Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Mystery

March 12, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Mystery

Here is the chart analysis of the recent disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 Tragedy.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 lost part of its wing in a collision with another plane in Shanghai, China, on 9th Aug 2012.

At that time, there was Mars conj Saturn in the sky indicating a physical accident. Mars was again in Libra but not making any adverse aspects on March 8th during its last flight.

I checked the charts of a lot of passengers and a lot of them had Mars-Saturn, Mars-Uranus, and Mars-Neptune aspects.

What interests me is why doesn’t it show the same aspects for everyone if all of them met the same fate.

There are two explanations for it.


malaysia airlines flight mh370 mystery


1- Did some of them survive?

Death is an individual experience and doesn’t affect those who surrender easily (the weak and children) and who don’t have a strong will to live, and

2- How did they die? There can be so many causes of death e.g heart, breathing problems, etc and I really don’t want to spend time researching this aspect of it.

The other thing is that we just cannot say for sure if they all met the same fate as that is best left in God’s hands.

We can see accident configuration, or aviation-related freak accidents, or nightmare configuration which is similar in both drownings and whether the plane went up to 45,000 ft.

Instead of learning scales for six months on the piano at the conservatory, do you need the Suzuki method where you learn a few chords and see the results right away and begin to compose on your own?

Here is my youtube video analysis of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370:

Could the plane have landed in Diego Garcia?  There is nothing to prove that it couldn’t have.

There was a Mercury sq Saturn in the sky which certainly points to communication problems. Satellite Antenna problems leading to electrical fire etc are also a strong possibility.

Unfortunately the Mercury sq Saturn perfectly reflects the misinformation from so many authorities and deliberate or otherwise, it makes it very difficult to troubleshoot a situation for everyone.

Vietnamese Navy officials said that the plane crashed in the sea exactly around the time it vanished is changed to “…it could have”.

We have a lot of other research to do and will keep coming back to this as I do more analysis.

Please send in your comments as to what is known for sure.

Last Update: 26 March 2014

Moon is in Pisces from the 27th of March evening of the 29th of March evening New York time (28th March 12 am GMT to 30th March 2014 2 am GMT).

This is the time when there is stormy weather in the ocean (Titanic happened when Moon was in Pisces) and it is really not the best time for search operations.

Sunday onward will be much better when the Moon goes into Aries and we will have some results.

Insight on MH370 Birth Chart: I did some research and found out that when MH370 was first flown and the maiden flight was much more revealing than when it was delivered.

I am not sure why this would be taken as the birthdate of the 777 but if it is, then the aspects in the natal chart of it are quite dangerous and very revealing.

It cannot be just a coincidence and it is something I am putting on our research tasks for the future.

The following is more for seasoned astrologers and I just want them to be aware so they can help as well.

Here is the chart analysis of the recent disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 Tragedy.

At first, this event reminds you of the mystery of 911 except this was a personal crime.

Moon in Gemini (same as when MH370 was lost) conj Saturn conj Mars and all of these opp Pluto. Moon came back to its own position on its last flight.

Moon conj Saturn: Depression, sadness for family, no emotions

Mercury conj Saturn and Mercury opp Pluto: Both of these are a bit wide but feel this is very important.

The first one indicates communication problems and the 2nd one is an aspect of conscious awareness of life-death situations.

The Mercury Saturn aspect repeated itself in the sky and I feel this is the main reason also for the disaster (no communication, satellite antennae, or batteries, all are part of it).

Moon opp Pluto: Destruction of homes and family and homes. It is like bombing raids during the war.

Mars conj Saturn: Fire. This is actually a major accident configuration and can lead to mechanical failure but we will have to check the previous record log.

Mars opp Pluto (wide): This is a violent aspect and can point to life/death situations.

It does have some political connotations as well.

Saturn opp Pluto:  Authority against the system and politics. This is a long-term aspect and after we find the cause, it may shed more light on the incident.

malaysian airline mh370-first-flight

MH370 First Flight

Now the jumbo flew many times with no problem (or did it have problems before?)but when you check the transits of the last flight, this whole package got touched off by Moon in Gemini (the same place as it was in the natal chart).

Update: 21 March 2014

I just read that a mother of 10 children, while flying from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur, said that she was alarmed when she saw what looked like a plane in the water as she flew to Kuala Lumpur.

Her name is Raja Dalelah Raja Latif which immediately makes me take notice as I had mentioned the Moon in Leo and the royal connotation of the name.

Just like the Captain’s name Shah means King in Persian,

Raja in Hindi and Urdu means King also!

Her name has Raja twice in it which is strange but interesting synchronicity.

“The Kuala Lumpur wife was so convinced about what she saw at 2.30 pm on March 8, several hours after MH370 vanished, that she filed an official report with police that very day – a full five days before the search for the plane was expanded to the area around the Andaman Islands.”.

Very typical of authority figures to discard this and the stewardess told her to go back to sleep and the pilot said how could you see a plane from so far?

These islands are within 900 km to where the last contact was and they should definitely investigate this further.

Update:17 Mar 2014

Here is some important information that is much more reliable from an astrological point of view as it is not just a theory.

I just did the charts of 14 passengers and only a very few had major accident configurations and others seem to be fine.

There are two things I was looking at A natal predisposition for aviation accidents or any unnatural danger and the other was by transit how dangerous was it for them.

Most of them were neither born with any accident configuration nor were they getting it by transit.

Of course, the emotional turmoil, etc is there but not life-threatening and definitely not drowning (Mars-Neptune).

However, some of them do show violence. Will keep you posted…HJ


I just want to clarify something very important before you read this article. The only thing I can be absolutely sure of is the character of the Captain and the First Officer as we have their birthdate (even without the time of birth). We do not want to add to the speculation but then this will help in understanding if there is a motive behind it.


malaysia airlines flight mh370 mystery
Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh370 Tragedy


I have analyzed the charts of many crashes as part of our astrological research and there are some definite aspects that normally show up.

However, it is very difficult to analyze this incident when we don’t have the birthdates of the Captain or the First Officer, or any of the passengers except the one I have mentioned below.

This article was originally written mainly for other astrologers to help solve this puzzle. We updated after we got the Captain and the First Officer’s birthdates.

One of the most reliable indicators of danger is the passenger’s birthdate which is unfortunately hard to get.

The aspects in the sky seem to apply to every plane out there. The other important date is when the plane was manufactured and put into service. In other words, what is the birthdate of the plane itself?

One of the problems we have is not having enough birth data of the passengers and especially not having the time of birth.

I will give some of my general comments at the bottom of this article but let us deal with the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 first.

This is an ongoing article and I will keep updating it as we get more news about flight 370.

When you look at the chart of the takeoff,  there is one aspect that just jumps out and that is the Saturn square Mercury in Aquarius.

Saturn sq Mercury is the hallmark of communication problems and Mercury in Aquarius makes it even more significant as this is the sign of aviation and electronics including the satellite antennae.

The transponder not working or being shut off makes a lot of sense.

In fact, it doesn’t surprise me at all that we are getting all kinds of wrong and contradictory information as this square is still in the sky.

I also noticed that Uranus had just gone in the third house (traveling) which indicates something sudden happening while flying.

Would I have been able to predict that the plane was in danger if I knew when it was taking off?

The only thing I would have been able to say is that there is a big problem with communication and electronic gadgets.

However, I saw the chart of one person who was supposed to have turned 53 on Friday the day before the flight (that number 8 keeps turning up in any life/death situation it seems but may not be important).

Even the last transmission was when they were at 35,000 ft.

His chart has Saturn in late degrees of Capricorn and was being squared by Mars, a major accident configuration.

I would not have recommended him to fly based on this and even our 12 Month Forecast would have said you are accident-prone now.

I just got the birthdates of both the Captain and First Officer and it is very revealing.

As I had said without even having the Captain’s birthdate that he was getting a Mars Squ Saturn by transit, this shows up very strongly now and is confirmed.

malaysia airlines flight mh370 mystery

Malaysian Airlines MH370 Takeoff Chart

I just found out that The pilot was Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a 53-year-old veteran so here is that number 8 again.

There may be many other years of birth but the fact that we got the info of the ones adding to 8 is interesting. Maybe nature is trying to tell us something.

Here is the timeline of events and the astrological significance.

This is more to help other astrologers solve the puzzle rather than a definitive analysis for our readers.

It is only plausible explanations and hopefully, in the future, we will be able to put all the pieces together:

12:41 AM 8 Mar 2014 Flight MH370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur airport

Aquarius Pisces on the 3rd house cusps (Digital technology over Ocean or Sea).

Mercury in Aquarius sq Saturn: Danger of communication problems and electronics failing.

Saturn in Scorpio in 12th house: Secret enemies and hidden danger

12:42 a.m.: Neptune moves into the 3rd House: Communication is nebulous and mistakes are possible.

1:13 a.m.: Pluto crosses in the 1st House indicating when people go through a transformation in their personal life usually because of life and death matters.

Again this is not to be taken as something which should happen to everyone as this aspect happens every day but maybe once we understand what happened, we will be able to use this knowledge along with other factors.

1:24 AM Sun in Pisces is also in the 3rd House now along with Mercury and Neptune. Emphasis on communication-related gadgets or wrong info.

1:30 a.m.: Controllers in Subang (outside Kuala Lumpur) said they lost contact with the plane over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam

1:38 a.m.: Saturn in Scorpio joins Mars in the 11th House indicating disruption of all the hopes and plans for the future.

Around 2:40 a.m.: According to a senior Malaysian Air Force official, radar tracking shows MH370’s last known location was over the very small island of Pulau Perak in the Strait of Malacca. 

2:52 a.m.: Uranus crosses into the 3rd house indicating sudden disruptions in communication and transportation. It is like a car suddenly skidding on ice.

3:16 a.m.: Pluto crosses into the 12th house of major health and secrets hidden.

3:30 a.m.: Mars in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio are both in the 10th house and the whole world is thinking about love and death situations.

3:53 a.m.: Mars moves into the 9th house. The real danger shows while flying and people thinking about faith but in a disruptive way.

5:39 a.m.: Both Mars and Saturn are now in the 9th house. Dangerous aspect in the sky for flying and also conflicts with religious beliefs.

That is as much as I want to put in for the notes and as I mentioned before, they are more notes for myself and other astrologers to be used in retrospect to save us time as this is very time-consuming research.

My only other comment is that there is a Jupiter opp Pluto which may be significant here as Jupiter rules flying and it was the ruler of the Asc which was Sagittarius.

Pluto represents events that are beyond one’s control. Jupiter was also sq Uranus which in a person’s chart makes one reckless and when they want to just give up everything and go and they need to bide their time.

Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto was actually part of a T-Square in the sky so in the passenger’s charts, it probably made adverse aspects also.

The Moon was in Gemini when the plane took off.

On 9th March it went into the sign of Cancer (near home and family)

12th March the Moon went into Leo the sign of monarchy or royal connotation.

14th March the Moon goes into Virgo which gives a strong sense of sadness for everyone but I don’t want to speculate anything as it is best left in God’s hands.

Unfortunately, all the time Pisces is on the 4th house cusp (at least till 2:12 am), so if we use horary astrology to try to find some answers, then it shows the ocean (Pisces) as being the home or where it came to rest (4th house = final abode).

It is not what I like to base our forecast on but it is the only thing available to us at present.

Hopefully, this just means where the action is taking place. It can also indicate deception oversea!

By the way, it also points to something else here. Consider the irresponsible quote from a known discredited newspaper magnate who is again trying to stir trouble:

“777crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. The chance for the US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies.” – Rupert Murdoch

At 2:54 am Uranus went into the 3rd house which could be indicative of signals stopping to transmit.

It could also indicate fire but we have to wait and see.

All this is still pure speculation unless we get the date when the airline was actually manufactured or put into service and especially till we get more passengers’ birthdates or the captain’s birthdate.

This would be the most important piece of information for us.

Horary astrology is basically based on the premise that when you ask a question there is always an answer in the heavens. We cannot be sure of it but it seems to somehow work

I feel the universal experience of the masses e.g. Moon was in Leo in the 3rd house in the sky when Princess Diana had the accident.

Moon in Leo (a Cancer Princess as Leo represents royalty and Moon rules the sign of Cancer) had an accident near home or the tunnel (3rd house).

The chart does not show mechanical failure or freak accidents like normal crashes.

For those of you who are heavily into astrology, here is some advanced analysis that may help you understand the significance of Horary astrology here.

The chart has three main themes written all over it which repeats itself many times.

Scorpio/Sagittarius or Pluto/Jupiter, Pisces/12th/Neptune themes.

Scorpio-Sagittarius-Pisces which are ruled by Pluto-Jupiter and Neptune.

I also just realized something that I said about Moon in Leo has a royal connotation.

It seems the Captain’s name was Zaharie Ahmad Shah and Shah means King!

The reason this may be important is that Saturn in Scorpio may signify the person responsible and an indicator of life/death situations here.

The last transmission from the Captain was at 1:22 am and the new chart now has Pluto just crossing into the 1st house which in a person’s chart would indicate when they take their own life, the same as Saturn in Scorpio in 12th (again self-inflicted or a major health issue).

The ruler of the first house is Jupiter (Sagittarius rising) which is opposed by Pluto (life and death) and squared by Uranus (when people become very restless and just suddenly want to just give up everything). Last words “Goodnight”!

Saturn in Scorpio is the only planet in Scorpio and is in the 12th house.

An older man of authority (Saturn) who is deep and secretive but also not well (Saturn in Scorpio in 12th house) gives the last words “alright goodnight.

Goodnight is also the 12th house Scorpio theme.  We are just trying to find one planet which is reflective of the main person involved here.

It seems Saturn in Scorpio on the 12th is the key here.

The fact that it was squaring Mercury is then an indication that he was stopped from communicating electronically (Marilyn Monroe had Saturn in Scorpio in 3rd which is a similar type of theme but that is another mystery we have written about elsewhere).

There are many strong astrological symbols showing up here. Saturn in Scorpio and Scorpio/Sagittarius on the 12th (death of an older pilot) in a foreign country that is outside Malaysia flying towards  India? (Sagittarius on the 12th = flying towards a philosophical country).

Saturn in Scorpio in 12th can also point to a medical emergency but something a bit more sinister in terms of military defense and where govt is involved or secret technology.

Our prayers go out to all the family members affected by this mysterious event and we can never deny the miracles of God so we are still hopeful. In the meantime, we would really appreciate it if you can send us any birthdates you can find for the passengers or the crew.


Flight MH370 List of Passengers and Transits

I got the list of passengers and their ages but not the birthdates.

However, the slow-moving planets would still be in the same sign for the entire year.

Now even without the exact birthdate and just knowing which year they were born, we can tell some things very accurately.

At least we have something to go by instead of just the charts of when they took off and the last transmission.

n our Dec 2013 issue of AstroTrends newsletter about the very stressful period for the 1940s, 50s, and 80s age groups between Dec 2013 and July 2014.

It seems 54 of them were born between 1942 and 1959 and we’re getting the Mars-Neptune nightmare period also many of them had either Mars Saturn (major accident configuration) or Mars Uranus adverse (a danger in aviation and freak accidents).

57 of them were born between 1982 and 1991 and went through exactly the same aspects as the above age group.

Everyone born in 1982 and 83 (21 of them) was going through a Mars-Pluto aspect (danger of violence).

I am sure passengers of similar age groups in other planes around the world didn’t get affected but were still in danger and maybe there were not so many of them of the accident-prone age groups.

This is why we need the actual birthdates of passengers.


Flight MH370 Pilot and First Officer

Update: We just got the birthdates of both the Captain and First Officer, see below.

Although we don’t have the exact birthdate of those in charge of their plane, we know that the Captain was 53 years old and the First Officer was 27.

This means the First Officer was born in 1987 and regardless of which month he was born in, that entire age group is going through Pluto conj Neptune transit.

This is more of a psychological aspect than anything and except for grandparents’ health being affected, it is most commonly seen when a person is trying to give up any obsessions like giving up alcohol in the West.

However, the Captain’s chart is very revealing.

As I mentioned before, there is one other person who was a passenger whose birthdate we actually have and who was born on 7th March and was also 53 years old like the Captain.

They both had Saturn in Capricorn (everyone born in 1961) and went through an exact Mars square Saturn which is a major accident configuration.

It also shows wrong timing, a lot of frustration, and anger which often leads to heart problems and this seems to go with our Horary astrology analysis that the Captain was somehow incapacitated.

It is possible then that the First Officer was left alone to handle the plane and was under a lot of mental stress and without the needed electronics. lost control of the plane.

I want to develop a software program for airline safety where the passengers are automatically rejected if they are all going to be in a major accident configuration.


Charts of Captain and First Officer

I just got the birthdates of both the Captain and First Officer and it is very revealing.

As I had said without even having the Captain’s birthdate that he was getting a Mars Square Saturn by transit, this shows up very strongly now and is confirmed.

The First Officer was getting Saturn opposing his Mars also for the entire year, again a major accident configuration.  Both of them getting this aspect indicates that there was a conflict but it is possible not with each other but with some others.

Captain Zaharie’s chart shows him to be a very capable and professional person with the Sun sign of Leo and Mercury in the sign of Cancer.

He has a Mercury opp Saturn which does indicate delays in response when it comes to communication through and not fast reflexes.

The takeoff chart shows Cancer – Leo on the 8th house and some astrologers will say this points to life-death situations pertaining to him as he was exactly Cancer-Leo personality.

The fact that Mars was squaring his Saturn (within 2 degrees to exact) and also to his Mercury indicates both frustrations which often precede heart and argument or strong words (Mars-Mercury).

He was not a pushover and had a mind of his own but this configuration shows authority conflicts and bad timing.

Guns and knives cannot be ruled out with a Mars – Saturn aspect.

I am convinced that the pilot was incapacitated for whatever reason and now it all depends on the First Officer.

I don’t see the Captain purposely sabotaging the plane at all unless there were some major authority conflicts or he was really upset and angry (Mars Square Saturn by transit).

He must have been a very understanding person who learned a lot of things on his own and shared his knowledge with others.

The First Officer’s chart shows him to be a very flexible and romantic person, both aspects not good for someone who has to take charge.

In fact, his Mercury and Venus in Pisces show him to be very idealistic and like Casanova (not Don Juan though) and his bringing beautiful girls in the cockpit confirm that also.

His chart is not as responsible as the Captain but I still don’t think he did anything to sabotage the plane either he was more susceptible to being coerced into whatever appealed to him.

Very humanitarian and sympathetic to the needs and plight of others, this is a bit more tricky to evaluate.

He was also capable of making more flying mistakes and taking chances and taking into consideration the bottled-up anger and frustration (Saturn opp Mars for the entire 2014)

it is possible but not likely that he was involved in deliberately putting the lives of all the passengers in danger.

He was definitely accident-prone and even though he was extremely intuitive, was in danger from others even though he was very charming, etc.

He would even have taken chances in trying to land the plane on the sea actually as he has Pisces planets.

The co-pilot must have had a very nice voice actually (Celine Dion is also born with Mercury conj Venus in Pisces) and although he had fast reflexes, he was also very sacrificing.

This is important as it reminds me of Usama actually who had a similar chart and gave up billions for what he believed in.

He was also getting a major accident configuration for the entire year (Saturn opp Mars) which would have continued till Nov 2014.

Pluto sextile his Mercury was bringing him close to “truth”.

I am leaving some questions unanswered so you can draw your own conclusions but will modify this as more information becomes available.

It seems after all this that there definitely was external danger brought on the plane rather than the plane itself just collapsing except for electrical and electronic problems, which were compounded by someone deliberately shutting off the communication system.

For Astrologers Only: The plane was delivered on 31 May 2002 and had Moon, Neptune, and Uranus in Aquarius. Sun and Saturn in Gemini.

8 March 2014, Moon in Gemini same as the natal Sun, Moon conj Saturn close, Mercury conj Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn squared Uranus. All points to electrical failure and satellite antenna failure.


Could MH370 Have Landed?

There is a lot of speculation that the plane could be on the ground anywhere along a path from northern Thailand to the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

However, both India and Pakistan insisted that their radar network showed no such unidentified aircraft entering their airspace.  How then could a Boeing 777 slip through undetected?

An aviation IFR map shows the airways and waypoints used to navigate the skies. We know that MH370 stopped transmitting ADS-B information at 1721UTC.

You can plot the Malaysian military radar track from that point towards all the waypoints ending with where the plane should be at 1815UTC when military radar lost contact.

Now it just so happens that another Boeing 777 was en route from Singapore over the Andaman Sea at 1815UTC.

When you plot the exact coordinates of Singapore Airlines flight number 68’s location at 1815UTC onto the aviation map, it becomes apparent that SIA68 was in the immediate vicinity of the missing MH370 flight at precisely the same time!

SIA68 was en route on heading towards the same waypoint on airway P628 that the Malaysian military radar had shown MH370 headed towards at precisely the same time.

When you check the SIA68’s flight path history, it seems that MH370 had maneuvered itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68.

Singapore Airlines Flight 68 proceeded across the Andaman Sea into the Bay of Bengal and finally into India’s airspace on its way to its final destination of Barcelona, Spain.

Everyone thinks that MH370 couldn’t make it through several key air spaces such as India or Afghanistan without being detected by the military.

However, if MH370 flew in the shadow of SIA68 through India and Afghanistan airspace and it was flying “dark” without any transponder / ADS-B output, SIA68 would have had no knowledge that MH370 was anywhere around.

As it entered Indian airspace, it would have shown up as one single blip on the radar with only the transponder information of SIA68 lighting up ATC and military radar screens!

The Boeing 777 utilizes a TCAS system for traffic avoidance; the system would ordinarily provide alerts and visualization to pilots if another airplane was too close.

However, that system only operates by receiving the transponder information from other planes and displaying it for the pilot.

If MH370 was flying without the transponder, it would have been invisible to SIA68.

In addition, the TCAS system onboard MH370 would have enabled the pilot to easily locate and approach SIA68 over the Straits of Malacca as they appeared to have done.

The system would have shown them the light’s direction of travel and the altitude it was traveling which would have enabled them to perfectly time an intercept right behind the other Boeing 777.

Once MH370 had cleared the airspaces and was safe from being detected by military radar sites in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan it would have been free to break off from the shadow of SIA68 and could have then flown to its final landing site.


Where Could Flight MH370 have landed?

There are several locations along the flight path of SIA68 where it could have easily broken contact and flown and landed in Xingjian province, Kyrgyzstan, or Turkmenistan.

Each of these final locations would match up almost perfectly with the 7.5 hours of total flight time and trailing SIA68. In addition, these locations are all possibilities that are on the “ARC” and fit with the data provided by Inmarsat from the SATCOM’s last known ping at 01:11UTC.

This seems exactly the reason that Flight MH370 may have taken the haphazard route and suddenly headed northwest towards the Andaman Islands on P628.

The timing and evasive actions seem very deliberate.

Someone went to great lengths to attempt to become stealthy and disable ACARS, transponder/ADS-B, even though SATCOM to Inmarsat was left powered.

After looking at all the details, it seems quite plausible that Flight MH370 snuck out of the Bay of Bengal using SIA68 as the perfect cover.

It entered radar coverage already in the radar shadow of the other 777, stayed there throughout the coverage, and then exited SIA68’s shadow and then most likely landed in one of several land locations north of India and Afghanistan.

It can only be the Captain actually (who had the elaborate simulator at home and time to practice the intercept) or some hijacker who was also an experienced 777 Pilot.

The dangerous days for negative news are the 19th and 20th of March when Moon goes into Scorpio. We will keep you updated.

I finally did the charts of about 27 passengers and unfortunately, some of the passengers do have the drowning aspect and some major accident configurations which indicate maybe there will be survivors.

It seems an electric fire would easily account for the loss of transponders and the need for the pilots to find the nearest airport to land.

This was the 13,000-foot runway at Pulau Langkawi located in the Southwest direction, exactly where the plane made an abrupt turn.

Uranus in Aries (fire) in 3rd house (transportation) may be an indication of the front tire on fire considering the hot night with an overloaded plane (this has happened before at Kennedy International and the transponders were silent at that time as well).

I didn’t get a chance to do the charts of all the passengers but quite a few of them has the nightmare Mars-Neptune or the aviation freak accidents (Mars-Uranus) or the accident configuration Mars-Saturn, but I still don’t want to come to any conclusions till we get more news.

Why were they not able to land at Pulau Langkawi or did they overshoot the runway on autopilot as they were disabled by smoke?

Saturn-square-Mercury in the sky is just finishing and the communication will become more clear very soon.

It seems to have been reflective of electric short circuits or fire affecting the signals and communication to the point that the Captain was not able to communicate at all. Hijack or suicide and terrorism seem out of question here.

The Mars sq Mercury in Captain’s chart is probably shouting instructions.

Both the Captain and the younger First Officer having a major accident configuration would also make sense.

We don’t have the time of the birth of anyone which makes it difficult to take planes in houses e.g. even when you don’t have an accident aspect, you could still have Mars in 12th (major health house) or in 9th (danger while traveling).


Can Astrology Predict Death?

I would never comment on the fact that someone has passed away even if the transits look really difficult as only God can say that.

You will be surprised how the chart can show all kinds of “possibilities” yet when it comes to life and death, it is not something we can say for sure and it is not within our capacity.

Even when I wrote about Princess Diana that she had to be careful of “freak accidents to the head and spine” I had never said she will die as only God can say that.

All we can see is when a person is in extreme danger and how to avoid it.

Sometimes a person is heartbroken and has no accident configuration but they just don’t have the will to live.

There are too many variables and to me, it is much more important to focus on prevention rather than cure.

The only reason I mentioned that some of the passengers have the “drowning” aspect and also “aviation-related freak accidents” etc is because it shows up that some of them were really prone to such vulnerability.

This is what I have against the Indian astrologers (not Indian astrology!) they make such blasphemous conclusions even as they are consistently wrong!

They will say things like when you are 45 yrs 2 months and 3 hours old you will be in Bhagwan’s charans (feet). Nothing happens but the person almost dies of a heart attack thinking about it!

As far as our free choice is concerned, you cannot increase your lifespan but you can decrease it by using your free choice

This is very important to understand as I am sure we are all programmed to live for 125 to 140 years maximum.

So you have enough years ahead but if you choose to lead an unhealthy life, then you are really asking for it and you can’t say God has destined the exact moment of death.

You are choosing it yourself even though God knows about it!

Many times  I know what free choice you will take but that is where I stop as I want you to make the decision and use me to justify anything.

There were many people on that flight who I would have suggested not to take the flight at that time as they were going through some major accident configurations.

I am not sure yet if they pulled down the others also with their luck and this is something I want to do more research on this once I get my team ready.

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While you learn the practical application of the best astrology rules, you will get to learn astrology as well!




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AstroCalendar is your Personalized website and shows your Moon Transits and their meanings on a daily basis plus all the planets and what they mean in your life. AstroCalendar is a 12-month subscription and you can also include your children or other people. AstroCalendar will help you unlock Nature’s most closely guarded secrets…Your Inner Timing!

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