World Forecast 2023

January 1, 2022by Hassan Jaffer0

World Forecast 2023


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UFOs and ETs

Pluto in Aquarius will coincide with public disclosures of the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.

Note from HJ: The horoscope is the only way Nature has given us the key to our potential, talents, limitations as well as free choice.

Without the horoscope, not a single human being was possible so I believe all the planets were in their orbits before the first human being was created.

This also means that beings similar to us can only exist in other galaxies, one planetary system in one galaxy!

In other words, the UFOs must be from another star system and cannot be from our own galaxy.

It is possible there are other planetary systems with other rules of astrology but I find Nature always repeats itself and most likely it is a duplicate of exactly our Sun, Earth, and all the planets with similar orbits.

Some of the most magical moments combine digital and analog technologies and some very exciting themes.

Why is 2023  so important when Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius? Watch Hassan’s video to find out:


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Pluto in Aquarius

Read about Pluto in Aquarius and the biggest transformation coming in 2023 and it has never happened in our lifetime!


Digital Currency Forecast


world forecast 2022 digital currency

There will be an emphasis on world digital currency around the world as the Central Banks try to gain control over unregulated Crypto starting 5th July till mid-Aug 2022.

The danger of nuclear confrontations and threats will diminish after the first week of July as Mars moves away from the aggressive military sign of  Aries and moves into Taurus.

Mars activates Uranus in Taurus which is actually reflective of the banking change to digital currency format.


Plan Around Delays – Mercury Retrograde


21 Apr 2023 to 14 Mar 2023

23 Aug 2023 to 15 Sep 2023

Astroinsight: Mercury retrogrades about 3 weeks of its 88-day cycle, and approximately 20% of all horoscopes have Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde coincides with delays but this can also make you more efficient, punctual, and better organized in the long run.

When  Mercury is retrograde, you will experience the following:

• Delays in communication and transportation e.g. Internet or electrical outage or running out of gas.

• Websites down or hacked causing major disruptions in business and communication.

• Social media outages or account deletions.

• This is a good time for researching existing projects and time management.

• All government contracts and negotiations will be delayed and progress very slowly.

• This is the time to re-evaluate your business and improve its efficiency.

• There will be delays in contacting people by phone or mail, so check their mailing addresses. Make sure their email is still the same!

• Make duplicates of all your keys and important papers as they often get lost now.

• Back up your computer files as it is easy to delete them now.

• This is a good time for completing existing projects rather than starting new ones.

• Focus on-time efficiency, plan to buy better equipment (after the Mercury direct), and cut down on waste like having fewer telephone lines.

• Be prepared for slow business growth and focus on long-term strategies and efficiency.



Pluto in Aquarius

23 March 2023 to 19 Jan 2044 Updates



Floods but Analog Back in Vogue – Neptune in Pisces  

(3 Feb 2012 to 30 Mar 2025)

This is an extremely inspirational era that repeats itself every 165 years.

There will be a revival of faith and true spirituality as well as inspirational music and children’s stories in 3D and holography.

Emphasis on music therapy Floods may be the result of this position, but there will be increased humanitarian missions and concern for the welfare of the poor and needy.

Impressionist paintings will also thrive as well as inspired writings.

The analog film is back in vogue.

Here is a full article about Neptune in Pisces.


World Events and Mars-Neptune Adverse Aspects

The end of 2022 and Mar 2023 are stressful periods in terms of world events.

Here is the podcast for it:





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