Moon sq Saturn, which is one of the signs of solitude and being reclusive.

Although in women, it is often a sign of depression and lack of iron, it often makes men emotionally very tough (many personal trainers are born with it) to the point of being cruel to themselves.

President Nelson Mandela’s many years in jail and being away from his children and family is also one of the aspects of sadness indicated by this square.

In fact, he had a Moon-Saturn-Uranus T-Square which indicates sudden upheavals in the family and a lot of emotional turmoil in one’s life. However, the Moon Uranus aspect is good for media and visual perception. Ironically, the Moon Saturn almost blocks the subconscious.

One of the best ways to offset is when you get involved with the earth and building of the property. Marilyn Monroe was also born with a Moon-Saturn aspect which gave her depression and also no children, setting her up for sadness in life later on.

In President Nelson Mandela’s case, he had many children but was kept away from them. President Nelson Mandela also treated the whole world as a huge family.

It is amazing how those with Mercury in Leo conj Saturn can be very charming till their viewpoint is opposed and that is when you see their stubborn side. It reminds me of a benevolent dictator but luckily in his case,

President Nelson Mandela belonged to such a wonderful generation that his tough love was never seen as mean or harsh by anyone. In fact, that is what gave him his iron resolve and his ability to lead in a humble manner.

Neptune in Cancer was the generation with strong family values that President Nelson Mandela was born in. No wonder he loved the family and children and has several children and grandchildren.

This generation was born just before the age of the golden movies and many of them remind us of family values including Dr. Seuss, Jimmy Stewart, Lorne Greene, Walt Disney, Lucille Ball, Ed Sullivan, and Mark Twain.

Every one of them had a strong sense of family values and was protective of their loved ones.

They also drew their inspiration from family values and had an innate appreciation of Children’s needs. You could see these values in their writings, movies and the work they did.


President Nelson Mandela Palmistry




Looking at President Nelson Mandela’s hand for palmistry, you will notice that the Headline is completely joined to the Lifeline. This indicates someone who is very close to his family and very cautious and deliberate in his actions.

He is not an impulsive person at all but one who believes in strong roots and never acts in haste. Because of people like him we have culture and tradition.

president nelson mandela palmistry
President Nelson Mandela Palmistry

They invest in blue chip long-term investments and their programs last a long time as well.


World Family Reunion in Death

Moon in Scorpio conjunct by Saturn makes one feel very depleted and this just started and would have continued throughout next year, making him even more frail and tired. However, Jupiter trining his Moon at the same time is going to make him very popular with the public, just like in Princess Diana’s case.

It is interesting that in Princess Diana’s case, the Moon was in Scorpio when she passed away and more than a billion people watched her funeral.

In President Nelson Mandela’s case, he was born with Moon in Scorpio, and on the day he passed away, Prince William and Kate were watching his movie at a theatre in London with his two daughters when they came to know about his death.

The public was not informed till after the rolling credits and they all burst into applause after.


Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela,

Moon in Scorpio Events

It is hard to explain everything but I might just drop in hints like that for those of you who are into cosmic synchronicity and the mysterious connections between those who touch us at the soul level.

I am sure the whole world will be at his memorial and only someone into astrology can see the significance of this. Moon in Scorpio (life-death situations) Neptune in Cancer (the whole world coming together to celebrate his life) like a big family.

President Nelson Mandela couldn’t have been happier that he brought more people together at his memorial than most people do in all their life.

For those he leaves behind, it must be an amazing feeling to know that he lives in the hearts of so many through all the work he did and nothing but fond memories and inspirational moments even though he was born with some of the most difficult aspects.

It is wonderful to see how people rise up to their highest potential, and it gives me even more confidence in astrology when we see someone turn their whole life around like this and bring out the best in others.

president nelson mandela horoscope

The Moon is a very good indication of the type of person or the feelings of the public. At the time of Princess Diana’s funeral, it was in Scorpio and everyone was shocked and searched for their own mission in life.

The fatalistic quality was quite pronounced and the eulogy by his brother was rather vindictive also.

A few days later the Moon went into Sagittarius reflecting a very philosophical mood when Mother Teresa passed away.

The Moon was in Pisces at the time of the funeral of President Nelson Mandela which is a confirmation that he was very humanitarian and spiritual.  As is often the case, it was also raining. It is one of the most inspirational times and there is an air of sacred sadness whenever the Moon is in Pisces.


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