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September 8, 2014by Hassan Jaffer0

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces applies to everyone around the world as it reflects the global mood, but Pisceans are especially more emotional and acutely sensitive now. Pisces represents the Twelfth Need which is your need for empathy, compassion, and spirituality.





Pisces Moon often causes ocean and water-related mishaps and major storms (Titanic sank and the Violinist played to the end).


Pisces Moon


Pisces Moon indicates that people are more sensitive now and have more empathy and compassion. Pisces Moon is an excellent time for faith, prayers and worship; this is the time to go to opera or concert and involve yourself in interest in humanitarian causes. Small children, pets and old people are more in the news during Pisces Moon.

Pisces Moon is excellent for inspirational art, spiritual poetry and music. The  flute and violin best capture the essence of the Piscean Mood.  Avoid escapism, drugs, excessive medication and alcohol during this time.

Today’s color is Sea Green.



Positive Stimulus

– Increases faith and spirituality

– Brings out empathy and compassion

– Inspiration through sacred sadness

– Stimulates healing and solitude


Excessive Stimulus

– Too much sense of pathos and sadness

– Can lead to too much solitude

– Can lead to escapist tendencies

– Drugs or Pills

– Inability to separate truth from fantasy

– Psychic vulnerability and deception


Best Activities for Moon in Pisces

– Listen to the flute, Chopin or soothing classical music.

– Play a musical instrument and sing inspirational songs.

– Go to the ocean or lake, watch sunsets and waves.

– Take time for going to parks and gardens, to hear the birds and smell fresh roses.

– Go to an opera or ballet or ghazal party (Indian ballads).

– Visit places of worship, meditate and offer prayers.

– Make friends with spiritual people, the poor and help the orphans.

– Do volunteer work. Be a big brother or sister.

– Give to charities and causes. Soak in a warm bubble bath.

– Watch inspirational movies. Burn incense.

– Spend time with children and older people.

– Visit places like Disneyland.


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