Princess Diana Tragedy

Princess Diana’s Tragedy is something that could have been avoided!

You cannot increase your lifespan, but you can decrease it by not using your free choice to avoid dangerous situations.


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Princess Diana was born with Neptune in Scorpio, the same planetary position when the Taj Mahal was made as a mausoleum to a Moghul Queen who was immortalized in death. Princess Diana was also born with the planet of fantasy in her 10th house of fame and public eye and projected a deceptively vulnerable and scandalous image.

Neptune represented many roles for her including the fairy tale Princess,

the actress and the humanitarian who truly loved children and old people.

Although belonging to a strange 60’s generation (Neptune in Scorpio) which is known for its love of extremes of power, sensuality, intrigue and spirituality, she did have a wisdom element in her chart (Mercury sextile Pluto). She was very prophetic when she said, “I want to be the Queen of people’s hearts”.

In Aug.’97, Mars in Scorpio exactly conjunct her Neptune when she embarked on her “land mines” crusade.

Jupiter was coming close to her Moon and making aspects of her natal Venus. She was probably planning to immigrate and had found the wealthy foreigner she was supposed to and was getting a lot of public support.


princess diana


With Jupiter sq. Venus and Moon in Leo, the setting in Paris (Venus in Libra) could not have been more perfect for a romance the whole world got involved in…except for Pluto squaring her natal Mars-Uranus conj. (freak accidents to head and spine, we warned her in many of our writings) and Saturn in her 3rd house (car mishaps) at the very bottom of her chart (obscurity).

Four years before the tragedy, we had mentioned that this would be the obscure period of her life.

On 30th Aug.’97, just before midnight, her natal Mars-Uranus conj. got touched off by transiting Moon in Leo, the sign of Royalty.

Strange synchronicity that both Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana were 36 when they passed away, both died in August within days to the number of days from their birth (59 and 64 days respectively after their birthday), and Princess Diana was about one year old when Marilyn Monroe passed away. Both were also the most photographed women in the world. Both high-profile events i.e.the, Marilyn Monroe’s Death and the fated Princess Diana Tragedy, gripped the whole world in sadness.

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