Mars-Neptune Dangerous Times

September 22, 2022by Hassan Jaffer0

Mars-Neptune Dangerous Times

Here are some of the world events which happen during an adverse Mars-Neptune aspect in the sky.

Epidemics and virus outbreaks.

When we predicted that the Wuhan virus will become global on 28 Jan 2020, it was because there was an exact Mars sq Neptune in the sky.

Unfortunately, it materialized exactly when we predicted so we know that this aspect accurately reflects such events.

WHO declared the virus an emergency on 30 January 2020 and a pandemic on 11 March 2020

The coronavirus, which surfaced in a Chinese seafood and poultry market in December 2019

mars-neptune dangerous times

Ocean-related mishaps, hurricanes, typhoons, ship sinkings,

Tragedies to do with children, seniors, and teenagers.

Scandals, fraud, and drug busts are in the news.

Nightmare scenarios for parents in the news.

School shootings and students are vulnerable at this time.

We have a non-profit website Let Kids Dream to help save children and youth from mental stress based on this very aspect.

Immune System Check

Enter your Birthday below and click the interp button and you will get the exact date when you are most vulnerable and your immune system is reduced. 

You are prone to mental stress one week before and after this date.



Mars-Neptune Dangerous Times for 2022 and 2023

Here are the dangerous times for adverse Mars-Neptune events in 2022 and 2023.

You should be extra careful of seafood, and fish, and going in the ocean or lake (danger of drowning),

Events around these dates can lead to a lot of mental stress for parents because of their children’s activities.

This is not a good time for speculation and the market as you are vulnerable to fraud and believing in wrong hunches.

Be extra careful in nightclubs and concerts where there are large gatherings of people.

Take a week before and after these dates

Avoid watching creepy horror movies

Be careful of unplanned pregnancies and paternity lawsuits!

Avoid psychics and charlatans now as you are very vulnerable to fraud and mental stress

5 Oct to 30 Nov 2022

12 Oct 2022 exact

19 Nov 2022 exact

5 Mar to 22 Mar 2023

14 Mar 2023 is exact

22 Aug 2023 exact

15 Aug to 25 Aug


Mars-Neptune in Birth Chart

On an individual level, a Mars-Neptune aspect leads to mental health problems, obsessions, and immune system-related problems.

Many musicians are born with a Mars-Neptune aspect and they often have substance abuse problems.

When an individual goes through a Mars-Neptune aspect, their immune system is down.

They are also more susceptible to fraud and acting on wrong hunches.

Horror movies accentuate the Mars-Neptune aspect, and watching them can trigger negative connotations.


World Events and Mars-Neptune Adverse Aspects

End of 2022 and Mar 2023 are stressful periods in terms of world events.

Here is the podcast for it:



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